Monday, January 29, 2007


I just got to know a malaysian studying in german...

He told me, in germany, there is no speed limit in the highway. And yet, the accident rate so low.
he was driving like around like 110 MILES per hr and still kena flashed and have to give way. No wonder Michael Shoemaker can do so well in F1. I bet he has been driving 150 miles/hr since puberty.

Germans are very well behaved behind the wheel. Everyone drive with iq. One side for cut, one side for constant speed.

Malaysians are still the best. There is no speed limit also in malaysia if u have money to pay for speed saman. Sometimes, there is Megasale where u can get discount,such as pay 2 , free one.. Pay 5 and get a teddy bear of polisman, with the logo, ABC, amanah, bersih dan cepat.

Also, u can apply for Privilidge card where the inspector will settle for u for a minimal one off payment.

In uk, lagi best. Kita drive guna Msian driving license. So when kena speed trap, or watever, we went to the court to pay the saman. But, the funny thing is, we canot pay. Coz we are non-license holder. So, burn. If second time kena, then u have to wait for the saman to expire in the system first...the baru they can refer it to court and settle.

The classic example is this guy, msian in newcastle. Ini cerita legend. Power gila. Dia tu bawa kereta lawak, tiada insurance, tiada road tax, tarak belt, basically apa pun tarak, and dia langgar orang lagi. So kena kat polis kena pegi court. So, dia buat la research, tanya member, and he figured out that the total amount of compound max is 2000 pounds. So, diapun pegi cucuk duit dan pegi court.

In the court, judge yang lawak tu, said that there is no legislation for any road traffic offences can be fined to a non-UK license holder. As such, we cannot fine u anything. The only offence that I can sentence is that, u disobey the law of this country. As such, u will be fined a maximum, of 50 pounds.

Maka, dia pun keluarkan 50 pds dari 2000 pds itu.

James koh kena speed trap march last year. Agak bodo la. kena 2 kali in the same highway. Then the saman sent to him. he sent back with a copy of his driving license as required, then case burnt. But he kena again last october. this time, have to wait for the court hearing.hahahhahaha

Friday, January 26, 2007

Total Random

walaupun ini sounds very cocky..

i am off to london this weekend. Mourinho called me to ask me to meet him in Stamford bridge. Chelsea has finally signed a new left winger.

Choon Seong Ang, 22, snapped on free transfer, is widely regarded as the best left winger in his generation. His pin-point crossing is rivalled only by beckham, speed of light run roaming the left flank, entertaining piece of footwork, with thunderous left foot drive and superb aerial ability, and his killer pass, which splitted the defence into protons and electrons, certainly reminds of the days of zidane. Top class player, he can play in any position in the field including the crowd steward.

Have a good weekend guys.

Selamat study to KTAR students and selamat peekvid to u too. Cheers.

Brititsh Born Chinese Chicks

Due to my laptop is suffering from high fever and severe auto immune disease, i have to frequent to the computer lab, every night to connect to the world. Although its kind of cold, windy, scary, dark outside, i braved my way through each night.

Well, there are some positive points of the computer lab.

There are a lot of chix there. CHinese chix sometimes. So can go see see la. Sometimes get to talk as well. Hahahaha...wanna know what is the content of the conversation?

Chix : Heya, do you have a lighter?
Ang: I dun. But i can light up ur day.
Chix: Wow...very nice of u and u look like beckham...

Hahahaha....correct, as expected, this is a big fat lie. Chinese chix all got bf wan...and one truth is that no matter how chixy is the chinese chix, the bf always look like bulldog wan...i mean...the kind of face who looks like constipated single mother. Streessed, frustrated and Never smile wan.

Actually, the real thing which happened tonite is:

BBC Chix...BBC stands for british born chinese

BBCC : you have a lighter?
Ang: No.
BBCC: Its alright.

Itu saja. No father mother story liau. Sekian terima kasih.

