Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Off work this week for a course in Johor Bahru.

Hospital Permai.

This is such a big n clean hospital.

Yesterday reached too early and I walked around the hospital. Really big place. And faraway.

But I think mental health hospital needs to be like this. Far away from human.

I can still remember my posting in PSY during fourth year medical student; it was at a hospital on a hill. Good view, fresh air n I think the condition is very condusive for mental healing. 

Sometimes what all mental sickness needs is to be away from people.

Ok. Have a good day at work ppl. While I am lepaking in course.

(Dunno have to wait for how long before the next course :(( )

Monday, August 18, 2014


Found this picture during my random clicking of photos in my computer.

Not sure why I kept thinking of those student days, things I did, and etc etc.

This road, I cant remember the name actually, so I googlemapped it up. Forrest Road!

I lived just about 20-30 steps to the left, for 2 years (year 2 and 3)

What would life be if I decided to stay there then?

No la. I am not motivated enough to stay overseas longer than required,

because, I am too juara kampung.


#sayaanakmalaysia as well.

Theory Shampoo

Theory shampoo was a new theory that I eurekaed some 1-2 years ago.

I have always find it very amusing that certain perfume are more favourited than others.

Perfume by definition, smells nice.

Same with shampoo.

I havent come across a shampoo that smells bad.

Then why some are preferred than others?

This is actually can be, most likely because of the user itself.

Not yourself, but the people around you.

If you like the person who is using that particular shampoo, then automatically you like the smell.

Then it became - wah, why your shampoo smells so nice.

And you will never find the shampoo you use smells any tremendously nice.

Is it because we love ourself less than another person?

Or is it because we grow bored with the particular smell of ourselves.

And will we get bored of the smell that we think is nice or bored of the person who is using it?

Theory shampoo simply put into words, the concept of endorsing.

When you mempergodkan someone, everything the fella use, is ichiban.

And shampoo is usually the case.

Sorry, mid night rambling.

Good night people.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


I edited this piece from ori rambling 3 days ago)

I was oncall yesterday night and it was such a lively night.

4 MIs in one night, it was an ACS night indeed.

One particular case that I would like to share here is about this 74 year old Malay uncle.

He has very good family support, his two children (not sure if there are many more) was very nice people, courteous and understanding.

It is a well known fact that of the three races, experience past 6 months shows that in general, Malays are the easiest to deal with. 

In general, I repeat.

Easiest in the sense that, the Malays uncles and aunties are more respectful of doctors, and have good faith in us, and of course, treating someone that are not suspecting our integrity, is more enjoyable.

I have to say this, although it sounds Racists (yes it is racist) but in general, Chinese and Indians are more difficult to deal with. Be it the patients themselves or the family of the patients.

The first thing they will say before any consultations, or explanation of their conditions, is that they have to comment on the fault of the hospital, systems, something bad out of the fault of someone, that has happened to them.

"the nurse made me wait for 1 hour before seeing you"

"ambulance took 1 hour to come to my house"

"follow-up in clinic but never give me good medicine, just continue the same same medications"


I have kept this in my mind for very long time, because I dont want to sound racist, but I think this is not about colour of the skin that made us feel certain ways but rather the way certain race population been living in this country.

The same theory I had always been telling people that not all Chinese are good in Math because they have Sempua brain but rather they way they are brought up.

Not all Jews nor Palestinian are the same just because of who they are, but rather what they are - although this is more difficult and sensitive to be discussed.

Anyway, I wanted to say this;

Sometimes, when some race always felt that we have been second classed and being victimised in all ways; then everything they see is imperfect.

Of course I m not saying that you are wrong to feel that and that it is equal justice for all in this country, but to me; when it comes to healthcare, the skin colour is not a consideration for most doctors at all, at least for me and the people I worked with so far.

I dont think I would have the capability to change this perception (I used to have big thoughts) and make world a better place to live.

I just count to pay day, most days. 

But I hope that we all will understand that things sometimes just happened; and not necessarily because of you being victimised.

I shall end this entry with these two lines that I have read somewhere, (or I came up myself, cant rmb) anyway:

Sometimes we have to accept that our condition worsen as part of the disease process,

And not always it is due to the failure of medical treatment.


Anyway, the 74 year old uncle who had an MI, came to the Casualty quick enough, and started on treatment. Unfortunately the treatment does not work as well as we wanted, and so I referred him to the referral centre. I checked with the doctor I referred to just now  via Whatsapp and apparent his condition is good and should be okay. Uncle, you have lovely family and I feel happy for you and your family.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Hospital SP also got football tournament.

But fuiwah; after gaining solid 8kg over last few months, I think it is time to focus my interest on chess or computer games.

Fitness level -10000.


Post call drove back to Penang; slept till 4pm then drove back to SP for the game. Played with the ortho team as midfielder/left wing, wasted a lot of ball.

Field football is so a thing of the past. Lol. Retire from field football la. Too not fit.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RIP Patch Adams

Heard over the radio of his passing.

One of the funniest man, battling severe depression.

We are all wearing masks to face the world.

And those who are not wearing, that is also a mask.

Everyone has something to hide. Secrets, talents, stories, skills, want, need, something there must be something.

And for those doctors out there;  Patch Adams quote is something for us to bear in mind:

You treat a disease; you either win or lose.

You treat a person; you will win no matter what is the outcome.

And I am a believer of those words.

Rest in peace funnyman.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Radiology Course

After working for rather non stop in July, this course came as a rescue.

In my department, the HOD determined which course you go. 

That is very different from previously, when each of us get to choose the courses you want to attend then arrange amongst MOs.

Anyway, my boss sent me to this Basic Ultrasound Course.

very informative i must say.

If I were to attend this some years ago, I might be trying out radiology.

But right now, probably too late liau la.

Anyway, got a mug from the course.

Like the effort. Well done Radiology Department Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim.