Sunday, December 31, 2006


I kind of forgot wat we did in lisboa...

err...ya.. we took the 11am bus from faro to lisboa...the bus is very nice..something like consortium bus. Damn nice. Nicer than ANY BUS U CAN FIND IN UK. Lemma..serious shit!

I tried to sleep during the journey but cannot... coz there's two fatty auntie sitting infront of me chitchating so loud! Haih..nevermindla. Kind of not dat irritated becoz u dont understand what they are toking oso. Tok soft soft...laff loud loud. Kanineh.

Ohya...after like 3 and half hours...i saw a very big cross..with i think jesus on top of it...and then the bus was on a bridge...LEMMA, altho i past tru penang bridge like 124 times already, this bridge is different. ITS DAMN TALL. I felt like the distance between the bridge and the sampan down there at least as high as ten storey building. No joke.

The cross thingy, quite impressive. Reminds me of the two statue by the river in lord of the ring 1.

There, the bridge and the cross thing. Its like the 2 symbols of lisboa le.

Before that, let me tell u why we decided to go portugal. After much arguement about where to go during winter holiday, in the end we decided that whichever flight is the cheapest, in ryan air, we will go that place. And when it ends up with portugal, everyone, including me, were not really excited. COz, ...... wat is there in portugal? Wat is there in lisboa? Isnt it just another small capital city?


when i saw the view of the city from the bridge, i was like: Watheheck! Lisboa is so so so BIG.

Back to the bridge thing, at the end of the bridge thing, there is an aqueduct passing through it. Lemmma...damn impressive. ANcient Aqueduct coupled with 20th-century-damn-long bridge.

Nah, picture taken from the bus. That bridge actually end up go underneath the aqueduct.

The night view in the city is also super nice. Every streets in the city centre is so well decorated with nice lights.

Got this picture from the castle. Dat time when we reach there already dark. So just took the nite viewla.

There is a big christmas tree in the square near the city centre. According to wat i read, its the biggest christmas tree in europe. Possiblela. So big. And, the place is damn romantic at night. Too bad i am a gay.

Kind of penarik beca hor...squat down...

U guys sure say alar, wat so romantic?.....ok. like this.

~A square about size of a football field.
~With sea at the end plus sea breeze caressing ur face...innervating ur trigeminal nerve...
~on ur left is a big 18th century arch, well lighted
~and infront of u is this big-well-lighted christmas tree,

and the BEST is, got music one....some christmas song..

Ok.. Not romantic. I am sux in romantic thingy ok. I admit it.

Ask any of my 503292 ex girlfriends. What to do! My mother never teach!

Next blog give u some nicer description and pictures of Lisboa.

~Message brought to you by Portugal Tourism Board in conjunction with VIsit Malaysia Year 2007(tiada kaitan)~

Happy New Year To Everyone!!

New Year Resolution:

1. To start lead a simple and economical life. Must save enough money to buy a Vietnamese virgin this year. :P

2. To really STUDY! Must! Dunwan to be the most Lazy Scholar in Edinburgh (after peipei)

3. SPP REALLY KICK OFF. The Six Pack Programme which has been suspended for 2 years will be called on again! This time, Jogging 30 minutes a day, at least 4 times a week! No supper for 50 years. Must get back the six pack that i once have, in my wet dream.

4. To DO NOT REPEAT my resolution each year, like what i have been doing for the past 21 years.

I am serious. I am BERTAUBACS!


Ang Choon Seong
Bertaubat since 1999

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tour de FARO, not faroe island, but Faro...its a city in Portugal...

U all might be thinking...lemma, this guy so kaki jalan...always travel here travel there...and worst of all, its the gov's money. The fact is : NOOOO

I love my country. I go to portugal coz....I want Revenge. Revenge for SUltan Mahmud Syah. Revenge for all malacca's warrior who died fighting ALfonso de Albuq...(duno how to spell). Hehehe...i was thinking to find their greatgreatgrandchildren, if guy we kill , if gurl we rape..(if ugly gurl we kill oso)


I went to Faro first for 2 days. COz i love nature. Faro is famous for beach. (hahaha...actually coz thats the cheapest flight...7.50 pounds per head inc everyt shitax..) Faro is okla...quite nice..very like penang...the cafe there got coca cola signboard at the two sides...the middle is the name alfonso cafe... uk mana ada ini macam...

