Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Edinburgh Super Cup 07

A few pics i downloaded from and Scotsmans about this football tournament in edinburgh

ANGGERIK FC...atau Parti Gerakan Edinburgh... Sempena sambutan Tahun Baru Cina. maskot kami tidak dimasukkan dalam gambar kerana sentimen keagamaan.

Challenge for the ball.....

Find a space.........and shoot....

Tak tau bola pi mana......

COnclusion: Ang amat gaya sekali dalam 4 gambar di atas....

Organising Committee 2007
Pasukan Pembuat Scoreboard! We apply konsep pembahagian kerja mengikut kepakaran. Pei Pei, power printing, so she print out the stuffs, Suz, power cutting, skill guntingan yang dia belajad di Medusa and Cheynes now in good use, and me, of coz,

producing mass amount of GAM to stick the stuff on the tartan-like paper. Aiyo...kotor lo fikiran lu. Hahahhaha...we use selotape la wahai orang kotor.

WInning the league of the losers./ least not empty handed

Referee's Briefing..............Spot my Face....belanja mos kitchen kalau u boleh jumpa...susah payah i cut and paste in.


Money Money and Money

Motivation = 3 M = Money, Minat and Member

I am dedicated this blog entry to X (memang nama sebenar)

In this world, there are around 6.6 billion human. 6.599 billion of us are lazy ppl. By that i mean that given choice, we all wanna just sit down and watch tv. We all wanna just close our eyes and sleep as long as we could and dunwan to think of anything else. That is the basic physiology of human being. That is the ultimate message that double helix DNA in our 46 chromosomes encoded. Serious shit!! Of coz, this is my brilliant theory of lazinity, which i think deserved me a nobel prize. Afterall, einstein got one nobel prize by saying " all things are relative". I think he might be sedang introducing his uncle and auntie to his friends, as some records showed that actually einstein cannot really speak well. He might be just saying, "all this are my relative." Ahh...

As usual, sure got ppl argue. The 3 M is not complete. Ppl do stuff for their health, for themselves. Hoho...such as jogging and spp - six pack programme.

Well, Who wants to go out and jog? Dont you wanna just sit down with a pack of pringles? Aha...they jog and take care of their diet coz minat! Coz they minat to be minated. Dunwanna get fat. All wanna look hansome, thin, tall, sixpacked like me. that is why ppl work out.

What i want to say is that, ppl, when u ask someone to do anything, try to apply this 3M theory of lazinity! Ask urself question!

Is it right to ask him/her to do it? firstly, is the job of his/her interest? Kalau is his minat, then is ok. Example i organised football, go all the way to various places to play football, coz MINAT! If that so, then its allright.

If it is not her/his minat, ask whether are you friend enough with him/her? Are u primary friend, secondary friend or just tertiary friend?

Primary - no need to talk also can lend money.
Secondary - need to tell the problem to borrow the money
Tertiary - malu to even start asking for money

If you are just tertiary friend, and the thing u ask him/her to do is not of her interest, then we back to the square one, the seed of human capitalism, the root of all evil, the all time best motivator, one thing that rule them all, the force that push our ambition, civilisation and rationale forward! - Jeng Jeng Jeng...MR MONEY!

Give them adequate amount of money to repay them for what they had done for you. Not just 2 pounds for an effort of ppl who do all the stuffs for you! Not none for ppl who have to go all the way out to perform for you. Not just thank you u are great for ppl who earn zero for their time! If it is of their interest, hobby then it is ok. If you are primary friend level that it is ok.

THere is no free lunch in the world. Even mosque kitchen also never give free lunch during ramadhan, they give free dinner.

Mr maslow's pyramid cant be used anymore.

Motivation is all about,





ANG CHOON SEONG, the most handsome guy in this blog.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Smart Sharing

Today, i got a meeting with a renal specialist. He said that UK, europe and australia is much better than the US in kidney disease management. The US is catching up fast. But, in other areas of medicine like heart diseases and so on, US is much forward. So it is all about catching up. Perkongsian pintar some said.

THen, today was james lucky day. He was walking on the street and some chun chix (teenagers 16-17, at the peak of kesuburan) give him hint to membiak in behind some bushes. Hahaha..of coz, its a prank la and given the kesucian james, he sure ran away la. Possibly ran to nearby kedai runcit to buy condoms. Hhehehe

In malaysia where got ppl prank so ganasly? UK is so much forward in this sense.

