Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Deletion of my Blogs!!!

My blog in Multiply now gone liau...sad for Primula, Evel, pplee85 and all those die hard fan of mine...

After my meticulous investigation into the crime scene, Swan Keong Internet Cafe, the suspects:.......

jeng Jeng JENG>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Most of my blog often talk about how i look like him... he must be scared as I might attract the advertisement company to start hiring me to do the advertisement, and directly affect his income. Gillette who sponsor beckham for a few million dollar per year contacted me not long before to do an advertisement for them due to my extensive coverage of bulus across my six pack stomach. Rejoice and Follow me oso contacted me to do advertisement for the newly launched ketiak shampoo...
Damn with those entries deleted, i can never get all those sponsorship liau. No wonder i rasa some tall guy with real madrid's jersey tailing me that everything start to make sense..

If not him then must be some pretty gurls...MUST BE LIAULAR>...coz they try to save me from ISA. I realised that today!

*I extracted the following paragraph from THE STAR today;

Bloggers beware

UNTRUTHS: If information in blogs, websites and online portals were incorrect, bordered on slander, caused disturbance or compelled the public to lose faith in the nation’s economic policies, their authors would be detained for investigation, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

HMMM>>.....My blog in Multiply was deleted 90% a day before the announcement above..i think somebody try to save me from the detection of government coz most of my entries are lies...such as angchoonseong look like beckham, i am hansome and so on...muahahahaha

The blogger community such as the Mr Lim's, Msia Today, MsiaKini, The rocket, Malaysian will sure takut liau...hehehe...Kennysia and gang will be benefiting a lot from gov's stand, as blog will no longer stray away from entertainment purposes...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I created this Blog long time ago but due to my activeness in Multiply....i left this one unattended..

Until Mr X...delete many of my entries..

Nvm...respect u Mr X, i did much more evil things in my life before this so I dont feel wat U did is really evil...muahahahah

So ppl...i will now blog here...and only here!!!