Monday, April 30, 2007

Italy lagi...- Vatican City

On the first day of Rome, we woke up quite early due to the iglooness of the tent.

Hungry and cold... and...mau kencing...all these factors made me woke up around 7am.

Then we when to have our breakfast in the five star restaurant near supermarket Panorama by the roadside..hehehe

Ganas leh...Pakai glove to eat jimat..

Yo, then we took a bus from the campsite, to the city centre, and just followed wherever the crowd went la (there's quite a big group of ppl coming out from the campsite and took the same bus)

I have never experienced this level of packness in the bus. Basically, there's no need to hold on anything, coz i am so sandwiched already. Just extra care of the wallet coz I witnessed the process of pocket picking in front of me the night before. Not able to tell that victim also coz the pickpockets work very fast and they disappeared at the stop.

We reached the metro station somewhere near Vatican around 12pm.

James: Wei, i think no need to go vatican today la. Sure damn pack one and now already 12 pm.

Pei: I think we just walk there and see see la.. since we are so near the main gate already.

We agreed with Pei's Proposal and we walked there, around 10 mins and to our surprise, the line wasn't very long, and it's damn fast. It took us around 30 mins to get into the Vatican Museu. Record shortest queue time..

The museum...damn big.

Behind that walls are Vatican City

Museum Vatican got sistine chapel lo...the only thing we want to see. But the signboard damn says: Sistine Chapel...then after another turning...Sistine chapel and...the it went on and on until a few kilometre past through around 20 small museums (Vatican Museu is made up of twenty something museums and the last stop..u have to follow the normal route la.. is The famous Sistine Chapel)

Museu of statues and things like dat..very boring wan...

Museu of Geografi...and very nice lighting..

Also, it was here i did my first good deed in 22 years. I returned to an auntie 10 US dollar. Saw she dropped it. I was thinking, being in this kind of holy place, dun take la. Be good. hoho

Sistine Chapel, they said, NO CAMERA ALLOWED!


Hehehe..reminds me of free school...rules are mend to be broken.

Ohya, we went in like took us 3 hrs to reach the Sistine Chapel...and according to James, 3 pm of Good Friday in Sistine Chapel...a good combination!

The painting above the ceiling..looked so 3D....

Sistine Chapel punya Last Judgement...

Tak tau la..benda christian. I just wanna find a place to rest my tired legs and eat the roti+ham+tomato sos+mayonis that i brought in a very cheap supermarket plastic bag

Dats the plastic bag with roti and ham...i was holding it for whole day already...i want to eat...Eric still holding the Fanta...

Take a picture of Sistine Chapel from outside...

Send postcard from Vatican City, i cant coz kenot remember anyone's address, and dunwan to be like peipei...send to herself..lawak..

After that, we made our way out, and heading towards St Peter's Basilica...the famous basilica...

We reach great...ok...take a few first.. eat in the middle of the square coz got one big tiang...can use it to hide from the sunshine. But have to change venue a few inches according to time la..

The square...

James went to queue up to go in the basilica...which we are not really keen...we want to eat the roti...

So, we sat down on the floor..took out the roti...put the ham...squeeze some tomato sos murahan...and mayonis yang macam colgate...
Sitting down eating...under the shed that moves...


A priest, with american accent, together with a cameraman, with a big camera-the-BBC-CNN type one ar...

Priest: Hello guys. Are u guys from philipines?

Ang: Errr...No...we are from Malaysia (Roti sedang masuk esophagus)

Priest: huh(i dun think he heard of msia before) oh...ok...have u guys met Pope John Paul II?

My analytical mind: Now the current pope is Benedict the 16. John Paul 2 must be during Francis Light come to Penang dat time la...must be a few hundred years ago...ini sure trick question... at eric koay who ignored the priest and still squeezing the left-1/10bottle punya tomato sos)...No... i m afraid we never meet him before

Priest: Oh... Do u like him??

Ang: wei...haimoh......

Eric: ERm, we havent meet him, so we not sure whether we like him or not..

Priest: AHHHHH?!?!?!? *He looked shocked* DO u know him?


Priest: Look at his cameraman....then look at us....patheticaly.... Oh nvm then...thank you...enjoy ur meal..

Lemma...dat enjoy ur meal part i cannot take lar...coz we tak layan him and we are so pathetically concentrating in squeezing tomato...

Then James texted us to go join him in the line...coz he already up front already.. We already puas with the roti and ham, so we made our way there...looking for james... we walked..and walked..and walked...we cant find we pretendla look for him..

point point a bit...

wave wave a bit...

potong potong potong...

when we saw him...we already potong him hahahaha..

the secret of successful linecutter is NEVER LOOK BACK. We got potong by ppl so many times that we learnt that...never look back. Just stand infront of the victim..ignore him/her...dun have direct eye contact.

We went in the St Peter Basilica..

I duno how..but somehow...Theres a guy asking for ticket to go in the Mass...those without tickets would have to stand just outside the barrier...cannot go to join the mass...

but James, being blessed by Pope...haha..somehow that guy din ask from him... the rest of us din even try to get pass the barrier..just stand outside the barrier inside St Peter Basilica la..took pictures...

then suddenly...every quiet...

AHhh??? The Pope!!!

We go out la..since it is a mass confirm long time to go we were walking out...James texted and said he will go back himself...The mass will take at least 2 hrs...

Sedikit monster camera trick again...mau tangkap the swiss guard...

The END!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Who Say Our English Is Bad?

After studying here for almost 2 years,

my english is still kantoi... today i came across this in friendster..

is damn true man...dats wat i always did...

Who Say Our English Is BAD??? Just Read And Judge for Yourself As Below=> simple,short,concise, straight-to- point, effective etc........


Britons: I'm sorry, Sir, but we don't seem to have the sweater you want in your size, but if you give me a moment, I can call the other outlets for you.

Malaysians: No Stock.


Britons: Hello, this is John Smith. Did anyone page for me a few moments ago?

Malaysians: Hello, who page?


Britons: Excuse me, I'd like to get by. Would you please make way?

Malaysians: S-kew me


Britons: Hey, put your wa llet away, this drink is on me.

Malaysians: No-need, lah.


Britons: Excuse me, but do you think it would be possible for me to enter through this door?

Malaysians: (pointing the door) can ar?


Britons: Please make yourself right at home.

Malaysians: Don't be shy, lah!


Britons: I don't recall you giving me the money

Malaysians: Where got?


Britons: I'd prefer not to do that, if you don't mind.

Malaysians: Don't want la...


Britons: Err. Tom. I have to stop you there. I understand where are you coming from, but I really have to disagree with what u said about the issue

Malaysians: You mad, ah?


Britons: Excuse me, but could you please ! lower your voice, I'm trying to concentrate over here.

Malaysians: Shut up lah!


Britons: Excuse me, but I noticed you staring at me for some time. Do I know you?

Malaysians: See what, see what?


Britons: We seem to be a little bit of a predicament at the moment.

Malaysians: Die la!!! (Mine is keongkan liau la)


Britons: Will someone tell me what has just happened?

Malaysians: What happen? Why like that?


Britons: This isn't the way to do it. Here let me show you..

Malaysians: Like that also duno how to do.. (mine add go eat shit!)


Britons: Would you mind not disturbing me

Malaysians: Chilaka you!!! (Mine is Mahpukilu)


I read the news article about the Ijok election with interest, today. i told pejo before i'll blog benda serious + politik one when i got the mood.

Well, not as well read as I used to be, and so i lost touch with most of the political development in Msia

It just really interest me when YB Datuk Najib try to tok about Khalid from PKR. It really amused me.

The Deputy Prime Minister said Khalid, who was Guthrie chief executive officer from 1995 to 2003, already had 6.5% of the company’s shares and wanted to buy another 13.5%.

"These shares that Khalid wanted to purchase were meant for the people but he wanted them for himself and I have proof of this,” he told a crowd of about 1,500 during the launch of Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo’s service centre here on Wednesday night.

Najib said Khalid was offered the 13.5% shares but was not able to come up with the funds to buy them.

If it was for the people, how was then in the end 13.5% was offered to him at last? If you got proof (which i define as something that can show he is guilty), what should u do with it? Take out la. Last time when i was in primary sch, u know we are like that as well

A: i know wan...
B: How?
A: coz i know la.


“If we want to talk about it, there’s a lot to talk about; more interesting, more colourful. Let’s face it, the people of Ijok should not be conned like this,” he said.

Why shouldn't we talk about that? I am given this impression that he was not really keen to talk about it, but would talk about it if he the Opposition wants to talk about it.

Memang self contradicting. Means, u know when he was in BN, he abused power, but u somehow take care their feeling now and give face? something liddat?

I tot it is of rakyat's interest? Or between u two?

Najib said what he had said could be verified by PNB’s first CEO Tan Sri Mohd Desa Pachi, who was also present at the gathering.

Mohd Desa nodded, when Najib referred to him and looked in his direction.

Ini lawak antarabangsa. What if it is like dat?

Najib said what he had said could be verified by PNB;s first CEO Tan Sri Mohd Desa Pachi, who was also present at the gathering.

Mohd Desa gave him a blank face and said," I dunnola"

Confirmla what ever u, the bos said, infront of 1500 supporters, is true la. U can look to me as well.

Najib said what he had said could be verified by Ang Choon Seong, a keen blogger and quite hansome, who was also present at the gathering.

Ang nodded, when Najib referred to him and looked in his direction.

It is not that i want to side BN or PKR, or know who is telling the truth but pls debate with more maturity rather than washing the barisan's dirty underwear in public oh YB.

Aku pegi tengok debate sekolah menengah lagi berkualitila. Ada pantun sekali.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Waste Timer

Macam best

Create your own Friend Test here
Have you ever think of why some ppl are so rich?

I always have this in my mind. Why when one is rich, he is still on scholarship? Nothing personal. Just i felt uncomfortable with that. Some of those are my good friends, they are good people.

There's a chinese saying:

One's multimillion estate can usually only last for 3 generations. First generation is the one who made it, second generation spend it, and the third generation finish it.

If you got money, think first before u spend.

Some ppl working their ass off just to get their family to survive.

Mood not good. Blog next time. Bye.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

As i mentioned in my previous3 blog, i got a job to be a hamster for research for 40 pounds. hard to earn! 40 pounds, suffering of keboringan, tiredness of doing nothing for 3 and half hours..seriously...u wouldnt wanna see the sizes of the needles and the IV catheter.
Nevertheless, i earned 40 pounds today. As i didnt have my lunch previously, i felt a bit dizzy and sleepy la. I battled my way to my flat, on the way left a message to shiying who is cooking today, dat i want to eat fish today! I pay! Need to replenish blood. They took quite a lot of blood from me tau! Then, i made Hollicks. My hongkie flatmate told me,"moh kam chek tai nyah chui kai tiu" 40 pounds u have price to pay wan...

HEhehe...but still....40 pounds for 3 hours...baring doing nothing...berbaloi!

Man Utd won 3-2... Stupiak defending, ineffective ronaldo, but luckily, got rooney on a bit form. But really, respect Milan. Man yoo only got hold the game when gattuso got injured. Gattuso was superb! I dont think there's anyone in EPL who can do tackle like him, completely win the ball and dispossessed the opponent. EPL usually tackle, foul and clear the ball nia.

Of coz, that night, ronaldo smell no smoke. Kaka on the other hand, gila babi power! How can someone be so hansome and yet so good and yet so humble looking? Ohya..memang can.. I am one alreayd

I am now searching for tickets back to Malaysia..
Lee's travel London-Penang= 540 pounds, MAS, 13 hrs.

Ebookers London-KL=450 pounds, Emirates,19 hrs change in dubai but sampai KL tengah malam. Agak shit la. But i think i would go for the emirates 90 pounds!

Joke of the day:

Cut hair already......
Usual hair stylist.... miss leepaypay...
this time super pendek, all geared to be a suciman..macam sami agung ang and going to be Dalai Baru!

Ohya...i showed my hongkie housemate how thin i was last time...I was so like Penjual CD porno... which i really was...hoho

What do u think? Do i look like a clever student?

I still malas tok about italy trip...kejap blog ok! Now mau study...masa sudah time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Okla..want to talk about something i long time din talk about: BOLA

Red Hot News -

Effectively 16 hrs from now, Man Utd will be playing one of their biggest game of the season, against a group of old farts from the land of Mee...MEELAND.

I wouldn't consider myself as super greatwall hard core2duo fan of ManYoo but thats the team i followed since watching them magically won the Champions League 7 years ago, also when Tboon started to know SueLin (useless and unrelated fact).

This time, Man Yoo got quite a big problem.... No defenders.

Fantabulous gay partnership of Vidic-Ferdinand broke up last week when Vidic rejected Ferdinand's idea of threesom session with Hasselbaink.. After that, Vidic broke his clavicle, and Ferdinand gay back with WesBrown to defend Manyoo... Last week, ferdinand had aggravated groin problem after been rode ganasly by the fat ronaldo who now worked for Meeland, cis taktik keji Meeland.

Heinze pulak busy selling tomato sos...But good news is Evra sudah pulang dari Taj Mahal and now available to play leftback. I think Evra really looks like street fighter's dhalsim, shorter version..

Gary Neville still kenot play, need to go tuition his mother say. I think he is a good mummy's boy and teacher's pet. Why? Coz he always tuck in his shirt. One of my frend really looks like him. Hahha..sweeheng who is now in Australia studying.

So the pride of Scotland, second only to Edinburgh Castle, Mr Fletcher will play rightback. He is like Crouch's brother u know...but with some monkey and tikus's gene in him..monkus

So in defence, Wesbrown will gay with Oshea, and evra and fletcher as fullbacks.

The 4ever-trustable scholes will play with carrick in the heart of man yoo midfield. Ok with that la. Scholes, hopefully u are not tired after travelling 14 hrs from Penang to Manchester. Scholes looks like one of the worker in So Young's chicken rice stall. Sorry but i do not have that guys pic, but really, i challenge those who doubt me to go to that stall and eat. Speak english to him tho, his hokkien not really good.

Our wingers, evergreen giggs and c ronaldo. Ronaldo oh ronaldo, be more down to earth and ur poster shall be on my wall together with carmen electra. Pass the ball....Passabola(learn in portugal last year).

If u can repeat your performance like wat u did in Old trafford in 7-1 demolition of Roma, I shall puasa Pro Evo for 3 days.

Alan Smith and Rooney...upfront....nothing much to say. Rooney who still recovering from Down Syndrome if he is Up Form Syndrome, Milan u can go smell balls already.

Prediction: its not a high scoring game. I would go for ManYoo 1-0 meelan.

Reason and logic: I like man yoo cannot ar?

Go Man Utd!¬!¬!

Monday, April 23, 2007

ITaly - ROME Part 1

We reached the Eternal City, Rome, at around 7 pm. We knew what was awaiting us: Challenging Accommodation for 3 days! No more nice beds. No more prepared breakfast. No more heaters.

Flashback...3 weeks ago. We had our discussion, and the contingent agreed to put up 3 nights in Rome in CAMPSITE. Yes. CAMPSITE. Why? The reason is obvious. Mr Money. Due to our lastminute failure in getting cheap hostels or hotels, we decide to go to the maximum. 10 euros a night in tent.

I personally agreed to that coz when i looked at the pictures in the, its quite nice as in they have beds in the tent, not to say you ganasly sleep on grass. Err..should be okla. 10 euros. If not, the cheapest hostel beds are around 25 euros. Stay one night, can save 15 euros enough for a good restaurant dinner out already.


Sleeping in damn...i mean DAMN...COOOOLLLLLDDDD.....

Seriously, we were caught unprepared on the first night. Never cross my mind that sleeping in tent is cold to that extend. This is cold level 30. SUper duper. Although we were given beds with pillow and a piece of medium thickness blanket..but still...gila babis...

That night, i anticipated a medium cold level. So, equipped myself in jeans, 2 t-shirt and 1 jacket, i started my journey to dreamland. But, halfway through around 2am (my journey started 11pm) gelombang kesejukan melanda kaki...oh...coz theres some loopholes in my blanket defence down there.

I saw penguins...

I saw myself in an igloo...

I saw polar bears mating sambil watching panda punya porn...( Times Mag this month punya)

I forced myself to sleep after refortified my blanket defence.

At 3am, gelombang kesejukan came again. This time, not my legs.. Its my magnificent hansome face. Lemma...the breath i took in, was cold air. I dunwan to breath. But the rising levels of CO2 forced my hypothalamus to hyperventilate. ARRRRGGGHHH......SEJUK!!! But...ang...u just saved 15 euros ang...15 euros....15 euros....15 euros....and i tersleep...

Then, at 5 am, i already cannot sleep. I am awaken, just keep my eyes shut. Hope for day to come.


The next day, my facial expression is enough to tell the story.

Memang rumusan dee...

The next night and the night after dat, no problem already. I asked for 2 more blanket. The recruitment of blankets was greatly helpful. My army is now well prepared. I planned my formation meticulously, reconsidered every single possible leg movements which might expose the body and let the cold air came in. 3 blanket with 2 of them was pocketed into the bed. Simulation sleeping movements showed positive results.

True enough, we had great sleeps. The second day in the campsite i slept whole 9 hours and woke up late jugak.

Sudah happy...

For me, I would certainly go for campsite again if per night can save 15 euros caused given ample blankets and warning, it should not be a big problem. All the coldness complaints are all true, just for the first night when we are damn damn damn unprepared. So, may i quote the quotation of girl guide movement: BE PREPARED

I'll blog about rome later on la..hahahhaha masa sudah time.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pok Kai

I received my bank statement today...

Dear Mr Choon Ang,

Your bank account is now ZERO.


(of coz its not like dat but the essence is something like thatla..)

I have a long list of people whom I owed money, amounting to 700 pounds already.

Then i started to introspect, ang ang ang..where you spent all your money?

Ohya...then i remember..I bought new laptop...sudah pinjam 500 pounds..


This time, my new laptop, i promise you the best treatment ever. No more negative blog about laptop! NO MORE!

One of my most regretable post: LAPTOP BODO

Ppl out there...seriously, do not talk bad things about your electrical appliances, such as kettle or microwave...they have feelings..and when they dont like have to go SengHeng...


Anyone know any loanshark, loanwhale, loandolphin or anything like dat?


JPA JPA...come come come faster! I need you!

However, I received another email from a Fourth Year Medic who are doing some research on something, and need volunteer for that.

3 visits, 40 pounds per visit.....

The email:

Hi Choon Seong,

I am Jessica, a 4th year medics. I was just wondering if you are
interested to volunteer in a forearm studies for my SSC 4 research
project. I have attached this study's protocol in this email, you can
read more about it if you are interested.

Each volunteer has to come for 3 visits in 3 seperate weeks. There are
many time slots available per week in which you can choose the time
slot which suits you best. After each visit, you will be paid £40 and
will be given a free meal(as you have to fast 4 hours prior to the
study and small amount (180ml) of blood will be taken during the study).

Please email me if you have additional questions regarding this study.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Many thanks,
Jessica Chin.

Red Light District in Amsterdam charged 50 euros per session..

I agreed to be the volunteer...not exactly maruah worth 120 pounds only and free meals...

I replied:

Jessica! I'm yours!


Then i asked ppl whether they know if that is not a punk or skim cepat kaya. And what a shock!
Afiq, Sit, Mahat, Wafi all went already.. Ceh... and according to afiq, almost all volunteers are Malaysians. Hahahah..WTF.

If i die after that research, pls donate the 120 pounds to Projek Kalsom 13.

and pls post up my 5 vietnamese virgins i bought last month in ebay for extra donation money. Of coz now they are no more virgin, but i think sapu sikit extra virgin olive oil can rectify the problem.

Ok folks, next time i blog back on italy. Got a lot of story yet to tell like:

In Rome:
How Msian Passport can earn you discounts for entry in Colloseum?

In Vatican:
Priest: Are you guys from Philipines?
Ang: No, we're from Msia
Priest: oh...have you ever meet the late Pope John Paul 2?
Ang: No...
Priest: Do you like him?
Priest: xxxxxxxxx...~~~~speechless~~~~

Friday, April 20, 2007


PBL - penderitaan bertambah lagi..

again..i went to PBL and as usual..

I come, I see, I smile

Yes, No, Don't Know


I think I am becoming more and more stupid already.

What a disgrace to JPA..sorryla bos!

Anyway, I would like to continue my blog on Italy Trip.

Before that, can anyone tell me the difference between a photo and video?

Apart from the name?

For guys, video is always more fun than photo, hohoho, of course unless u have 100 photos and scroll it like 0.5 sec per photo to make animation which will then be somewhat like video..

coz video catches movements. Photo catches moment.

Here is how the story goes in..i think Venice:

In venice, I am the one suffering inside as I am the only one with camera initially. It gets more worse when the people that you try to immortalize in your camera try to do stupid thing like waving their hand.

Come on! Do u really thought that the 'waves' would be captured in the photo? Hahah..somemore my camera's shutter speed is not so fast, so the 'wave' spoiled everything.

It was then,we came to conclusion: We must make use of the video! Whenever we in video, make movements! Lots of movements! Pls see the below videos...

This is the start of the idea of Movements. Pls see the video till the end. I must say that this is on the spot impromtu. Don't know why but suddenly everyone started to move, hahahaha.



Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Hero of the Century

Old friends...

Yesterday i skyped with one of my ex venturez + classmate and found out about the new url for our geng's message board. Hahhaa.. my bad..i seriously thought the board was abandoned and bubared already but i was wrong, they changed the domain and made it even nicer.

I read some of the message and lawak joe, some of the news is simply super gila babis.

