Wednesday, November 29, 2006


After a super long hibernation, my bloglife will resume soon. Well, too busy with a lot of activities nowadays...and my computer got some problems as well..

Talking about my computer... long story....

It was a fine saturday morning when i wake up to search for some educational materials to download. And as usual, my computer has always been abused by antivirus has not been updated since the age of renaissances. And so, my computer (nicknamed Simon) had unprotected transfer fluid of information with the sites i download my educational materials.

Also, at the same day, my yahooooo account got hacked somebody changed the password and now i m using another account already.. i cannot retrieve the old account cause all the info in the other account was done when I was still a form 2 or 3 ignorant and naive student...i forgot whether i put zambia or mongolia as my country and i am quite sure the date of birth i put some 1950 something wan....fcuk... -my face when sad over wat had happened to Simon

i downloaded an antivirus programme name Kapersky i think under the advice of THE MAN - EricKoay and surprisingly......

it gets ok....,

THEN.....the antivirus cannot be closed..i mean when i off my computer..the ever-super-annoying box saying dont send duno wat stuff to Microsoft came out under the heading Kapersky anti virus..

I tried a few times and the same thing happened..

WTF...the unknown pathogen that swam across the epithelium-thick firewall and infected my computer has been diagnosed by me as:


Then it stimulated an inflammatory reaction as my computer is so damn slow and then, i Ctrl Alt Del to see what's happening.

I saw a process named KHSEOEd (sumting liddat) used up alot of resources and there were hundreds of files name dhafakfakj in my windows folder. My reflex and uncontrollable reaction reach for the delete button and thus deleted all of those files..ignoring the warning.. and then DA~DA~DANG~~~it became kokocrunch.

Now i reformated the computer already...and got a super thick Great Firewall of China...hopefully there is no remitting and relapsing nature in the infection.
-my face (the left one, tall and white one ya..)happy when everything solved already

Coming up next: Duno when i will blog again liau..wahahhaha