Monday, December 15, 2014

Phone book

Found this diary on my cupboard's drawer. My mum's.

That's where she write down all her contact numbers.

With no names.

And the diary is of 1997.

I remember I wanted to have that stupid black book for myself...UPSR time.

And she only uses like 3-4 pages nia.


17 years ago.

How fast time passes.

Before we even realise it.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014


The seasonal housemanship issue propped up again just like our durians.

It is, to me just like other major issues in this country, can only be solved with a serious effort and with a top down political will.

There is no way we can train a competent doctor within 2 years of housemanship, because the level of knowledge of (some...err...most) houseman are about the level of a patient.

And that include myself, a graduate from University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, a national JPA scholar, top SPM scorer of my time.

During my housemanship, I went into depression twice, once when I cant accept the way we are thrown into the job of conducting delivery without really done one properly myself. Seventeen days of tagging in Labour Ward remains the darkest time of my life.

Second episode of sadness was when I failed my Paediatric assessment. Somewhat lucky, I caught a bug from the children's ward and was very sick, and eventually admitted for lobar pneumonia.

During my admission, I studied and passed the reassessment upon discharge.

The only message that I want to send here is that we are all not prepared for the traditional housemanship programme that our specialists and medical officers (oh, I mean the senior ones because I am a MO myself).

Our 5 years undergraduate, depending on your own initiative and that of your institution, will somewhat just put the initial introduction to what you need to know in this job as a doctor.

To my colleague who disagree, and went through the housemanship smoothly, my hat is down for you.

To my overseas colleague who thinks our housemanship system is flawed, housemen are overworked, please do some attachments here in major tertiary centre.

I do not think superficial improvement, amendments here and there can solve this issue.

This issue needs whole system overhauled, everyone needs to take part and change.

Friday, December 05, 2014


It is December already!

So fast 2014 coming to an end.

A very good question posed by one of my junior during a dinner, did you ever regretted your decision to come back from UK? He is from Cambridge (wuhuuu).

The answer is

Honestly yes. I regretted the fact that I went to UK for medicine.

But no, I will still come back after my undergraduate.

This is not as holy as some say as nationalistic duty or gentleman's word of honour.

It is just, how much time we can afford to lose when we do not spend quality time with those who matters most.

Friday, November 28, 2014


A great night of celebrating almost 17 years of friendships.

And we are all, still, the same.

Have a blessed marriage my friend - Billy!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Scouting days

Flat undergoing major work.

Painting the entire block, so a lot of rubbish kept outside the cage of the flat (no known would understand unless they stay in flat before)

Found my old parang, saw, etc.

All berkarat already.

Planned to throw liau.

Since my last camp in 2001, cant believe that it is almost 13 years already.

I cant do camping anymore...I need clean toilet to shit everyday.

This song brings back a lot of young memories.

Monday, November 17, 2014


I used to work in the cardiac and thoracic surgery department before I joined the current hospital.

When in specialized area, we tend to lose our diagnostic ability as things had been worked up quite a bit before sent to us.

I remembered a patient, young, Malay female, probably about 25+.

I was not the one seeing her actually.

She was the eldest among her siblings, and she is just started to work to earn living for her family and her siblings.

But it was really a saddening story - as we found out that she has some form of cancer.

Imagine your life comes to an abrupt end at the tender age of before 30.

I hope she is still around now.

I remembered this case because yesterday I saw a young lady at the age of 25.

She came to us with some neck swelling.

She was still a student.

And we referred to surgical colleagues to do a biopsy.

But she defaulted the follow-up after that - and so she didn't know the diagnosis.

4 months later, she decided to come back as there are now more swellings, across the neck, and the groin as well.

I think,

:( most likely she missed 4 months of intense treatment.

What a pity.

People; be responsible for your own health.

Make our time count.

Be nice to people around you.

And to yourself as well.

For time, is clicking.