Faro is a city with some old fort like a formosa lo...and got harbour for yatch lo...and...and...nothing liau la.. I like faro coz its peaceful...
and we came across this group of ppl look like msian la...from dublin airport...but then we all din go tok to them just like aim from far only. Got one chinese gurl (For ur info, incase u wondering y i aim from far..)

When we was there...the whole street got red carpet..and got fake snow wan...lawak joe... i told my secretary dun tell the government of faro i am coming... they put red carpet for me..

We stayed in a 3 star hotel..but then, quite cheapla...Santa Maria looks like brothel mah...seriously..look at the pic below....

Then we settled down for a while, and start walking around look for dinner..and we met the group of msian again..this time, i got wave wave a bit to them la...(to the gurl to be exact....)

We had a very expensive dinner there..partly coz we missed out lunch tot shud redeem the lunch with superb its seafood restaurant... right beside the sea...u can guess the price la..

As u can see in the pics...we have wine as well..hoho...quite wine...portugal speciality.

And, i would like to say that, i try to follow the style of eve and other bloggers, to take the picture of the food...but UNFORTUNATELY, hahaha...seriously, i cant! Usually we all eat halfway, then photo.... later u will see la...other pics in this blog relating food all like dat...

The night view of the harbour quite nice.

And i found this giant pineapple on the street..hahahah duno wat species la this...maybe nanas kacukan kelapa sawit,

After we had our dinner and walk around the city...we saw this ice cream mah go in eat lo... the icecream look damn damn nice..but then...sorry..forgot to take the pic. Only when finished eating i tot of that... see below la..hehehhe

On the way back to the hotel, we met that group of msian again...this i said.."lemma..have to take picture dee.." (look at my positioning..wahhahaa)
disclaimer: ermm...all these are jokes...if that gurl happened to read this, pls be aware that i am joking. i am not a BUAYA

anyway, we all chitchat for a while and i realised that the 2 guys were from....from...BANTING!!! Hooray!! very rare u get to meet chinese from Kolej Mara Banting u know!!

The next day we woke up very early so as to walk around the attractions in faro before take a bus to lisboa. (not spelling's spelled as lisboa in portugese )

Nothing much there, as in nothing impressive super building la. Just an arc look like A church there...

If u want mandarin oranges u can just pluck it..

The roof very funny...evolution from egyptian style to minangkabau without tanduk.

Ohya.,.the petrol station very funny..its right beside the street. Its like...u know the penang soya bean stall..where ppl just stop by and order..drink and chao...something like dat la...

Coming up next: Lisboa!
Today i read something very funny...its sensored a little bit so as not to hurt some ppl's feeling.....hahaha whatheheck! damn lawak..

POLL QUESTION: kenapa permintaan ang utk mendapatkan tempat penginapan di dublin tidak dilayan oleh ahli jawatan kuasa tertinggi dublin???

- kerana permintaan ang berunsurkan perkauman yg bakal menggugat keamanan dublin, 1 votes, 12.50%
- kerana ang tidak hensem, 2 votes, 25.00%
- kerana ang pernah dtg ke dublin dulu...dah dtg skali ckp la...nk dtg byk kali beli la rumah sendiri kat dublin nih, 2 votes, 25.00%
- semua di atas, 3 votes, 37.50%

Babila luorang. Cant stop laffing yet on the choice that ask me to beli rumah sendiri..

u study there oso din buy house la beb.

Hehee...thanks again for the layanan diraja. When u guys come edinburgh, i'll let u stay in edinburgh castle ok.

Cheers samalu budak dublin.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Tour de Dublin

Well...a few facts about dublin.

Currency: EURO
Temperature: COLDer than edinburgh
Language: IRish-Accented English

Lemma..serious shit...they pronounced words very baku Bus...- Boos, Cup - Cuup...if u know wat i mean..

A few descriptions about Dublin;

1. EXPENSIVE - My sincerest sympathy to those who on Mara or Jpa in Dublin. Cost of living anytime more ex than edinburghla..

2. DEPRESSIVE - I havent been to dublin and experience a non-rainy day. Depressing gila! If it is not raining..sure very sunlight...dats why the malaysian getting darker... kores now is like Burn already.. kudud is like Volvox..

Dat day...upon reaching the airport, we bought the day ticket 5 euro and waiting for bus to go city centre....suddenly, a not-so-chun-actually-ugly gurl came and gave James a day ticket...altho we already got one, i think my hansomelity left her no choice... (altho she gave the ticket to James and not me, but i can sense her eyes were focussing directly to me and managed to give me a 1/10 Hertz wink*)

James been james....he just held the ticket...and waited for the paper to terbiodegrade..

So, i took the ticket off his hand, and walked to the machine where there are ppl wanting to buy sell if off la.... i told one angmoh dat i am willing to sell my day ticket for 4 euros...but he..also stunted by my hansomelity, thus gave me 5 in the end...i travelled for FREE>>>

Cutting perpendicular across the crap, we set sail on a bus to city centre...and reach the O'conneil St...and then berehat in...

Teka teki: Raja apakah yang paling sedap!? *copyrighted Kores 2006-07

Yes, we berehat in Burger King.

Teka teki again: Bintang apakah yang paling kaya?


I managed to take a picture of this restoran...Restaurant Pulau Pinang...WITH AIRCOND! Lemma..the temperature is already single digit..u open the window oso considered aircond la...

I think they cut the whole window thing plus the label from forgot to take down the aircond label...hehehee..nola..summer dat time aircond is ur best frend...

After putting everything at Amin besar's house, we walked around the city.

Well, we went to Trinity lo...quite nice and got the donno wat harryporter u know, i only read mutiara naga and 5 sekaawan dan seekor anjing duno wat is the significant of the library....

Moving on, we went to DUBLIN CASTLE!!! Waarao...i tell u...this Dublin Castle...i think Parameswara attacked oso can tawan the castle...just a small door and inside got one nuclear silo la...dats all...oi dubliner..datang edinburgh la...see wats the meaning of castle...hehee (dengan bangga sekali)

Then we took a candid picture in one part of the castle...

Candid right! It came so unexpected...haha..ha..laff la...
After dat...we go to the sphire.

According to Sejarah Cina, Last time after Monkey god together with mr pig and another mate and their teacher completed the journey to the west, Mr monkey went holiday in Dublin and he wanted to pluck mango, so he elongated his batang, took the mango but forgot to take back dat batang.

another source, written by Akira Toriyama, this batang thing will connect the earth with dewa. Just try to climb it, until u reach The cat datuk...he is the one with the kacang dewa that Goku took last time la...and further up u can meet the dewa lo, mr pikor tua.

hehe..lemmala...i duno wats the purpose of that sphire thing la..not only me...a few famous personality also duno, such as this guy Jim Larkin who was so geram as he cant figure out wat is purpose of this thing, he became gila and shouted with his two hands lifted up like me....

A few attempts in pics below to camera trick u guys but fail...

Next blog.... Portugal
Dublin - COOOLLLDDD..damn cold

I went to dublin and overnite and took a flight to Faro, portugal.. Hehehe, luckily RCSI is not on exam so at least got ppl layan my contingent. Thank you very much to Big Amin for the hospitality, and also to all ur housemates. Wahhaha, they all go to sleep elsewhere so dat we can have the beds! What more i can say?

TErima Kasih!

Amin Besar even cook for us! Hoho...paiseh nia...

Anyway, we managed to spend some time in the city centre, walked around and took some pictures. Hehee, well, i spent 8 days in Ireland before i went back Malaysia, but i took ZERO picture.

Travelling to Dublin really reminds me of a lot of things....

