Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stonehaven, Aberdeen

More Photos.

Of someone constipating....

Studying is always something like pangsai/berak to me...

Or as orang putih called it politely; passing motion....

I am not as consistent as others...berak everyday

I berak when i am free...

Already feel like beraking...

Mana ada toilet?????!???

Ah...I kenot take it anymore...the feeling of mau berak but kenot find toilet, Just kill me la!~!~!

Aha!!! Here macam ok! Okla!~! Berak here!

Ah....Walaupun a lot of ppl looking...but nvmla!
Hoho!~! Best view toilet award!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Trip Around Scotland.....


It has been a while since I last blogged... Ah...Post-Exam Syndrome. Not really feel like doing anything other than sleeping and staring blankly.

Ohya..I have been away for 2 days, Cuti-cuti Scotland...been to Stirling, Loch Lomond (cawangan), Aberdeen, Perth and Stonehaven.

2 londoners and a manchesterian came over to Edinburgh, so we decided to tour around Scotland. I hired 2 cars, but forgot to take the picture of the cars. One is X trail, and another one is Citroen Xsara. BEST! But overBudget. Total expenditure for the cars and fuel/diesel is around 300 divide into 8 ppl. Agak alritela...

A few things that worth I blogged about in this trip:

1. Fish n Chips Shop - Ashvale, Aberdeen

Groupie thanks to the waitress...but u know how much tips we gave? hahaha...26p....sorry la time JPA masuk duit i go and give u more...wahhaha...memalukan msia...

The famous Whale

We go all the way to Aberdeen, just to try out the famous Whale. I am not sure wat fish that they were serving, but definitely not whale i think. The special thing is this; If you could finish their Ashvale Whale Fish and Chips, you can get your second one FREE, or you can get a FREE dessert.

And, according to Shiying, if you could finish the 2nd one, you can get a certificate. So, out of 10 of us, 6 of us go for the challenge. On the first round, Eric koay's rate is the fastest, around 10 mins to eat the whole thing and go berak. The others also managed to get it done, but a bit slow towards the end.

2nd round, really cannot take it anymore! I see fish also i scared. Macam...very....gelllllliiii... We all thought really, the certificate is hard to get. But just at the moment i wanted to go all the way, against all odds and defying my body's response of extreme fullness, Shiying got another news....u can get the cert upon finishing the first one.

Ahh... wtf...immediately we lost the momentum and spirit to eat it. Luckily they let us have it takeaway. So din waste. Quite a great experience! the restaurant even has a website with details about the challenge:

2. Stonehaven

Serious shit, this is quite a nice place. Got hills, got sea, got castle. see the pics la. Lazy to say liau.

Simetriness yang memgila babi...macam tuapehkong terapung...

Great view enjoyed by a great man....hoho
Who said orang tempang cannot jump...

Mayat Mohd Wafi dijumpai di perkarangan Dunnotar Castle...

Memang betul itu Mohd Wafi

3. The loch lomond is a joke man. We drove all the way from Stirling, in search of loch lomond, but due to lack of research, we reached a stupid part of the lake( Loch Lomond is damn big, so u have a few cities around it, all with the signpost - Loch Lomond, cis bedebah.) Lansung tarak apa cantik. Macam tahi.

4. Stirling.

All the way to stirling. take a few pics of the castle and then wallace monument, and then blah already. Nothing super interesting.
Stirling Castle from Far...

That's the maximum. I mean the max we can step inside...after that have to buy tickets dee...

Lunch Murahan...Roti and Telur...

A failed attempt to do the monster's trick...without the leaning tower...

William Wallace Monument...I tempang also need to climb,...

William Wallace Monument...


The dog macam someone wearing a dog's costume...damn big....biggest dog i ever seen

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

MCL Strain

Life with Knee Injury...

Is boring...

whenever I see a ball...

I feel like kicking..

And there's a lot of balls in my house..

and ball-related products...

and ball-like human...

Watching TVB series - Threshold of an Era. Altho this is 1997 production, but still quite nice and addictive, just like japanese anime and korean soft porn.

Got OSCE soon..but yet to study...howhowhow....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Being A Patient

Today went to the ortho...ortho...aiya...dunno how to spell la...