I used to think that Msia is lagging well behind in many aspect compared to the UK. I was wrong in many instances. We can offer some of our expertise to them actually.

1. Technology. I tell u, ang moh is sux in this. They only know ipod. Using ipod pandai, but CTRL-C to copy and CTRL-V to paste, enough to give u gelaran God of IT. Lawak joe. There is once where one of my friends' housemate happily said," ah...lets take a picture together!" she brought out one camera analog....i saw in national museum the other day.

2. Thiefing Methodology. The UK still so lagged behind us. They still break in tru window to curi things. Come onla. Msian thief way better. We use 4 WD vehicle to drag out the whole cash machine. We keep the streets free from unnecesssary rape cases as no one dares to walk alone on the streets with handbag. Here, I never heard of snatch thief. Perhaps, 10 years later there will be snatch thieves and that time our ketua polis can share their experience with scotland yard the the MI6.

there are more to tell actually about this but i got ICA to settle. Tok next time la.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Edinburgh Super Cup 07

The Moment Of Kehandsomeman!

Anggerik FC / Edin 4
Berdiri dari kiri : James Koh (def , not pekak, means defender) Nick ( freerole...sometimes see him push striker,...i think dats defending, sometimes see him push defender...i think dats striker role) jeffer (striker), Ang (captain plus unclear role....maskot oso can...)Arthur (keeper). tidak hadir: Chee Yang.

My first medal in UK. After narrow wins each in quarter (1-0) and semifinal (1-0, ) thanks to Nick Chan anak saudara jackie chan from hongkong, and so we reached the final. before i start the story, i would like to announce that i scored the first goal that break the game.

First half, goalless. Tight game. I was standing in the other pitch, trying to restretch and rewarm-up for the game, and then Cikgu Anand came to me and we started to chat. Ahh...talking talking to Cikgu Anand, my newly made friend, i kind of forgot that the game already started.

When i realised that, i rushed to the pitch, and saw aiyah...sudah start. Cis...they started without me, the captain! BABI! hehehe...actually i asked them to go first.

Waiting waiting...for moment of jeffer, my striker to look out and eye to eye contact with me! I shouted! OOOIii....tired change wei! (hehehe....its time for me to play)

Upon stepped inside the pitch, being the most handsome guy on the salem cool planet, the whole Corn Exchange recited my name....ANG>>>>>ANG>>>>>ANG>>>>hohoho....orang hansome selalu famous. Apa boleh buat, tahi bulat bulat.

Got the ball, touch to the left, caught the ahpek defender off balance, one more touch to the left, PONG! Sayang...bola keluar....

Got the ball again, touch touch touch to the left again....saw a hole, cis....lubang hidung ah pek tu...

Got the ball again this time, renew energy from the crowd who still chanting the name of their hero...ANG ANG ANG....

Touch to the left....left again....2 defender, aiyah...left again lubang...already, tarik kaki, lepas kaki, PONG! Miskick......

the ball fly to the top corner...


GOOOOAAALLLL!!!!! Super sub...masuk 1 min sudah score!

Ppl all tot i so great, aim top corner...hahahaha..i termisskick baru ada sebegitu kuatla.... damn puas hati...

okla...sudah puas...keluar subsitute with jeffer again...let him play la...hahaha..go out sign some autograph first la.

pembetulan! - actually i masuk, a few touches i sudah terscore, all those lubang hidung, bola keluar all hiperbola....hehehe.....i never score in final all my life, actually seldom score also.... and the biggest pembetulan is that, this is not the real final...

in esc, the top 2 in a group go for knockout stages for the challenge trophy and overall champion, 3rd 4th go to div 2 and last 2 go to div 3 to play see who is the winner of the losers...hahahah

I am the WINNER OF THE LOSERS......Anggerik FC - Champion Division 3 ESC 2007.

Anggerik FC = Edin 4. Supposed to let u see that my team, edin 4 lost both first matches and got 2 zero. Plus my middle finger together they formed the magnificent male genitalia.

Gambar orang yang syok sendiri.... Wearing lifejacket stole from pulau redang.
Cikgu Anand..... MSD Education Attache based in Dublin. Orang besar...but very humble, nice to talk to and down to earth. He was keeper for perak. He played in ESC as well, coz the half of the team from France missed flight. He played keeper for them. Nice to meet u sir!

Champions of the losers....

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Updates and Football Coming Soon


Met someone online today and she is always the type that saying...



I am not good in counselling ppl...many ppl know dat..hoho

SadGurl: The whole world hates me!

Ang: U really think the whole world knows u?

SadGurl: ~ speechless ~

On a happier note, tomorrow is the much awaited Edinburgh Super Cup 2007. My team, Anggerik FC, in honouring the best player in Edinburgh, Ang the Great = Anggerik.

Yeah! Can go play footie in Corn Exchange already. One of the most expensive pitch in Edinburgh. And the best is, the changing room can see cocks. The ah pek walk around parading their old stuff. But we all the burung pipits all diam diam kicauan already.

Ohya, Just wanna put up a picture from Manchester. The other day went down to celebrate CNY.

Ada judi, ada oren, ada angpow.....Kira complete oso la the chinese new year.

Match Report: Eric Koay top earner. Never got lesser than 19/21 in his blackjack and twice got blackjack makan all double. Also, there are a few times he got 21 when i get 20.

The common belief among gamblers include God of Gambler Chow Yun Fatt and so on is that bring gf along to gamble will bring all loss and no earn. The only explanation is that our mr eric koay did not bring gf....hohohoo...

dear gurls out there, trust me, bring ur bf to gamble in genting, if he lose, u can lose ur virginity to him in the First World Hotel. If he wins....take the cable car back la..


Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Friday, February 23, 2007

What is PBL?

In response to a public enquiry by Mr Wan Yean about what is PBL, i hereby would like to explain extensively and comprehensively, what is PBLLLLLLLLLLLLL.......

Problem-based learning (PBL) is a pedagogical strategy of "active learning" often used in higher education, but it can be adapted for use in K-12 education. It was pioneered and used extensively at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

The defining characteristics of PBL are:

  • Learning is driven by challenging, open-ended problems.
  • Students work in small collaborative groups.
  • Teachers take on the role as "facilitators" of learning.

Accordingly, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their group and organize and direct the learning process with support from a tutor or instructor. Advocates of PBL claim it can be used to enhance content knowledge and foster the development of communication, problem-solving, and self-directed learning skill.


SO nice rite? I tell u, kalau this is in malaysia, sangat best. Pasal PBL group, made of 10 ppl, changes every semester and u get to know a lot of ppl. U meet them twice a week, and tok cork for 1 1/2 hour.

most of them, talked damn fast, and being someone who never really attend lectures, u cant catched what they are toking. Coz, 1. u got no knowledge... 2. u dun understand the language fully.

If u read well before u go, u might be able to understand whats going on. Or ur english damn damn powerful with super adaptive skills to their speed and pronounciation, sure no problemla. Malang thousant times malang, i dun have either of those.

End up, i go there...keep my mouth shut super. However, everyone will take turn to chair. Ya, chair the meeting. But, when i chair, i become a chair. As in, as quite as a chair. I only know,

Ang: "could someone pls read out loud the case pls?"
Ang: " great. should we start from the scientific basis of the case?"
then they will blah blah blah

Ang: great. should we now move to clinical stuffs?
then they will bluwblouwblud

Ang: great. should we now go for the questions?
then ......

Ang: See u guys again. great session.

Then if u just look at the contributionmeter: ang - 0%

I only know one thing, that is, i know nothing.!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Problemo Based Learning


Tomorrow got pbl somemore... din do is like 1am already...

maybe i shud just skip it tommorrow.. i m sure they will understand...

Lemma, after all, its CNY 3rd Day.

But then, so far has been achieving PBL full attendance..and always do the work before go meeting...

Talking about the meeting...

Flash back last year... I only speaks like.,..10 words max everytime i went meeting...
this year more words la..coz my group all very not so power more chance to speak...

Last year, the very few words that i spoke were:

When ppl asked me:

Do you agree with the point choon? - Yes.....

Do you have anything to add to it choon? - No....

Errr...what do u think is the main factor of..blah blah blah - DUNNO

So, thats the tips to success in PBL is


This tips is important coz u can just choose one of it, to answer any question, even without knowing wat is the question. Always, when i was new here, i cant seem to understand what they were saying, so this three words keep me survived until now...

No matter what they ask u, just say, either YES>>>>>NO<>>>>>or DUNNO

But..miss leepaypay introduced a new word into my triad theory of pbl survival..

she also always have been using my triad theory of survival saying only..yes no duno...but then, she....