Well...the first time i wanted to go was back to January 2006...booked flight...arranged everything...nicely and neatly...i took a bus to airport...and...

missed the flight...FKCU!! 60 pounds bubye on that day...luckily is tax payers' money...

So then i booked again on May 2006 to try my luck again...i went there super 3 hrs before the counter opened..when i reached...i saw hundreds of ppl outside the airport...i tot terrorist attack or wat...LEMMA>.....takkan god dunwan me to go dublin...second time already...if this time i miss again...i dunwan to fly to dublin dee...i'll kayak there!

Hehehe..luckily is just fire 1 hour later everyone can go in and check in and i flew to dublin...

I slept 3 days in the Number 10's house, coz too tired after non-sleeping week of exam and house shifting that time. Then i met one of the occupant in that house, Ahmad Si Comel, in RCSI buliding...who asked me...

Ahmad Si Comel: Ang, U staying with who in dublin?
ANg: OOhhh...Rumah Kores...

++++++++++ Terdiam 15 saat+++++++++++

Actuallly, Ahmad oso stayed in the same house, but i slept during the day time and wake up around 1 am until 7 am sleep dat guy dont realised my presence... Hahahaha

Cut the crap....

So this time, must go take some pictures la.

Wei, i want to blog about Number 10's house la...

U know ar, this frend of mine, his name is Kores, together with Kudud, Nasporn, Dewa and 3 more seniors, they stayed in a house, which is.....the house cant find the word to describe it!) hehehe..

Not many ppl can stayed there and walked out healthily. The only best thing in that house is that, it is warmer...

Seriously...the other places in dublin that i stayed before such as the Hilton Hotel, Fitzwilliam Hotel, Marriot..dan sebagainya all damn sejuk...compared to their warm...

partly becoz there are zillions of bacterias living inside, and producing lots of heat. Huahahah

U can rightly guess the level of jokes going on in the house..

A few funny stories about this Number 10's house.. it is number 10. The toilet in the upstair collapsed once, but luckily no one was injured....Serioushit..imagine u were shitting halfway, and the whole toilet floor collapsed. I think dats y some called berak as bomb...

A view from below..the bombed toilet//

Shit man.,..after this if i go dublin sure have to stay elsewhere...i kutuk their house liddat, dun think they will allow me to stay liau... i felt like i am the lonely planet magazine...commenting on the accommodation.

Next time i blog about the journey in got guests in my house...need to layan them.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Going Dublin then Faro then Lisbon
From 18 Dec to 24 Dec.

whatablog!! is under renovation.


Saturday, December 16, 2006


Hooho.. The story is like u all life here is damn sien. My world is very limited to the 4 walls of this room, with my syok-sendiri-off-computer and got a soccerball but the weather is like shit. I have NOthing to do.

As I spend more time with the computer, I developed this:

The first thing will be on

then will check mail...

CONFIRM this two i will do everyday..

then if when i study,

If I am unsure about anything;

If I want to know wats happening in lecture i got

IF I think i cannot understand the lecture, after consulting, or eemec oso cannot help...then depressed, feeling i might failed and need to go back, i will be prepared:

then for entertainment

IF I want to contribute to the world of internet:

If I am boring and needs some free cartoon, movie clips or music:

Ohya... about this youtube thingy..

Ini macam... i am not anti government..nor i am anti opposition... I got anti dengi, anti aids.. anti dadah and anti virus. See this; I love MALAYSIA

Quite funny rite.

What you guys think about a politician, a MP?

I dunola..i never come across a MP who is not driving merz regardless of BN or Pas or Cap Buku. And we always hear abt politician's son owning this and that MNC, buying this and that GLC. And so far, i havent really heard about some politician children who are working as clerk, i mean normal referee..linesman..selling nasi lemak...

I mean, if there is no catch, who wants to waste their time?

Then, my specticism about politician was greatly convinced when i see this:

The leaders of tomorrow will become like this also? Wahlaueh! THe decision maker in my country... Ppl secondary school go debate oso more serious then u guys man..