Ohya, thats the reason i put in my msn dat nite:

Shud have brought along a lighter!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the last entry on the liverpool- chelsea's match. This is also the climax of the story.

After the match, we all went to the side of the stadium where the player exit door is located to wait for the players. Lemma...never tot that i'll be one of those super bodo kids and gurls who shouted when see the same species ppl just happened to be famous. And oso never tot that i'll be one of them shouting and pushing just for their damn signature and photograph.


but i did that. I did waited for like 30 minutes for them to come out and also shouted their names when they came out.
This fucker is so cocky that he did not respond to anyone despite everyone shouting his name...lemma...damn u. serves u right lost 2-0. Bladdy stupid centreback.
Michael ballack. Wat a performance by him. His partnership with drogba in freekick set up is second to none. Their trick can anytime be voted as one of the most special moment in english football history of the century. well done ballack.

Sheva signed for many ppl. Zul and her gf got their tickets signed. Arrggghh... i dunwan to get his coz i want mourinho's signature. haiyah.... orang tamak selalu rugi...

This kehlefeh wanted to sign for ppl but not many ppl willing to waste their ink and pen for him.
Drogba with his famous rapist cap. He always wear that and go around the parks in london to look for auntie in middle age. He is tall, dark and ugly. Well built,...built to rape.

The story i wanted to tell is about this fatty. Fuck him man.

He was just beside me. Both of us are quite near the front so 99.9999% shud be able to get the signature.

Ang: Jose. Jose..Jose...sign for me pls//sign for me pls./...
Fatty: Jose..Jose...pls pls...

Both of us and some other ppl also shouted the same he stopped and signed for some...and he happened to stop infront of the fatty. SO the fatty got the signature...

then...the fatty said...

Fatty: Jose..Bye bye jose. U r not the special one. Rafa is the special one.

Jose Mourinho ----> "holding my ticket, with a pen on his hand, stopped and looked at him and said..."

Jose: Good luck in your Carling Cup.

And...just push the ticket back to me!~!~!~!~! and walked away

I was like...stunted for 0.5 second then i shouted...jose jose jose...pls..pls.. I COME ALL THE WAY FROM EDINBURGH!!!

So, what do you think?

My inner anger cant be describe with words.


fuck you mr fatty.

Anfield, Liverpool.

Yeah, like before the game starts, u can see theres a very big banner with a logo passed around the crowd in the Kop Stand (Liverpool's hardcore fans punya stand. Theres where all the flags and banners and noise come from.)
Chelsea also have one. Size smaller than them. Heheh..i think its someone's bedsheet or duvet cover, maybe mourinho's langsir.
Damn lawak. No one tarik in one side. So it become like some perangkap maut to cover from the CCTV surveliance so dat they can gang rape ppl wat i mentioned in the previous entry. dat...for some moment nia la. If keep it likedat...mah kenot see the match..takmungkin.. so the bedsheet with chelsea's logo is quickly passed to the other side. The lucky one get it for free lo.... hehehehe...

And the game commenced.

When Kuyt score in the 4th minute, i tercheer u know. I raised up my hand..then i realised i am in chelsea;s instead of continuing the gerakan of my hand upwards, i bend it down i cover my head...and said...COME ON CHELSEA.

Hoho...i think the one beside me oso not chelsea's fan. Coz he was laughing while doing the same thing i did. Not a professional penipu like me yet. Where can terlaff wan...

When the 2nd goal went in, i can sense some ketidakpuashatian of the fans towards to players. Even so, they still cheering ''come on chelsea...'' ''chelsea..chelsea''....''dats y we are champions''. Ok la...except their yells are easily outvoiced by liverpool's famous song '' YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE''

Also, the chelsea's favourite song is something like Jose Mourinho...Jose Mourinho, but the liverpool's fan followed the same tune, tukar the lyrics to Bye Bye Mourinho, Bye bye Mourinho...hahahhaha

When the half time break, i tell u, dun go toilet. Damn full. And..there is basically nothing for u to do. Except some petani bercucuk tanam like in the picture below. They used the traditional kuku kambing tool to put the taugeh punya benih inside.
Also, i managed to take this picture during a freekick for chelsea. Haiya..nothing special. Should have taken the one Ballack nutmegged / 5 pounded by Drogba. hahahha. I searched it in youtube and i found it. Enjoyed! The BBC showed that scene with ''£150000 per week wages'' on top of ballack.