I must say i am hugely impressed by the work ethics and attitude of the NHS staffs in the orthopedics

Despite having so many ppl waiting...they still maintain a lovely smile and friendly atttude towards everyone!

Back to the topic, I am only made to wait for 10 minutes and I was seen by a registrar i think. I think he is under the famous CCB , the locomotor professor that the year 3s are talking about, coz my appointment card has the word CCB. Haih..i tot the ang mohs they said i cau ci bai...

Hehehe...anyway, the doctor examined me, press press a bit...push push a bit...touch touch a bit...then look at the x ray for a few moments...then press press a bit...push push a bit...touch touch a bit...

I am not sure what is he doing la...coz his nurse is super duper chun...babi him..lucky bastard!

He told me that I had medial collateral ligament strain instead of tear coz my movement still intact. But the fact that i could not straighten my leg shud means i might have some meniscus injury which then obstructed in between the bones, causing me unable to straigten it.

Fuck. I am not straight anymore.... some pictures for u guys to see..

Guess wat is this? Compass? Radar? Sex toy?

Hehe...why got some so high tech compass on the leg wan?

Its the latest present from the NHS... ITs called a brace...allowing me to have flexion and extension movements and avoid rotational movements.

Previously was given crutches and the big pampers...i dun think ebay got sale value..but this one i think sure got wan la!!! Hohoho...if not amazon also can! Its really nice to walk with..not painful anymore...

But still far from my previous agility and versatility. Hohoohooh..

bye. Study for osce.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Breaking News!!!

Ang CS was injured in a stupid attempt to slide for fun during a kickabout in Meadows 2 days ago. The club has released a statement today saying that the injury is medial collateral ligament strain with probable meniscus tear. He is now refered to Knee Clinic in the Rie.


Would be out of football action for at least 3 mths.

Let me tell u guys about my story in the hospital. Accompanied by another 3 friends, we went there at 7.30pm. was a Saturday (Jill (final year medics) told me that i probably need to wait for 4 hrs or so..)

When i reached the A & E department, there were barely 10 ppl waiting. I was like..muahahah...1 hour max la...

Its so not A&E... aman and damai wan... means short wait then can go Jacintha's birthday party already...


after registered with the receptionist.....

we waited..and waited..and waited...damn boring..damn damn..

She pointed middle finger coz too stressed waiting...

Decided to take pictures of our keboringan...

First, have to wait for my turn to see the doctor. This process was decatalysed by the fact that it was a weekend night and also the fact that my case is not fully A&E. Only A. Accident. Not E. Emergency.

So if u guys need to see the doctor damn fast next time in A&E, tell the receptionist to register ur presenting complain as:

I think I have acute renal failure with hyperkalaemia.

Sure no need to wait already...

I even pretended to crawl to the the counter to ask whether i have been called just in case we missed u know...they might pronounce ANG CHOON SEONG in 1000 of ways....

After 2 hrs and 30 mins....

At last..

one doctor came out and shout..

Sarah Richards..


After 2 hrs and 45 mins..


One girl came out and called

Choon Ang..


She said to me that she is a final year medical student and whether i mind to be examined by her first before the doctor. Of course i dun mind. She is so chun. If a fat ugly gurl sure dunwan i said:

No problem. But would you mind i bring 3 other 2nd year medical students to be with me? They wanna learn locomotor osce..

Hehehehhe. The gurl was quite pretty...after she is done with me, the doctor came in, and its a "she" again... chunner than the medical student. Hohoohh..lucky day..!!

SO, cut the crap off... i was sent to be knee-x-rayed. Again,.the x ray department nurses also quite!

May i quote james:

Why everyone involved in your case is above-average-rating hot chick wan!!!

After done the have to wait for the doctor again...for her to explain my condition and to arrange for further actions.

This time...wait for 45 mins again...

in the end...i was refered to Knee Clinics on Monday 2pm.

I was given a big knee guard like pampers.....and a pair of crutches..

The time now is 12.30am. I have to use the crutches to walk out for a taxi. Ahh..damn cold. I was wearing shorts. But the injured leg is not so cold coz got that big pampers thing. I was thinking to ask for another one inside so that my other leg is not cold as well...

