Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just a job 2

Society changes all the time.

We were at one time looking up so highly on our teachers and doctors, but now almost every publications in the newspapers about those two professions is about their wrongdoings, their mistakes and so on.

This is very saddening.

I might not be at those days when teachers who caned their students would not only be frown upon by the parents, but they are apologetic and ashamed of their child's behaviour.

Nowadays, no teacher would touch their students despite the abuse they get at work.

Just teach, give homework, smile...

Result not good - the most you get is that you are not a good teacher.

But try shouting at students - bad person. evil , abusive, mentally problematic and etc.

It became, just a job. Just punched in and out and go home.

Right cikgu?

Same with doctors, so many of us are leaving the service to be a private GP, or some even venture outside medical field, because taking this as just a job is not as simple, but at the same time taking this more than a job is demotivating and tiring.

Most of the patients we see today; are looking at doctors as a medical worker, a person who is paid handsomely to do his job, and must do the job well.

Gone were the days when patients and their family look at you as someone who wanted to help.

No, the doctors are earning my money (a wage) to help me.

Now here's the irony: doing the job well is easy, smile chubbily, prescribe the medications as expected, work according to time and just dont do anything more no less.

Still smoking? no problem Mr patient; i am just working. Reprimanding you will make the consultation distasteful isnt it.

Sign MC? no problem Mr patient; I better sign that, if not the consultation would be a waste of your time.

In fact this is already the way some of our support services are doing.

Try organise a transfer of a patient with heart attack to a centre who can do angiogram, it is just a job to most of the support service - if it happened to be in between shifts, tough luck Mr Patient, you have to wait for the next shift.

I see lesser and lesser point in me trying to push for things, as in the end, we became less popular, labelled a demanding arrogant doctor who has no empathy to other worker's shift.

I try hard to change things, but in the end, when patients filing complaints like

- doctors slow to do discharge;

and our KKM is investigating with a show cause letter;

what is the point really?

Friday, July 25, 2014

It is just a job

Get it done.

And go home.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Goldberg criteria

Just woke up from my post work after dinner nap, with my working clothes on.

Clock shows 1105pm.

S**ts. I am oncall tomorrow.

Just as the title above, in this entry I am going to be medical.

Today I learnt of three things that I thought I know but actually I dont.

1. Fentanyl patch are contraindicated in approaching end stage renal failure. Treat pain in HD patients with more ?i dont care.

2. Sterile method does matter - post central line insertion in a contaminated field will produce infective period despite being on strong antibiotics.

3. I satisfied most of the Goldberg criteria.

Pre call blues.

Sleep early tonight.

Hope for a good call tomorrow...

(oh god why am I becoming so chicken as years pass...)

An old song I heard on Flyfm on the way back just now:

I still prefer this videoclip, as it reminds me so much of how I, myself, surprise,


at times.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Been reading a lot about the MH17.

2014 is a bad day for Malaysia Airlines.

Taking flight nowadays seems dangerous.

The other day I was dreaming about going some place in a small plane and it crashes. Cant remember the details tho.

As usual I have some problem with orthopedic addiction; kept imagining my ulnar and radius will be fractured when I was falling down the sky with my arm crosses to protect my head.

And the view of the ground became bigger and bigger as I drew nearer to the ground.

But I never gets to the ground.

I was falling down and down and down and down with the view repeating itself of the ground getting nearer and nearer and I bracing for impact.

Till I woke up.


RIP MH 17.

Hope those affected will be able to get through it with time, the greatest healer.

And although the co-pilot is from PFS, I have no recollection of my contact with him, Mr Hakimi.

Also there is another young lady from CGL seemed to be in the ill fated flight as well, cant recall her name now, read from Msianinsider just now.

Ok, good night people.

# Life can puncit anytime. and the damn thing is that it always do when you dont have your spare tyre with you.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Cameron Highlands

Love the highlands.

One day I will ride a superbike up here and have my BOH tea.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Bastille Day

Happy National Day France!

Can you imagine if the French lift the 2014 World Cup this time on this date as well?

It would be super double celebration!

As I have been saying for more than 10 years already (since Form 4 after I learnt the Bastille Day) I gave the French, a reason to celebrate my birthday. 

Ok Mr Whatablog; Have a goodl year ahead.

No I dont like Birth Day song


I read one of my friend's blog many years ago.

He writes on and off when he was around, I didnt follow closely.

After his passing, I read through his entire blog.

There is one entry about how he coped with depression. It was a catchy piece, I enjoyed reading it, mainly because it really surprised me that he, a rather chirpy guy, was at one point, battling depression.

However, I remembered when I was reading the piece some years ago, it wasnt that brilliant a piece compared to now,I just finished his book for the second? third? time. 

(His mother made some of the content of his blog into a book, and that entry about depression has been selected)

I particularly like that part he talked about how he drove for hours from his house to some random places at night.

Everyone will feel down once a while.

I must say that I find driving - therapeutic.

Driving gives you a purpose, in everyone else's eyes. You are moving from Point A to B, and you are not doing anything else because, err, you are driving. 

Spending time purely on your own, and listening to random music programme, songs you dont understand the lyrics.

Your mind is focus on driving, but actually not focusing on driving. 

Deep leh.


Oh course for another person who has something else to do, driving is wasting time.

I spent RM600 a month on driving to and fro work.

Thats expenditure I put under account - Entertainment.

Sunrise; my usual drive to work.