And the supporters all hormat diraja sama Drogba for his success in nutmegging Ballack.See you in the next entry. Salute Drogba everyone!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lawatan Sambil Menonton Bola, Anfield.

Anfield is one of the toughest venue for any opponent to play liverpool. Why? Coz liverpool city has one of the highest unemployment rate in UK and thus, the ppl in liverpool got nth better to do but to flock to the stadium to watch football. Also, they tend to vent their anger out loud. So, u can hardly hear the referee's whistle also.

I was there in the away stand which have a quite good view of the field. I went in 15 mins before game started.

Lalat oso dun have...Around like 5 mins before the game starts, the stadium started to get really noisy...full and hot.

Then, Petr Cech came out with some funny headcover.

Chelsea's fans are basically from London la..and...u can compare their gadgets and supporting items with the Liverpool's fans. Hehehe... And someone passed around the big chelsea logo banner...lemma..i tot they wanna cover the place, escape from CCTV and gang rape someone before enjoying the footbal match.

Scarftless ppl....not everyone wearing chelsea's jersey or color. Can be understood oso. According to my frend in Liverpool, he was asked to take off his jacket coz he was wearing something red and they tot is manchester utd's jersey. Kannineh. I always wear red underwear...i dare not to wear underwear dat day...
The liverpool fans promoting their scart... See...they look at the chelseas stand like wanna fight like dat...luckily chelsea's fan not doin that...coz imagine the tall tall angmohs lifted up their scarf on both hands, sure tersmell their armpit.
I'll blog more on the match later. Need to do some work. Bye bye.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hmm...i am still in manchester. So this blog is pictureless la... havent transfer.

OK. I went to anfleld to watch the match. I'll post the whole thing in multiply later.

Upon embarked on the bus from Manc to Liverpool, half of the bus is ppl wearing red Liverpool jersey. THeres one father and son sitting beside me. And they were chattting about football. THe father like 40s and son maybe 5 la... so i asked them for direction. The father asked going for a match?

(if i tell him i got chelsea away ticket...i think he and his son will sure guide me to some pondok terbiar and double rape me there)

Father: So u goin for the match?
Ang: Nola...just to visit the stadium and buy some souveniers.
Father: Oh, u are a liverpool fan?
Ang: YA. Not really a hardcore one though. I enjoy football.
Father: Allrite. I tell u wat...u can follow me to the stadium. i am taking a cab. U no need to pay anything.
Ang: (must be wan to double rape me regardless of who i support)
Ang: Oh no...i just wanna ask fordirection. COz i am waiting for a frend coming from London. he is reaching the train station.
Father: Oh well, u just go to the city centre...which is down the street. Everyone knows where is the stadium of Anfield. Heheh.
Ang: (whoooo...nearly kena raped by a 40 year old and 5 year old...)

One thing, u noneed to ask for direction when u go anfield to watch a match. When u first reach the city centre, u can see throngs of ppl...wearing red walking around, in a synchronized direction, towards some where. My logic told me is, must be stadiumla. So just follow. Oh, they walked to a bus stop. The bus is full of ppl wearing red. Must be dat bus la. So just go up, pay and sampai Anfield lo.

THen, walk around the stadium, wahlaueh...go in the shop oso need to queue like damn long. But we still go in la coz Zul's gf is a liverpool fan who wanted to grabbed some souveniers.

I stood outside, and waited for them. I saw one super heart touching tvb series oso dun have wan punya scene. Again is involving father in 40s and son in 5 or 6.