As the doctor took a few mins to teach me how to use the crutches..i felt so bad if i am not using it.. its harder for me to walk using that u know...But actually..i could walk on my own without those. Okla..later go ebay post the big knee guard and the crutches maybe can get a few pounds...hoho

Ang mohs are so not enterprising. There is no taxi or bus at all. Next time i go there drive sapu car...

We were outside for awhile...and so cold... I saw some ambulance parking nearby. I was thinking to ask them to fetch us back but i know they wont...

The only best plan i could think of that time is to call ambulance from mobile phone ask them to go 17/5 Teviot place... say got emergency case there. Then we tumpang la...hehehe..

Scottish ambulance service..

Haih....Bye bye la...The morale of the story is:

1. Do not play football
2. Go A&E on Saturday Night. High chance getting chun chicks.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


If you ask me now what kind of speciality i would like to be in next time (should i am able to get my MBChB degree)...

I would say...obbs.


Get to see cibais and lanciaus??? (women willingly unprivatising their private part)

Of coz no...

To be a gynae is far more than those dirty thoughts u guys tot i always have..;P

i want to be the one aiding the birth of a new life...

To be the one who ease the way out for the new-born-living-things, to come to this beautiful world we have here...

Of coz its crap:

On top of that crap, do u know that (i just read just now), when a women delivering a baby, the uterus contraction is helped largely by the secretion of oxytocin in the brain of the women. The way how it works is brilliant... its called the positive feedback...more give more....

Contractions caused oxytocin released, then the oxytocin will cause more contractions...and contractions will cause more oxytocin released...and the baby can come out!!!! HOooray..

another point, u know when baby sucks the mum's nipple for breast feeding, the suckling effect will cause the secretion of oxytocin as well...and the oxytocin will then released the milk, then the baby suck more, more oxytocin come out...!! Hoorayy....!!



Why i want to be a obs? If i am asked to help the women deliver the baby, instead of asking her to PUSHH>>>>>PUSHH>>>...

I'll simply...


cause suckling effect will cause oxytocin, and oxytocin will get the uterus contacts and baby come out. (via positive feedback)

hehehe..hope my examiner read this and laff and give me marks.


Radio Dangerous

Damn funny...

I pity that guy man...seriously shit!

Listen to this.....

what kind of joke is this!!!!!

again, do not believe it winning anything in ur life. Guys...beware...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why they have to make it so hard?

Conclusion from Paper 1 MBChB Year 2 Medicine

1. Medicine is all about hard questions. Easy ones are meant to be tricky should there be any easy questions.

2. Do not attempt to skip one part and come back later. If you skip, means u just skip it forever.

3. Do not attempt to recheck your answers. If you check your answers, the blanks in the other questions at the back are not going to be marked at all by the examiner.

4. Do not attempt to check for whether all question papers are intact. It makes no difference. If u miss the page, you might get to claim benefit of doubts as the probability you can answer the questions is near none.

5. The most important lesson: If medicine, you study or you didnt study...makes no difference as you still can't answer it. So, have a good rest and sleep well.

Good luck to all for next paper.

Kannineh to those who set the questions! Tak bagi chance langsung!


Summer is coming soon...great weather here in Edinburgh.

Nothing much to blog;

Got another 4 african bank's emails.
Babila...isit because i surf porn and they got my email address thus spam me with those?


I am Mr. Ousmane Lompo, Manager Audit Accounting Department BANK OF AFRICA( B.O.A )I would like to know if this proposal will be worth while for your acceptance.

I have a Foreign Customer,Manfred Hoffman from Germany who is an Investor, Crude Oil Merchant and Federal Government Contractor that was a victim with Concord Air Line, flight AF4590 killing 113 peole crashed on 25 July 2000 near Paris leaving a closing balance of Twelve Million Eight Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($12.8m) in one of his Private US Dollar Account that is been managed by me as the Customer's Account Officer.

Base on my security report, these funds can be claimed without any hitches as no one is aware of the funds and its closing balance except me and the customer (Now Deceased) therefore, I can present you as the Next of Kin and we will work out the modalities for the claiming of the funds in accordance with the law.

If you are interested, Please call me to discuss in further details and our sharing ratio will be 60% for me and 30% for you.while 10% will be for the neccesary expenses that might occur along the line.
Thank you,

Ousmane Lompo.

N.B.In other for you to beleive me honestly try and go through this (website)before you start with me.