Concerned Faci: Pei, y are you so quiet in the session? Are you shy?

Pei who has just woke up from her short siesta...with a blow and slow face, din really heard what the facilitator said, and she, forgot my triad of answering question in pbl, answered


according to pei, that answer shocked the faci...

hehehhe...u either be shy, not shy, or dunno why u are quiet. But pei choose to leave her faci in puzzled... maybe..wahhahaha

Ah...better do the pbl now...or else....will say only


Friday, February 16, 2007

Personaliti Pilihan

This post is to honour a guy with a funny face:



Kores aka Kamal Rizal

Umur: 1 tahun with severe mental retardation

Jantina: Kurang pasti

Alamat: Balik Pulau. If you duno where is balik pulau, its a place in penang. Sangat mundur. Baru semalam TV3 sampai. The latest movie in the cinema in balik pulau is Gladiator and titanic showing next month.

Makanan Kegemaran: Spicy food

Hiburan Kegemaran: Cerita Hantu

Special Features: 1. Rambut power
2. Gigi power


This guy is the inventor of some of the most legendary teka teki in the 21st century. For example:
1. What king is the most delicious king?
2. What is the richest star in the world?

Job experience:

He opened a dental clinic in banting: Klinik Dental Kamal Rizal....
He also played football. This picture showed how serious he is during tactical discussion.
Special Comment:

That day in Dublin, i borrowed his phone to call a friend. This is how his handphone looked like:

then, when i talked over the phone, i have to shout. The person over the line cant hear me properly. Then i asked him. Upon got the complete history, i understood why i have to shout.

Kores: Oh ya, lupa nak cerita. Hari tu aku letak handset aku dalam poket. Bersama kitkat, then terlupa. Kit kat itu lebur, and the chocolate masuk handset, stucked the mic. Sudah korek banyak hari, now tinggal sikit saja. have to jerit la.

Ang: ~~~speechless~~~~~

Edinburgh Super Cup 2007 Grouping Draw

I think we are one of the few tournament that i knew that do seedings for grouping so systematically in msian games tournament. Hehhehe

anyway, last year we din record down, just put in words and send to each captain. This year, we email and also upload in youtube the whole process...hahahhaa

next year i think we do it life in BBC1

may the best team wins.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dublin Football


Wah, just came back from dublin. It has been a super tiring week for my foot.

After played in the KUI tournament in Dublin, i took flight back to Edinburgh reached around 11.20am. Then i took a bus to Heriot Watt and played the Sunday League match. After the game, i continued playing friendly game with the Chinese Mainland team, named Great wall, until 3pm. Upon reach home, i slept then wake up for dinner around 9pm and sleep back till tomorrow morning. Then, played with the Medics in Pleasance at night. Kannineh! Tired!!!!

Dats the synopsis of the footballing weekend i had.

Anyway, on the lighter note, i had a funny experience in Dublin. I forgot that Orange network stupically has no international roaming. So, having the K750i is just for....mp3 player. Upon reach the airport in Dublin, i walked out and took a bus to city centre, then took another bus no10 to UCD. Then reach UCD, i walked to the Centra shop in search of public phone....

Seriousshitically, if u take satelite imaging and followed my movement, you wont suspect that I am new to Dublin...hahaha..i walked so steady, but deep inside my brain, hope that i can bump into any familiar face!! Mana tau...tarak!

So, i found a pubic phone. I searched for my smallest possible coins. 20 sen..okla...

put in....

Pubic phone: Sorry. Minimum amount is 50 cent.

Pukimaksamalu... i cari 50 cent put in.

Pubic phone: Sorry. Pls insert 1 euro

MAKLEH! whatthefuck! If i put in u bagi 2 euro i m going to splash you with sperm!

Pubic phone: Pls dial ur number.

I searched my phone: oooh..its 00353851481628

Then, i forgot that fazrin already told me 08blahblahblah....

so i tried 003538514...cannot..

then i ignored 00 try 3538514blahblah...cannot oso

then i ignored 0035 try 38514blahblah cannot oso...

then i ignored 00353 try 8514balhblah cannot oso...

then...i tried 08514balhbalh.... eei...CAN! YES!!

Ang: Wei..jere...
Jere: Weei1!!! Mana kau!!
Ang: Centra UCD
Jere: Eei? kau sampai UCD dah? Okoko...1 minute sampai!
Ang: wei....aku...

OOOOOOOIIIIIII!!! My 1 euro! I waited there for a few seconds hoping for some change! ARRGGHH...One euro to talk for 5 seconds! Babilah Jere. At least sembanglah sekejap. Ask me my hobby, favourite colour... make the one euro worth it la.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Phone number

Hello ppl.

I got 5 minutes before rushing down to PBL meeting. I wanted to tell about this joke. The YM conversation, i dun understand y he dun understand me.

satu lawak bodo:

aku tanya number jere from fazrin.

choonseong_ang: wei
fazrin99: ape?
choonseong_ang: kasi aku number jere
choonseong_ang: ada ar?
fazrin99 is using a different version of Yahoo! Messenger with BT Communicator.
Certain features may be unavailable.

fazrin99: ada apa?
choonseong_ang: number
choonseong_ang: jere phone number
fazrin99: jap2
choonseong_ang: k
fazrin99: 0851481628 or 00353851481628
choonseong_ang: wah
choonseong_ang: kkk
choonseong_ang: 08 tu apa?
fazrin99: mcam kt mesia ar
fazrin99: 012
fazrin99: klo x
fazrin99: 006012
choonseong_ang: babi
choonseong_ang: number ireland la
choonseong_ang: number msia nak buat ap
choonseong_ang: aku sampai dublin pukul 6
choonseong_ang: pm
fazrin99: number ireland la tu
fazrin99: adekah anda memahami nyer?
choonseong_ang: ya....

adakah aku semakin tidak memahami bahasa melayu atau fazrin tengah minum carling?


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Kolej Mara Banting - Recognised or not wan??

let me tell u a story. Hehe...well, when i first got the offer to banting, i was like; shit! whats dat? where's dat? Then, i asked around. Nobody seems to know where and what is that. International Baccalaurette Diploma Programme? Lemma..why sounds so diploma kedai electrik SengHeng wan?

Then, after much survey, then only i found out that ooh...this is IB, very famous in the world, only Malaysia tarak famous. Even today, when angmoh knew that i took IB, they'll like wow...dats a very great programme. U are one lucki bastard!

Lucky my ass! 2 years of super sulfur suffering! Kena study Malay Lit, TOK, Business... I mean, for someone that goin overseas, might as well we concentrate on studying english! See now, i cant even type proper english sentence. What is the use i learnt the sajak2 Usman Awang? Novel-novel...syair all those...KNN

Worst of all, not the subjects, but the exam. 2 years 6 subjects plused all together in one exam at the end. Why they dunwan to follow A levels do the AS A2 system? Everyone happy!

When i told one of my teacher that i am in banting, doing IB" maybe is the way i look la...he looked at me one kind one and the following conversation took place:

Ex tuition teacher:Ang ah, u still studying ar?

Ang: (cheebye...u think i failed spm and now selling cd ar?) Oh...ah ...ya...gua studying

Ex tuition teacher: Studying...where? what?

Ang: (time to show off!) Gua doin IB in Banting.

Ex tuition teacher: ha?? IB? Banting? Recognised or not? Come out do wat? U better check with the LAN u know.. later u waste ur money and time

Ang: (LEMMA! I am sponsored by JPA doing MEDICINE in UK. Banting is the top IB school in Asia Pacific and IB is rated higher than A levels you farking MORON!!!!) Yaya...check dee. Come out i got chance be a clerk in JPJ office.

- hahaha..seriously i told him that. come out be a clerk in jpj sungai dua office. But later explained a bit to him la the truth hahahaha

He was my form 2 english tuition teacher, who his wettest dream that me, who cant pronounce PAUL and use the correct tenses, is now blogging in edinburgh using his tax money.

Anyway, back to banting.

One thing that i truly enjoyed in the 2 years in banting is the ppl. I met a lot different different ppl. Some really smart like mouse ass, some gila gila and some super duper richy rich. But, we all share one same common thing - passion for football.

We play Footie every afternoon...every single day. I dun think i can have that anywhere else. Even in free school last time, football only like max 4 times a week.

Football football football. At night we watch football together, if the normal tv showingla. If not, panjat the pagar out to the nearby kedai tomyam to watch. All for sake

I think i love football more than breast. Oh..luckily i think not as different as....guys who like batang...hohoho...(apo for those offended....i have nth against u ppl, gays!)