The dad, who is like in 40s, tall, helped his son i think 4 or 5 year old, to open his jacket, agak old already the jacket and wear him a new liverpool jacket. Then he gave him a wink and thumbs up. The son hugged the dats leg, and say, thankyou daddy......Wahlaueh!!! SO nice.!!!!

OKla..i want to go for lunch already.

Using apple's laptop makes me hungry.

Contary to public beliefs, my train was still in schedule and i reached manchester on time for the match... I overnighted in George the Junior's House before making my trip to Anfield on Saturday.

Great Experience. Money well spent.


Fatty stupid and very stupid!!

The details of the reason behind my negative feeling towards who are horizontally challenged will coming soon.

And, i really admired the sharpness of Jose Mourinho.

And, the spirit of Liverpool's fan.

Beware of my next entry.

Cheers and....

You'll Never Walk Alone

Friday, January 19, 2007


Strong gales in UK (9 died) today

My train ticket to Manchester might be canceled due to that.



Match ticket kenot refund wan....

Arrrggh... y the weather is liddat wan? Ppl said, global climate change. Arrh...i duno la.

My housemate, Mr Nick is the MInister of ALam Sekitar, suggested last semester that we should recycle. So he started this plastic and paper recycle bin. But end up, i am the one that bring those stuff to the recycling point weekly. Babi...

I am not the kind that count how many polar bear in the artic. Dun really matters to me when some penguin dead. You would probably say I'm an ASS, but, my initial is ACS, quite near ASS. So, maybe i am nearly an ASS.

No mood to blog dee. Fuck the weather.

I want refund! I want to watch Garcia hatrick against Chelsea.

COme ON.

By the way, I passed my exam with flying fox hidden dog. Quite a good result for someone who havent been much to class.

Hoho...go do pbl first. Life here is all about pbl-pbl-pbl-pbl. Problem based learning...memang problematic.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I am studying medical genetics this month.

Some interesting stuff to share with ppl.

The geneticist that gave us a tutorial told us:

The incidence of non-paternity is 1 in every 10
= u know wat it means?

Non paternity means the child is not the fathers'. Means the wife curang la.

But then...1 in 10, means of every 10 angmohs that i know, 1 of them the father is some neighbour or plumber that happened to be lucky. Lemma...

Anyway, i dun believed the figure. Kenot be want la..means out of 0.5 million population in edinburgh, 50 000 ppl is not the children of their official father. MEans, if i watch football in stadium, out of the first 11 on the field, 1 is anak luar nikah? Come onla! Logikkah?

Ok. Masa tidur. Bye bye

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

One week full attendance!

Lesson Learnt : 0% of the content of the course

Babila.... tak guna wan pegi class.

I think i wont tahan lama dee....

Wake up 8.15 am every day is proved to be too hard for fragile ppl like me.

Shud i back to my old self? People said, be yourself. Yes????

My old self...will....not go to class that starts at 9am.

My old self...will....skip everything if got member come from other places...

2 more days to go and the group of parasits will go back already. Hehehehe

Ohya....i am now super broke due to some friendship committment. If theres anyone wants to start some derma kilat, pls put my photo there. I neeed money. Cheers. have to go pbl already. Shit. 5 more mins. Bye bye

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I was chatting with zidane aka jere about my team 11-a-side in Warwick Games last year. That was one of the most funniest-weirdest-lawakest game of football i ever played in.

Our team, was a shit team. Y? coz some of the best players in edinburgh was traitoring and playing for other more 'better and more ambitious (cheebyela)' team such as the St Andrew team. St Andrew is a team made up by ex kmys batch 2002/04.

But, i already registered a team in the game (out of anger...)

So i called up every team captain in scotland uni, like dundee and glasgow, to know whether there's any available players. And, luckily, there is still some players, who are also left out, due to their best players ran to other teams.