Friday, December 15, 2006


That day i walked out and I saw more than 20 ipods' user...then came back saw another 2...both housemates on ipod as well..go toilet also on ipod...normal whistling wont do the job dee..

"The tiny and insignificant box of memory chips known unto us as the iPod is warping the minds of it's users (otherwise known as iPeople), rendering them incapable of communication and destroying our culture - why talk when you can inject yourself with another dose of musical disharmony through the syringe of the iPod?"

As u know, I am a super uncle and outdated person who, when MP3 player was launched, i discovered this thing called CD Player.

And now when Ipodism is increasingly popular...naturally, god give me a MP3 player.. but need to put selotape on it coz its broken...the owner dunwan it anymore and out of courtesy, i take it under my custody.

Well, why do one need something on the ear when walk around? I give some thought over this matter.

I think, we want to look cooler. Its guys nature to chuck something on a hole to look cooler. Those who rich and brave enough to risk his fertility will chuck a few cigarates in his mouth hole. We cant pluck the nosehole coz then we cant breath. So we make holes. Piercing then comes in to the picture. We dig a hole beside the nose then pluck in something.

Guys basically like to put thing into anything that looks like a hole. ....HOHO

I think some wants to avoid ppl. I am one of them. You see...when u studying in a place with fair number of malaysian, like edinburgh, u meet malaysian everywhere u go. When u meet senior, u dono wat to say anymore. So, u got nothing to tok to them. Normal hie and bye wont work anymore. So, might as well pretend not to hear them by plucking ur ear.

Pretending to be "On the phone" also will work. The advantage of "on the phone" is that u add a bonus to the image that you are actually very sociable and having lots of friends. However, the disadvantage is that u risked ultimate humiliation if your phone really ring halfway when u are pretending to be on the phone. Beware, this is DAMN embarassing.

Also, there are increasing statistics shows that the number of ugly gurls are on the rise. THis leads to abnormal big numbers of ahli PPH that has no market value. So by protraying Ipod ear plug, one automatically granted membership to PPHTK, hodoh tapi kaya. This might assist in ending their long awaiting men courtism. Same to the guy as well la.

And some oso i think wants to inject stimulation to the economy. By having Ipod with u and show off, u tell robbers, muggers, burglars, pirates and etc that u are having this more than 100 pounds for them to snatch. Bring it on. This can eventually spur the economy of the country,as the robbers will then resell the ipod to the black market and might be send to overseas. This then bring positive foreign exchange to the country.

Enuff of crap...maybe I want to go buy one ipod soon to increase my social class as well la.

The Return of Anatomy

Folks..I am sure when u say..I am a medical student..

One thing excites ppl is that

How are u dissecting the dead body? Ok? Smeely? Bloody? Painful for the body?

Some ppl said its so geli..cant stand the sight of a body which has been disected up to his nose holes

Some ppl always fainted in the anatomy lab upon either seeing or smelling the cadaver.

The smell is very much like the bak kua that half panggang...serioushit!

Kawan...this year, the Edinburgh Medical School unveiled their superb style of teaching anatomy: Self directed Learning.

How to self directed? Instead of having lecturer or somebody who are trained to dig some ppls hole and point to us wat is that in that hole.. they give us a handout and ask us, to walk from 1 station to another station in the lab...and do this SELF DIRECTED DIGGING

they said,,Enough of spoonfed...find your own textbook then go there using the handout, try to identify and learn anatomy

Oh Wahai Mr Dean of Med School;

Dead body is dead body...Somemore some of those body has been dead and disected for ages...the leg oso look like hand dee...

And, the parts we need to know and learnt is not like...ya this is nose, this is the ear...OHyes..i found the ear! That one is Standard 2 anatomy..

The parts are so damn small hidden deep inside the nose hole..

altho every human is well trained and good in digging nose, but we are never trained to dig someone's nose..

U go in...U see...U come out...U learn nothing...U go anatomy spot exam...

If you cant teach proper anatomy...u might as well dun have anatomy exam...