If only i can play like ronaldinho..then i would be playing football everyday, until i die at the age of 80. hohoho. but i dunwan to look like him. I want to play like ronaldinho, look like beckham.

Ohya, I'll be going dublin on this weekend to reunion with all my ex banting football teammates. We are goin to play together in the UMNO Ireland 5 a side tournament. has been i think...2 years already since i last played with those guys in competitive matches.

OKla...last post for the week. Has been a busy week for me. See u next week.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Youtube; Free Entertainment

Youtube got a lot of benda bodo also hor...

I was supposed to do my work in the library. But, due to the speed of the internet and the lazy nature of human species, i ended up do other things. Luckily i din peekvid...if not one whole day gone already. But back to basics, ie youtube, half day oso gone la.

Youtube can watch a lot of entertainment except porn. Haih...y got such exception wan! hehehe

I watched a few MTV over the youtube then i came to realisation of a few matters. All the black artist like 50sen and others their MTV shared the common trend, a lot of bikini chix, and the main singer is someone wearing very big shirt, wear cap oso a bit bengkok, and usually with a very big punya bicycle lock rantai. It's rather useful when u wanna kacau ppl: lock their bike. Hoho...

And also, almost all artists in todays world, face comes first before talent. Altho u can argue that how good one looks can be considered talent, u know wat i mean. Haih, gone were the days when me, abdullah, liong sik and samy sat down in my house listening to MTV music award 1960s. THose were the days when all the singer really just sings and their face looks like shit. That time everyone can accept this, largely becoz we buy cassete and listen to radio, predominantly their voices, not like now, we watch their MTV. Now, the rule is, if you look like shit, have a good voice, go interview to be the announcer of komuter trainla.

Ohya, i got this MTV from youtube.

Can he now be artist? can kot...

Laptop's Price in UK ~~Why!!!!

As i browsed through all the websites in search of laptops, my face turned from beckham's face celebrating his freekick goal from carpark outside the stadium - happy, to become like beckham's face when he was changing diapers for romeo and found out that victoria is pregnant again - tension!

Why the laptops in uk needs to be so expensive? Why china din bagi mass production and then seludup using tongkang to UK! Seludup prostitute pandai... Just ask the prostitute each bring one laptop can dee lo. Or sembunyi in cleavage. - hahahaha - mana logik!

then can do like package pelacur plus internet. or Sell la like 30 pounds per laptop and free umbrella satu.

As i searched, and cut paste the specs to Master MingYu, pahlawan ex dell worker, he said just get the one with intel core2 processor, dun take other obselete processors like core dual, duo core, which all sounds alike to me.

But, if i follow his advice, the minimum price for a laptop with recognisable brand, is 650 quid. recognisable as in like when u tell ahpek gunting rambut oso heard before la.

tak mungkin wanna buy like advent...and another one is dunno wat parking belly wat...i havent heard those brand before la.. i think at least dell, sony, toshiba, nike or adidas la.

Arrrgghhh....TAK MUNGKIN!

Bodo! The same specs i can get cheaper by RM1000 in Leema!!!!

So, should i just grabbed one here in UK, or suffered another 2 months of blueless life???

Or should i buy one under guarantee then within 30 days spray air kencing on it, and refund! Do dat for consecutive 2 months then buy from msia!

My backup planning is to take my housemate's laptop, spray yellow, then change the wallpaper to my magnificent face. I think he dares not to claim is his, i mean both the magnificent face and the laptop.

Hmmm.....should i write to jpa. asking them for elaun laptop. i pay them installment 50 tahun. Ahh..sini tarak ah long. if not senang cerita.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Hokkien Joke..

if sudah tengok wan...buat bodo can or not!
Kehidupan Pelajar Medik yang Melampau.

A typical second year student like me has very loose schedule. Usually, its one lecture a day followed by an hour or so group discussion. So, if 24 hrs minus 8 hrs of sleep, minus 2 hrs max of academic time like lectures and etc, i still have to plan what i am going to do for the rest of 14 hrs. Thats y they said, when without any challenges, life itself is a challenge.

Blogging lately has taken like 1 hr a day of my 14 hrs. That includes reading and writing. But nowadays, without laptop, this activity has lost its pole position in the my top 10 chart.

TV still maintained its favouritasi over all other entertainment. 1pm news, then every night sure got some movies. And lately, i have been watching lots of tv programme. Got a few jokes from there.