So, 16 of us, 8 from edin, 4 from dundee, 3 from glasgow and 1 from Bristol...

met up in Warwick 1 hr before the game.....and playlo...


dun even know each other's name...and i asked around for names and position..

..Problem 1: No keeper...

Problem 2: everyone wants to be striker...

So, we randomly picked keeper..hahahha...sorry la zul and the other guy from glasgow..

and so we played the first game against birmingham who was in jersey....and damn organised..but we...

everyone wearing leisure kit...a lot of variation in terms of color....hahahha...damn!

my technique works. We all kencing beramai ramai in the post...and they cant score... 0-0

then lawan st andrew....kalah coz penalty conceded...hand ball in the penalty box... 0-1

then westminster....0-0

HAhahaha...we reached quarter of division 2....which we won by eating banana coz the opponent not there... got walkover... so we waited for semifinal...

the cardiff and city uni london played until extra time to find out the winner...ended up with city uni won, but they are all super tired...and when saw us makan pisang beside...damn demotivated...

So my team vs city uni....we played the most stupid strategy...get the balland clear...waste time and wait for penalty. end up 0-0 again and penalty shootout...

My friend took the first penalty...hit the post and go class penalty...but it was a fluke..he admited...but then...the keeper...quite big cheng and penyoo punya size la... broke his shoulder while diving...

So the game have to be halted waiting for ambulance. We cant proceed on coz the injured person was directly between posts and out of respect for him...we waited. The 2 glasgow guy ran into the office..i tot to get some first aid kit for that guy..manatau return with another box of pisang..

So we waited...colder we all wear back a layer of fleece...then jacket...then jeans... The victim oso cold...his teamates each give him one jacket...end up i saw gumpalan jacket on him...i cant see his body...kesian..bodo teamate dia.

by the time ambulance datang...i scaft oso wear back de... and i was worried the ambulance might mistaken not realising the body is under the gumpalan jacket...and ran over it...luckily not...

then we cont..and we won the penalty shootout. So without scoring one goal, team scotland reach final.

We played with another team, name grimsby. 4 orang putih..babi.

Nick scored the first goal for us. Then i was chatting with the galsgow guy..who will keep the trophy, while on the field. memang tak respect game langsung la...hahahhaha

but we condeded another hand ball in the penalty box. kena equalised..

then last minute...we lost. another goal..

damn lawak punya experience.

Friday, January 12, 2007

What I like about Malaysia!

Have been here in UK for 1 and 1/2 years. Really... time past so fast. But still, like what my friends said, i still the old Ang. Still say Cheebye if i dropped something, and lemma to say hie.

So, what is there in malaysia that makes me want to come back straight away after i grad, n not working for a few years sini?

1. SHIT.

Serioushit. Sometimes, when u wake up in the morning, as i laid my well formed ass on the toilet seat, sudden chill of asshole can be felt before defaecation occurs. Coz the toilet seat is damn cold, and transmitting all the coldness to my ass. It takes around 3.2 seconds to use the body heat to neutralize the thrill.


Altho most of the famous pornstar, actress, and artists sekalian are all westerners that so pretty on screen, with super features on the face, i tell la! Malaysian still the best! Y? Coz u cant really buaya them. U cant even tok to them let alone sweet tok to them. They see us no up wan. My msn got a few angmoh gurls, but really, nothing much can be done!

Dats y, we came up with the conclusion:

If asian gurl go out with ang moh guy: we term that asian gurl: TRAITOR

If asian guy go out with ang moh gurl: its called - HERO

3. FOOD -

Nothing much need to elaborate on this. Pasta, pizza and bread, i eat until my face oso a bit like pizza, and hair macam pasta. How the ang moh settle on those hor?