SelF Directed LEarning in Youtube

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Again...exam-related blog..

today someone told me about my blog..very enlightening..

She is a malay who likes a chinese...(tiada kaitan)

and she said:

Siti Aminah binti Ridzuan(bukan nama sebenar): ang, ur blog only active during exam period...afterdat,...die...

Well, i must say that. u r very theory is, my brain only works during one or 2 weeks before the exam. Blogging, for me is not easy tau...i need to think...

Studying so much stuff in 2 weeks like a seasonal thing for me.

Play (3 months)----> Study(2 weeks) --> Exam (3 days)----> and the cycle continues..

Hohoho...a few stuff i remembered from my secondary school life:

true story;

I thought of this when i was memorizing the treatment names...nama ubat.. is very frustating lu tau.. to make u memorize things that u cant even pronounce..and u never see that useful. THis reminds me of Pendidikan Moral when u have like 60 Nilais to memorize which EXACT definition which is always more than 10 words.. kurang one DAN or KALAU oso kira wrong and u kantoi dee..

That time..i got no time to memorize the nilai... need one day i think to memorize wat i do is i print out the nilai nilai moral in A4 paper color white exactly the same color with the exam question paper... :P

then i put the paper in the drawer (altho free school got super hightech drawer-cheating-proof policy ie turn the drawer facing infront..LAWAK BODOH) then when the teacher give the question papers..i use my super fast take out the 4 pieces of nilai moral clearly and easily refered to...and stapler it together with the question paper..wahhahahahah..the rest is history...

U see...dat is why some ppl...i think most not think i deserved to be in where i am today...wahahhahaha....


Sunday, December 10, 2006

sangat sien...

My name....

The other day...I was thinking...why i was given the name...Ang Choon Seong..

Maybe my mom was thinking..hmm..cute nya this baby..

Ang Cute Sekali...

Or maybe my mom tot want to give me extra push to study...

Ang Can Study....

But...end up...

Ang Cannot Study...


Ang Cepat Stress...

Y? I dunno why also la..

A post IB syndrome i guess...after IB...u dun felt like working ur ass up anymore..all u want is to pass...not score..

My theory is liddat:
Standard 6 - Want to score 5As in UPSR - to go to good secondary school
Form 3 - Want to get a motobike in form 4 (perjanjian pangkor with my bro...)
Form 5 - want to get a scholarship
IB Sem2 - want to get UK placement
IBSem 4 - want to fulfill requirement

And now...want to...??? want to????want to?? tarak liau...mission sort of complete...

coz regardless how well u do...or how badly u long as u pass..u still Dr Ang Comel Sekali..

I got 3 days to go...21 slides...on GI module and neuroscience forgot half liau...

Will i still get tru this semester and celebrate the 50th Malaysia Anniversary in Malaysia...or i will need to stay here in my little room blogging about my life again???

I am not STRESS


Friday, December 08, 2006


= Work = Regret coz din work earlier = no sleep = still hansome


Today i openned my course website and check if there is any tips on the exam question..manatau...

and i stumbled across the TIPS of the century :

Just a note to wish you all well in the exams next week. The aim is to give you an opportunity to pass, not to fail, and if you've kept up with the work/ learning objectives etc you should be fine. Just don't do anything daft, like turn up late or to the wrong venue, sleep in, run out of time or anything. Sandy Reid - Year 2 Course Director

U know why it is important? The line...Just dont do anything daft like turn up late or to the wrong venue...

Brought some of my "most exciting moments" in my life. The story is liddat:

It was a fine Monday morning...equipped with the stolen pens and stolen pencils... I made my way to the school. Today is SPM Physics Paper 2 in the morning, and I m pretty sure that i got Business paper at 2pm. So, i set sailed in my old trusty Honda EX5, with a stolen helmet.

I got to the school...the usual

Shitman..sure failed dee...

Lemmaleh...boh tak chek...