My friend is going out with another close friend's sister. Nothing negative, just explosive. Hahha
And the best part was how he confessed to her.

pls click this

May i quote the great founder of Barisan Rasional, Tan ten tin ton tun sri Hau Siau

"Our world is so small. One might be your friend today and the next day might be in your family.."

Friend become friender. time i'll blog about this friend, mr hau. A great personality whose leadership qualities overflows till no one unbow to his greatness.

If Boon u are reading this, which i highly doubt so, can i just take this opportunity to declare that u r the MAN. Hahah...I could never ever thought of doing so.

Ok guys, masa sudah time. Study study!~!~!

Monster of Pisa


What is there in Pisa?

Leaning tower of Pisa

Itu saja.



If you are going pisa, i would strongly advice a visit under 3 hrs..

What we did was we took train from Florence, 11am, reach Pisa around 1pm, then bought another ticket from Pisa to Rome at 4pm. You can always store the bag in Pisa's Train Station at the "bagali" section, 3 euros for one luggage for first 5 hrs.

From the station, walked all the way, towards the leaning tower. Nothing on the way yg best. Lansung tarak.

Sampai there, stunted for a few seconds coz I din expect leaning tower to be so white..macam baru painted. Maybe the sun dat day was brighter than usual kot. And got another 2 building duno wat la..abaikan la.

Then, take picture...and dats all...

U will see a lot of ppl taking picture of kicking, pushing leaning, and etc etc on the tower. See pic belowla then u paham...

Always when want to take picture, u need a clear front view to get the most realistic snap. But, quite hard. Coz a lot of ppl. So we waited for them to settle first, then we took ours. But some of them, simply too much...take dunno how many gig of picture already still taking..

Hoho..punggung besar...

I'll categorize the pictures below into verbs.

Action: Push
This is usually the most simple and usual.
Auntie uncle usually go for this action due to osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. However, it is very boring and quite insulting if i were to cut and paste a pic of a gurl standing with her breast on the subject's hand. Raba nvm..raba macam benda itu rata memang tidak boleh diterima.

Action: Lean
This requires a bit skill and flexibility.
We failed to get the best and the followings are our trials.

I wouldnt captioned it as leaning...when we took these pics, we are still amateur...

Kantoi also, try to hamburger...

kantoi oso

Some auntie on the left ganggu...i felt this leaning stance is the best of all the leans..but still tak real...

Action: Kick
Well, this one requires strong hamstring and quadraceps with good tiub separa bulat to balance while waiting for the cameraman/woman get his/her angle. Due to that, i decided to lie down and raised up my leg but still kantoi coz i looked at the camera.

Lenguh low bang..kasi cepat sikit boleh...

Kantoi jugak..

Some ppl like the monster below chose to stand and kicked. Well, u can if u are some sami from Shaolin practising Kam Kong Tui.

If not, u will need another frend to hold u to balance. Look the pic above, flowermonster holding on me so dat she can balance...but cameraman kantoikan her coz tershow my punggung..

Second take..much better...cut my punggung already...

ALso, its hard to have a clear view in the photo coz a lot of other ppl kacau the view...then we came up with idea to kick them away...

This one looks more real...hahaha

Action: Hug
Hhoho..try to hug the tower is also one of the hottest trick. But very hard.

Action: Makan the tower....
This one is the easiest and also paving the path for us to discover a trick which to us, remains the best camera trick we ever thought of.

Ang: Wei..haimoh...ur eye look more to the left a bit..yayay...SNAP! Aiya...kantoi...ada orang putih kacau...
Haimoh: aiyo..nvmla u go i take pulak..

Haimoh: Okok...a bit to the left..OK. SNAP! Aiyo..ada orang kacau oso...
Ang: See see see....wei...abo we do raksasa makan manusia. Ultraman in Japan tarak datang save them...
Haimah: Hahah..steady samalu.
Ang: U hold the angle ya...Helen, jadi monster!
Helen: arrr? Okok...

Haimoh: wei..tak cukup realistic la...kena dekat sikit and wei, mangsa jangan lebih lebih sangat la...
Ang: Ohokok..sorry sorry. Helen u be the mangsa pulak...Gua bagi tangan dekat sikit dengan mangsa, u tell me when to stop.
Haimoh: Steady!

Ang: Wei...seriously jadi la... Take turn jadi monster! Woi! All come here. Got project!
Briefing: Cara cara:
1. Mangsa look up to the angle of monsster
2. Monster look down to the angle of mangsa
3. Mangsa bagi sikit action yang menyakinkan penonton.
4. Monster get near the mangsa sikit.

The End.