4. I missed LONGKANG.

I duno about other places la.,. but there is no visible longkang for me to AAGGRRRHHHHH..PUI...spit. As u know.. a randomised cohort case study done my exroomate Eric Koay, i contributed 60% of spitting in Banting. Its kind of hard for me to spit when i cannot find longkang. Bersalah coz i learnt about public health issue right.


lemma now, in the middle of winter, go out need to bungkus like Bak Chang, so sien. In malaysia, just a slipper, plus traplex t-shirt and shorts can go out dee...

But in the end, i go back coz, i cant buaya in inglish.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Although i said that i would end my blogging career (huhu), but keboringan melanda jiwa again. Kenothingness to do prompted me to write this small paragraph to honour the MAN, by the name of Eric Koay who made me an One-Day-Chelski-Fan

He got me a ticket for Premier League Match between Liverpool and Chelsea in Anfield on 20 january 2007. Look out for me in the away fans stand.

For those of you who are watching the match, Look out for me!!!! I'll be naked and carrying a big Man Utd Flag.

He also got me a wastage of money amounted to around 120 pounds for this thing.
Ticket: 35.50 pounds
Train : 50 return after discount.
Elaun Sara Hidup: 20 pounds for 2 days
Lain-lain: 10 pounds

However, if i were to be kidnapped by the over-enthu Liverpool fans, i would like to leave this msg to James Koh, the owner of the laptop that i am using now, to give my old laptop a respectable funeral if i cant make it home by the time which we need to let the Inspiron 5150 rest in peace after a few days of autopsy.

By the way, i think i will get the Youth of Edinburgh 2007 award this year coz, i have been attending all the lecture so far, waking up 8am everyday. (Erickoay upon hearing this over the phone just now responded with lazy voice: Wont last long.)

So far, 3 Jimmy Chung dinners has been on the table by Sit, James and Nick for perfect attendance for 1 semester. Maisarah pulak BERJUDI(ustaz, sound sama dia) Nasi moskitchen dat whoever miss lecture will belanja.

People: behold this mutation: I am goin every single class in the course even if it is kelas menjahit or memasak.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


She left me just like dat... Our 2 and half years relationship finished in just in a matter of seconds. It is all my fault. She gave me a lot of chances already, and hinted that she is not happy with how am i treating her.

Honestly, sometimes i do felt frustrated with her. I was so lured by others who have bigger screen and slimmer body. She is fat. She cant do anything with it. Not her fault i know. I know from the first day i met her in Penang back then.

That time, she burnt the battery. I scolded her. I suggested a time off... She begged for a second chance to revive our relationship. SHe said we can try AC power.

But, as time goes on... i plucked and unplucked (same concept with cucuk and ambik keluar at an alarming rate) ...her hole loosen. Hehehee . Sometimes, the cable disconnected itself because her AC hole doesnt gripped the cable that strongly anymore, like when i first cucuk. Of coz, i felt frustrated again.

The nature of all guys; like new things, and always thinking that am i the right guy for her? I am of course of no different.

But now, she had left. She left a big mark in my heart. I missed her grumbling, her mumbling and her loud voices. I felt my room is not the same room again, my life will not be the same anymore.

Emptiness is the word. She no longer sings for me. No longer let me play with her. No longer let me use her.

I should not embarassed her infront of everyone. Should not take the picture of how kantoi her situation is. Should not tell ppl she used tiger balm, so old fashioned.

Ahhh...Inspiron 5150...

Fuck you.

Mau rosak wait till i go back malaysia la. Now no computer use.



Friday, January 05, 2007

My Lap Top

Nama saya Inspiron 5150. Saya dihasilkan di sebuah kilang di Mongolia sebelum dihantar melalui sampan penyeludup ke Jasin, Melaka, sekali dengan balak balak yang oversized. Kemudian, saya dijual oleh tuan saya itu kepada kilang Dell, dengan harga yang murah. Saya dipek, diwarnakan biru, sebelum diletakkan di dalam stor.

