Monday, October 13, 2014

True Penang

Is Hokkien Mee.

This stall is very secluded at Air Itam there. A favourite place for those who has done a few rounds of jogging at the Air Itam dam.

Easy parking and taste is about the standard of good hokkien mee

Sunday, October 12, 2014


The pre-game video almost everyday for many years


And I missed the entire message that the song was trying to portray as per below:

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Hiking in Penang

Penang has lot of places for hiking, in particular beginners like me! (Be humble with your hiking skills)

You can start with really easy routes like no3, no5 and moongate in Botanical Garden/Youth Park there. It takes about 40mins of leisure hike.

I like high altitude, partly my surviving instinct as I can't swim. And I like the fresh air.

The view from no5 is not the best of views but still, the air is fresh and this is really a treat for people who are working in Georgetown.

Otherwise, drive to the Air Itam Dam. Go in the early morning and you will be humbled by the fresh air n mists, really doest look like Penang at all. Have a slow walk around the dam. It is tar road and about 1.3km one round if I remembered correctly.

There are others more interesting tracks n peaks like Penang Hill, Kerachut, Laksamana trail and etc.

Always go as comfortable as you can.

All of us can hike, we evolved to hike in and out of jungle.

Just take it slowly and as relaxing as possible. Bring one favourite food and put in your bag.

One of my best moments in life is when I had my Nasi Kandar in Pantai Kerachut many years ago.

I hope to hike two to three peaks a year. That's my KPI.

And here you go, Air Itam Dam.

Nice right the view? Can drive all the way up.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Gunung Irau, Brinchang

I have started to go back to my old hobby of hiking.

Irau or also known as Mossy Hill is the 15th tallest peak in the country.

Difficulty level - during my hike was... God level. Seriously; it was rainy season and there was thunderstorm along the way.

Three of us; two kaki Moongate/No5 went to Irau initially planned for day trip. But after some googling by me; I thought this is not possible. Irau is by no means the most challenging hike but the trail is wet and muddy.

So we decided that overnight after the hike will be the correct thing to do instead.

We started the hike at 2000m above sea level; using car. This also means that Irau actually, although is the 15th tallest peak by measurement, the hike is actually not as high because hike will only start at 2000m.

You must bring at least 1.5litre to go up; to wash yourself when you reach the peak because it is surely wet and muddy, according to the guide. When I went, the mud is almost 90% of the trail.

It took us 4 hours plus to reach Mini Irau and another 1 hour to reach the peak. Super slow.

I would not suggest Irau for beginner, the hike is actually quite technical and risky with many difficult climb along the way. However, the view along the way is breathtaking.

Macam lord of the ring punya jungle.

Alternatively, if I would go again, I will just drive until the starting point and bring a hot coffee, a book, and sit at one of the viewpoints.

Of course, with my superbike (lifelong dream)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


But most of us have needs and wants that made us worked all our lives for more.

Who will settle for whatever we are having as of now?

And as it is now.

It is

Two days to Pay Day October 2014.


Monday, September 22, 2014


I read the book.

Unsangkarable? Ha ha Ha.

Good read la this one. So medical.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


When we were young and naive; they ask us to forget about money and all, concentrate on studying, like reading and writing on classical literature.

We just memorized the model answers and vomitted it all out during exams.

But now that we are all grown ups; we no longer have time for literature, but we have better appreciation of those literatures.

For example; this is one by Robert Frost - the road not taken.

I love it so much because we human are funny creatures who always; always


regretting our choices.