What name, if u give to ur son, will reflect that u r the most lazy parent?
- Aaron. coz thats the first name in the names book. Lawak babi.

Other jokes...cant remember but some of those angmoh jokes are really good.

Sports. Playing football with angmohs can be challenging. My neck really hurts. Coz they like to play long ball. For those who never play or watch football, long ball still using the same round ball, not longer ball than usual. Long ball means they like to kick it high high to each other from one end to another. And the weather for the past few weeks has been improving. So it is a good sign that my SPP - Six pack programme can start very soon. Its hard to keep to the SPP in cold weather.

Basically dats what i do everyday.





Saturday, February 03, 2007

DiLEMMAs of the year.

I have slowly came to understand the meaning of the following saying:

What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare!

Actually, for my case, it is like this,

What is this life if, full of care, we have no laptop to sit and blog,msn dan ym?

Serioushit...i start to wonder how the ppl in Gua Niah last time passed their time... Without laptop, my life here is like ppl in Gua Niah. Hungry, go hunt for food in the fridge. After eat, watch tv and then sleep. There is nothing else for me to do. If i want to blog, i have to go to either library or my housemate's room to use his laptop. I also paiseh la..u know..guys laptop is quite personal..u did a lot of things in front of laptop and now ur laptop have to borrow to someone else...

For ppl that wonder why i dun have a laptop now, pls go to my previous entry on that:
Laptop angry


So now, i have to either buy laptop here, which is a road not taken by many coz buy from msia is much better deal...

If i have to wait till go back malaysia, means i have to wait for another 6 months before i will start making my payment for internet worth it. (my the other 2 housemate is kannineh wan..i am still paying for the internet altho i do not have laptop..babi them. Later i'll throw lizard shit into ur underwear!)



No laptop, no slides for study, no, no wikipedia, no msn, no ym, no life, no meaning, no porn. The last one is the most insignificantla for me.

Haih...hopefully i will win some stupid contest like the 2000001th customer in Tesco and win myself a laptop with super duper specs.
jangan terkejut!!!

Anda bukan tersalah blog! Inilah appearasi baru blog aku.

berita terkini, hiburan sensasi.

Chinese New Year - Missing Home

Ahhh! I always listen to the 988 radio channel at night. I felt more at home when listening to all those chinese cantonese jokes. But for the past few days, it is quite annoying...a lot of chinese new year advert. SHIT. I missed home.

Also, i bought the classic peanut biskut, the round wan ar....from the chinese shop. Kannineh, 1.95 pds for like 15 pieces. In msia can get for like 6 ringgit max.

If Air asia really give 10 ringgit ticket back to msia, lemma...i sanggup lo.

But to think about it, do u think that 10 ringgit balik msia is really possible? I mean, surely there will be like charges for...say watch a movie....50 ringgit. Then maybe got the toilet auntie waiting there with a pack of premier tissue charging 10 ringgit per 1ml urine or 20 ringgit per gram tahi. Surely the food gonna be damn expensive. ANyway, if it is 10 ringgit i'll surely go back more often.

This year, without doubt, I will miss the CNY for the 2nd time back to back.

1. No more angpows. That one is not really my concern coz the rm4, rm6 rm 10 convert to pounds is not really significantla...(kannineh..teng chua lo...) > nola..angpow ie money is not the one that i am after...

2. No more nasi kandar with my bro on the 1st day of CNY. My mum, as usually will 'attempt' to do steamboat...hehehe.. however, the highlight of the first CNY nite is usually my bro and I went outside to get some supplementary food to go with the steam boat fish balls.... Nasi kandar in Terengganu Road. U can see like a lot of kurang kasih sayng punya chinese there...i think all oso not really hardcorely celebrating CNY.

3. No more open house by YAB Tan Sri Dato hao Siau. I really missed his 4th day CNY open house in his house. I heard nowadays he organised hari raya open house in Johor already. Talking abt the cny open house in hao's place, last time really best. Gamble gamble gamble. The parents some more so steady. And can eat in his house summur. His house got lots of oren mandarin and biskut biskut new year yang best.

4. Tee Kong Birthday on 9th Day of CNY. This birthday party is very widely celebrated in Penang. All buy sugar cane, chicken, duck, pig, cow, elephant and etc etc. Then there will be 3 numbers appearing in the thick josstick for us to buy 3d. Best sekali.