Saya sudah lupa berapa lama saya dibiarkan disitu. Kemudian, saya terdengar perbualan beberapa orang manusia mengenai kehansoman seorang lelaki yang bernama Ang Choon Seong, Sebagai sebuah komputer gay, saya sudah tertarik dengannya. Dalam fantasi saya, harap harap mukanya macam ni:

Begitu ngam sekali, saya dibeli olehnya. Arr...begitu bagus sekali. Tuan saya melayan saya dengan baik sekali. Tetapi

2 tahun kemudian, saya menjadi begini.

1. Sticker bodoh TQX itu dilekatkan disitu utk cover scratch kerana tuan saya dengan bodoh menggunakan saya sebagai lapik utk memotong gambar dari suratkhabar.

2. Habuk pada skrin saya setebal 4 mm, dan sering menjadi tempat kekasih melukis Heart dan anak panah.

Saya mempunyai kebolehan yang istimewa. Apabila tuan saya menggunakan saya utk membuat kerja, saya akan mengeluarkan bunyi yang sangat kuat. Kuat sampai jiran tuan saya datang tanya adakah tuan saya memiliki enjin keretapi dengan minyak primax 3 dalam rumah.

Saya juga boleh SHUTDOWN sendiri ikut suka hati saya. Saya memahami tuan saya mempunyai nafsu msn yang tinggi. Beliau selalu membuang masa dengan msn. Maka, apabila beliau sedang berchating dengan happy sekali, saya akan off dengan sendirinya, dan beliau pun kembali study.

Saya amat panas. Hot stuff seperti yang digelarkan oleh akhbar laptop tempatan, saya kadang kala terlalu panas sehingga haritu, bateri saya rosak. Kini, saya ialah laptop yang tidak portable.

Tuan saya mempunyai IQ yang sangat tinggi seperti Michael dalam prison break dan mempunyai daya diagnostik seperti Dr House. Beliau mengabungkan Jam DIgital, CD container dan Tiger balm utk menjaga Airway saya. Maka, kini saya bukan lagi on the desktop, saya on top of the clock, cd and Tiger balm. Rawatan ini membolehkan saya menjadi sejuk dengan lebih berkesan dan kurang mengganggu persembangan tuan saya di MSN.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

I got one very expensive hobby....

To visit stadiums... same concept la..some ppl like to visit museums...

So far, i have been to a number of famous stadiums.

1. Man Utd's Old Trafford - I dun see anything old there except the manager. Everything is new, big and red. As a ManYoo fan, very early i fulfilled my responsibility already, visited the stadium when i was 2nd month in UK. Hoho... paid i think 8 pounds for the tour, which include visit into the changing room, canteen, field and so onla. thing interesting is that they have the non-divider-common-shower... Imagine what park ji sung felt when he saw rooney's gigantic's EQ.

2. Arsenal's Highbury - I went to highbury before it was demolished. There is nothing high is so damn small that i reminds me of Stadium Bandaraya (the old one). And the merchandise shop is so small...i think banting's koperasi oso bigger than that. Arsenal FC can claim the most-not-commercialised-football team in EPL with that size of merchandise shop. But...they learnt fast to become a comerciallised team, with stadium named EMIRATES...hoho... no identity already hoho...

3. Chelsea's Stamford Brigde - Err...relatively bigger than the rest. But, the signboard for the visitors like us who like to take picture then post in frenster and bangga that we been there.., is dissappointing. It's like a road signpost....same type with no parking. Wonder if the JPJ of london include that in their objective undang test....

4. Tottenham's White hart lane - Small gate. No photographic opportunity. Wat to do, just take the picture with the gatela. Damn.

5. Liverpool's Anfield - Errr...dubbed as the most supportive supporters stadium, the size of the stadium is expected, small and compact, so the unified voice of the supporters can even outloud the whistle. Great stadium. At first wanna go for the tour, but it is already fully booked until the next 4 months. REspect u the Kop!

6. Everton's Goodison Park - Needless to say, of coz its smaller than Anfield. Distance around 1km away from each other. Sure perang saudara wan la.