And so, we went in to the exam hall and greet the old penguin-like-feimau punya wat i wan to say is the guy that stand infront and supposingly membasmi copycat,altho their job is to be the paperman, give paper to us and unsuccessful model who cat walk around with no spectators)

Then after physic paper.. the usual chatter came to live again such as:

Wahlau hard

Cibai..forgot to write name

Kanninneh...din do question 98 (a) part ii)

The chattering...despite its useless contribution to mankind and its civilisation...lasted for an hour or so....after that...i decided to go to the usual Penang Cafe to eat hokkien mee together with a few of my mates....

I made my way to the motorbike parking area and wear my helmet..and start my engine... an d go...

That day.. i chose to use the main gate coz i want to ask more ppl to go....i passed the pond area on my bike..and i saw some of my frend in the pond of them is owngau...

Handsome ang: Ngau ar...come la..penang cafe

Owngau: now ar?

Handsome ang: yalah...some of them go dee..

Owngau: wei...u not taking business meh? now is 1.10pm dee lah

Handsome ang: comeonla...2pm la the paper..wei...fasterla...hungry dee

Owngau: frend...kenot be many business student there

Handsome: Haiya..probably got briefing kot...

Owngau taking out the time table and check...

Owngau: Lemma boontai...its 1pm...

I was like....see the picture : FUCK!

***********I think i stop my bike, off the engine and jumped down in something like 1/8 fraction of a second upon seeing the timetable**************

I fly to the hall...together with my helmet..... thie picture down here edited to take off the helmet...

and the fei mau (with shoulder go up and down)....standing infront of the door...

ooooh....u are the last one...come on in...u lost 15 mins..if u late another 5 mins...i kenot let u take the exam deee

******DEEP INSIDE MY HEART************* I SALUTE YOU OWNGAU*******

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

(Azly Rahman writes on Islam and the ISA)

Don’t imprison apostates!

Science without religion is lame … religion without science is blind.
(Physicist and pacifist, Albert Einstein)

There is no compulsion in religion. (The Quran)

Islam is the fastest-growing religion in America, a guide and pillar of stability for many of our people… (Former First Lady Hillary Rodman Clinton, Los Angeles Times, May 31, 1996)

...there is much that the world can learn from Islam. It is now practised by one of every four people on Earth. (Former US President Bill Clinton, White House Eid ul-Fitr presentation, Jan 10, 2000)

Why propose the use of the Internal Security Act (ISA) on apostates, as suggested by some Malaysian Islamic scholars? Why not study why they leave the religion?

Why not use ESA - “education for spiritual awareness” – to develop the children’s interest and commitment to the faith, through gentle persuasion, not through threatening to throw them in jail without trial, or hang them to death for treason.

Instead of jailing 10,000-25, 000 Muslims who have allegedly left the
religion, why don’t we begin by radically improving our method of teaching teachers to teach Islam. By producing effective Islamic religious teachers who can speak well to the children of this Millennial generation, we can do better than scare people off learning about the profound teachings of
Prophet Muhammad.

The way this beautiful religion of man is approached may be a factor why onebecomes an ‘apostate’.

Perhaps those teaching them about Islam are ill-equipped in knowledge and skills about Islam.

Perhaps these teachers do not have much in-depth knowledge about the philosophies of other religion and ethical systems. It is time for them to begin reading about transcultural philosophies that form the foundation of a multi-cultural/multi-religious society such as Malaysia.

Perhaps they do not spend their time understanding the mind of the youth of today and the complexity of our time to contextualise the religion and to find ways to stimulate the thinking of these youth about Islam.

Perhaps they have not been introduced to the life stories of those who convert to Islam – revolutionary leaders such as Malcolm X; sportsmen such as Muhammad Ali; musicians such as John Coltrane, Art Blakey, Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) and Michael Jackson; scholars such as Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall; poets such as WS Rendra; and comedians such as Dave Chapell.

The problem we have in society is that we look at each other’s religion not only with animosity but also as a reason to imperialise each other. We fail to go deeper into realising that a Muslim must believe that the truth and guidance is ‘sent down’ to all nations and that Muslims must believe that the message of peace – Islam – has been taught since the beginning of humanity, since the beginning of Prophet Adam (PBUH).