If really need to list it down..i think a few days oso cannot finish. Chinese New Year is so nice.

Anyway, i am goin down to reunion dinner with all the banting chinese in Manchester on 16 feb. Hopefully we can get some cheap and nice dinner over there. Manchester has the biggest chinatown in UK, according to wat i heard. I always tot it is in London. But wathefark, as long as have a chinatown, good enuff la.

Altho this is damn damn early, i wish all of u guys,

gong xi fa chai.

If u ask me wat i want for CNY, i want an angpow with one mol of ringgit. HAHAHAH..bill gates oso cannot afford. Dun understand?

P.s = A unit (symbolized mol) used to measure the amount of material, 6.0225 × 1023, or Avogadro's number.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Funny equipments

Now i am doing renal module. So kind of everyday studying how much ppl pee and how their air kencing smells like. Then, there is this funny lecturer who said that most of the boys when they are young will compete with one another on how high one can pee. Then if the gurls want to join they can, just get the magic cone.

After my overnite survey through the medical journals and so on, i found this Magic COne.

Click the link above and it will explain to you how to use it. The question is, why dont she just sit down on the toilet? and secondly, why she got no hair wan...hahahhaha. and she doesnt wear pantis...

Anyway, there is this dirty minded porn site named

In one of the post, the author promoting a kind of instrument for ball stratching.

It is quite stupid to me coz usually i'll just stratch it using my fingers or if i am busy doin cake or marinate chicken, i'll just ask my housemate to do it. Hohohoho.

The best thing about this is u can also use this to eat spaggetti, or barbeque when ur balls arent itchy.

Whats wrong stratching balls? It is still skin like u stratch ur hand. Same thing wat.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Birthday Presents

I never really celebrate birthdays when i was young. Birthday is not something that my family...celebrate i guess. I mean, my mom celebrate all sorts of angkong's birthday with 5 epal and 5 oren. But, among our family members, birthdays are not something significant. Dat is y, until today, i cant recall my bro, mom or dad's birthdays. I guess they too duno.

However, as u grow older, more friends and u start to get this syndrome, duno-wat-to-buy birthday syndrome.

I always have this kind of problem to choose birthday presents. Sometimes, for friends that are close to me, faham sama faham, no need to give la so dat he/she no need to return the favour back to me then. Make things less complicated.

Ohya, a funny story. I got this friend name Atan (bukan nama tiruan), got a present from someone name Asuan (confirm nama tiruan) for his birthday. He opened it, and of coz, the 2nd degree friends' peringkat, means is either a cup or a photoframe. True enough, it is a 6 ringgit photo frame. THen a few months later, Asuan's birthday, Atan buy back the same thing, and give back to her. 1-1. Seri. Might as well dont need to buy anything. heheh

Hehehe, this is what i always do la, for friends birthdays. Let say u have some friends that lived near you and his/her birthday is coming. What you should do, as in, what i did, is to tell other friends that you want to buy things for his present and lets sharela. Then, buy something you also can use want. Hehehehe..(kejileh...)

During my days in KMB, Mr Eric is my roomate. And his birthday. So, what i did is i collected money from dear friends in penang to buy him a.......Radio/Cd Player. Hohoho....then, the room that we are radio already. Hehehhee....

Also, the latest one is Miss lee Paypay. I collected money to buy her a printer. Since then, i no need to go to computer lab to print notes. Heheheh. Next year her birthday i want to gather money to buy her a lot of printing paper and ink cartridge la.

I think 10 years from now, when my wife birthday, or aniversary or thaipusam, valentines day, hari pahlawan or watever that requires me to buy presents, i'll buy her fridge, or tv, or sofa, or bed...hmm....big and impressive...balut with old newspaper...sure surprise wan...sweet rite? Sure she high blood pressure and fell into coma. Then i can find another wife. and the cycle continues...hohoho

For some that no-akai, sometimes they purposely asked their friends to go out with alasan "window shopping". Their main objective is actually, to customise the present that they want. Babi sama dia dan nenek moyang dia.

There is once i really got no idea what to buy, i give cash in angpowla. Practical, Easy and Sincere.

Birthday's date is something that i always forgot. I cant even remember some of my closest friends' birthday dates but i can remember number ekor for keranda is 569, nanas is 218, and the year raffles found singapore is 1819...?

Dats all. Byebye.