7. Barcelona's Camp Nou - Lemma..i tell u. This is super big. Capacity - 100K. Biggest stadium in Europe. But the seats are not as impressive as the ones in Old Trafford la. Probably coz built long time ago i think. I went there last winter and watch Barca Vs Celta. Bought the cheapest ticket, and as expected, we watched ants wearing purplish shirt fought with ants wearing light blue top for a piece of round sugar. The ants that ran very fast and dark species shud be Eto. The one with long untidy kutu hair shud be Ronaldinho la.

8. Benfica's Stadium of Light
- The latest addition to my collection. One of the biggest stadium in Portugal, this was built for Euro 2004 where Portugal lost to Greece in the final. Nice stadiumla. We watched a match there as well. 25 euro. And not really ants game dee.. can see clearer. and not as cold as Camp Nou. They got some sexy cheerleaders came into the pitch before game starts just to reassure us that football, altho without chicks, is not a gays' game. Also, they have got a magic eagle, which will round the field 3 times before it goes back to the eagle stand and the game starts. Serious shit. See the pic down here and pls try to see properly, the Eagle is there.

I havent watched a single game in Malaysia. And never been to any stadium, except, penang stadium for the lorong kulit market outside the stadium, to find latest fake jersey.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A very happy day...


Hehehehe.... Mr Mourinho's expensively-assembled Chelski failed to score for the first time strecthing back to last season already i think...cant remember when is the last time chelsea cant score even one goal.

Who ask u to sell Gallas?? Change for CashleyCole...bodo!
Gallas can play any position at the back. Can score somemore... Now complained no defenders. Go buy la. Buy Vidic and Ferdinand la. Ask Roman to take over Man Utd and then sell them to Chelsea la..

If only I can really speak English very well...I would have gone for interview to be a football pundits. Or commentator even better.

So nice~ sit down, watch football and talk cock. And get paid.

Ohwell, on the other hand, u can be a commentator although u dun speak good english, in Malaysia. THe best: THe super famous: Malaysian commentator is:

Hasbullah Awang (TV1)

He is simply a legend. He is so talented, multi tasked that he alone, can handled every single sports event in TV1.

Football seasons will see him dressed up in jersey sometimes, and starts his "commentary". Badminton THomas Cup also is him who say "oh, keluar...sebenarnya masuk."

Diving, hockey, lumba kuda, basketball..u name it, he commentates for u. He is arguably the TV1 most versatile staff of the century.

I was really impressed by him the other day when he became the weather forecast news reader for 7pm primetime news.

Now i suspect he even hold the camera, sapu sampah, or even become the guard in the Angkasapuri. Well done Hasbullah. We the few malaysian who watches TV1, loves you. Apply for a job in BBC pls, cant wait to see u become commentator again.

Paul Masefield, Shebby Singh, Hasbullah Awang and Pauline Nisha.

Hasbullah Awang is the BEST!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Portugal's trip photos are all in my multiply page ( Although i am very boring and nothing to do, i dont want my blog become a Visit Portugal Year 2007~~~ website.

But, there are some of the things i want to share with u guys.

I came across a few interesting signboards. Such as this one:

Same as the tube's warning to mind the gap, this sign from the metro service ask us to mind the door as the door is designed to clip the commuters' testiscles if you are not careful.

There is also another signboard showing that botakheads are not allowed to go in. How discriminative!

Well, portuguese have a weird culture. Everyone pee together in the public.
And i came across a very precise traffic light. Precise, as in, it precisely for one type of vehicle only. BUS.

I am still fascinated by the Lisbon's night lights. They seemed to invest heavily in lighting decorations. If this is in Penang, sure Mr Lim and Mr KapalSink will criticise like the way Mourinho talking about referee.

The santa is cute right. The one infront of the santa is even cuter. He reminds me of beckham (old basi joke again...:P) is just my camera cant capture the magnificent night scenery of lisbon. It's very nice.