Dr. Azly Rahman,
Educator & Adjunct Professor;
Foundations of Civilizations, Education, & Politics

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


After a super long hibernation, my bloglife will resume soon. Well, too busy with a lot of activities nowadays...and my computer got some problems as well..

Talking about my computer... long story....

It was a fine saturday morning when i wake up to search for some educational materials to download. And as usual, my computer has always been abused by antivirus has not been updated since the age of renaissances. And so, my computer (nicknamed Simon) had unprotected transfer fluid of information with the sites i download my educational materials.

Also, at the same day, my yahooooo account got hacked somebody changed the password and now i m using another account already.. i cannot retrieve the old account cause all the info in the other account was done when I was still a form 2 or 3 ignorant and naive student...i forgot whether i put zambia or mongolia as my country and i am quite sure the date of birth i put some 1950 something wan....fcuk... -my face when sad over wat had happened to Simon

i downloaded an antivirus programme name Kapersky i think under the advice of THE MAN - EricKoay and surprisingly......

it gets ok....,

THEN.....the antivirus cannot be closed..i mean when i off my computer..the ever-super-annoying box saying dont send duno wat stuff to Microsoft came out under the heading Kapersky anti virus..

I tried a few times and the same thing happened..

WTF...the unknown pathogen that swam across the epithelium-thick firewall and infected my computer has been diagnosed by me as:


Then it stimulated an inflammatory reaction as my computer is so damn slow and then, i Ctrl Alt Del to see what's happening.

I saw a process named KHSEOEd (sumting liddat) used up alot of resources and there were hundreds of files name dhafakfakj in my windows folder. My reflex and uncontrollable reaction reach for the delete button and thus deleted all of those files..ignoring the warning.. and then DA~DA~DANG~~~it became kokocrunch.

Now i reformated the computer already...and got a super thick Great Firewall of China...hopefully there is no remitting and relapsing nature in the infection.
-my face (the left one, tall and white one ya..)happy when everything solved already

Coming up next: Duno when i will blog again liau..wahahhaha

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Deletion of my Blogs!!!

My blog in Multiply now gone liau...sad for Primula, Evel, pplee85 and all those die hard fan of mine...

After my meticulous investigation into the crime scene, Swan Keong Internet Cafe, the suspects:.......

jeng Jeng JENG>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Most of my blog often talk about how i look like him... he must be scared as I might attract the advertisement company to start hiring me to do the advertisement, and directly affect his income. Gillette who sponsor beckham for a few million dollar per year contacted me not long before to do an advertisement for them due to my extensive coverage of bulus across my six pack stomach. Rejoice and Follow me oso contacted me to do advertisement for the newly launched ketiak shampoo...
Damn with those entries deleted, i can never get all those sponsorship liau. No wonder i rasa some tall guy with real madrid's jersey tailing me that everything start to make sense..

If not him then must be some pretty gurls...MUST BE LIAULAR>...coz they try to save me from ISA. I realised that today!

*I extracted the following paragraph from THE STAR today;

Bloggers beware

UNTRUTHS: If information in blogs, websites and online portals were incorrect, bordered on slander, caused disturbance or compelled the public to lose faith in the nation’s economic policies, their authors would be detained for investigation, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

HMMM>>.....My blog in Multiply was deleted 90% a day before the announcement above..i think somebody try to save me from the detection of government coz most of my entries are lies...such as angchoonseong look like beckham, i am hansome and so on...muahahahaha

The blogger community such as the Mr Lim's, Msia Today, MsiaKini, The rocket, Malaysian will sure takut liau...hehehe...Kennysia and gang will be benefiting a lot from gov's stand, as blog will no longer stray away from entertainment purposes...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I created this Blog long time ago but due to my activeness in Multiply....i left this one unattended..

Until Mr X...delete many of my entries..

Nvm...respect u Mr X, i did much more evil things in my life before this so I dont feel wat U did is really evil...muahahahah

So ppl...i will now blog here...and only here!!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Testing Testing Testing...