Below is the website. (

Anyway...i plan to reply the email after my exam to see what he replied...


give them all the details they number bubuh member punya....perhaps...some ppl dat i gaduh with last time.....hehehehehe..

okla...tonite is ultimatum dee...tmr 9am exam...

then the next day another paper...

after that the next next day practical exam...tengok mayat punya organ...identify lanciau dan sbgnya...
then afterdat...BOLA>>BOLA>>>AND BOLA>>>>

I am going back on 12 june. Anyone who has any plan going anywhere and would like to have someone as handsome as me to be with pls drop me a line.


i mean cheers.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

African Conmen

African ppl like to cheat isit?

I received this kind of emails everyday...

only thing change is the name of the bank barnedo, now this one is eric...

Summary: Basically he said got some rich guy died alongside with entire family and no next to kin claim the money in the bank he is managing.

So all he needs is someone from UK or any foreign country to claim the money and to be shared 60-40.

Lawak joe..


My dear Friend

I am contacting you in regards to a business transfer of a huge sum of money from a deceased account.

Though I know that a transaction of this magnitude will make anyone apprehensive and worried, but I am assuring you that all will be well at the end of the day. I decided to contact you due to the urgency of this transaction.

PROPOSITION; I discovered an abandant sum of $7.2M(Seven MILLION two Hundred thousand United states Dollars) in an account that belongs to one of our foreign customers who died along with his entire family.

Since his death, none of his next-of-kin or relations has come forward to lay claims to this money as the heir. I cannot release the fund from his account unless someone applies for claim as the next-of-kin to the deceased as indicated in our banking guidelines.

Upon this discovery, I now seek your permission to have you stand as a next of kin to the deceased as all documentations will be carefully worked out by me for the funds $7.2M(Seven MILLION two hundrend thausand United states Dollars) to be released in your favour as thebeneficiary's next of kin.

It may interest you to note that I have secured from the probate an order of madamus to locate any of deceased beneficiaries. Please acknowledge receipt of this message in acceptance of my mutual business endeavour by furnishing me with the following;

1. Your Full Names and Address.

2. Direct Telephone and Fax numbers.

These requirements will enable me file a letter of claim to the appropriate departments for necessary approvals in your favour before the transfer can be made.

I shall be compensating you with 40% percent on final conclusion of this project, while the rest 60% percent shall be for me. Your share stays with you while the rest shall be for me for investment purposes in your country.

If this proposal is acceptable by you, do not take undue advantage of the trust I have bestowed in you, I am awaiting your urgent email.

Regards, MR ERIC

If u have been reading the monster's blog here , u will see that she has been showered with tonnes of emails from West Africa, Nigeria, Zambia and so on, after she posted things in Ebay.

I have heard ppl terkantoi...tertipu and sent the item to them. Gila babi la...

So if u just google Nigeria Ebay Con...u will get millions of result.


Moral of the story...if I want to buy world cup 2010 ticket in south africa...have to double tripple check firstlo..

Monday, May 14, 2007

Teviot Placer

What You Do When You Cant Study?

Take Stupid pictures....

What you look like when ppl scold u? I decided to go for a tour around Teviot Place to ppl's room and kacau their study....

"U shud not study when i cant study!!!!"

Muka kena marah Matthew Lee, 20, Kuching, Single and available: rating 4 star

Muka Kena Marah Lee Pei Pei, 42, Melaka, single and desperate; rating 1 tahi bintang

Second take due to tema is muka...not kepala.... rating: still 1 tahi bintang
Hoho...Watak utama Teviot Place; most celebrated celebrity: Ang Choon Seong, 21, sexually matured, Hailed from Penang, loves helping ppl and donates to the poor, status: Divorced with 3 children (to the date of this article, his wife, Angelina Jolie still tried to overturn court order not to get 10m near him)

rating: positive infinity Galaxy

James muka bodo kena marah. 21, single and mingle. From Penang. Hobby; Proevo. Makanan Kegemaran: Proevo. Warna kegemaran: Proevo. Subjek kegemaran: Proevo.

Shiying....the pride of JPA. Pelajar paling pandai sekali di Bumi Edinburgh. Dean of Medical School of Edinburgh tried so hard to retain her in Edinburgh despite effort from Cambridge and Princeton to lure her away in a big money transfer over the summer for the next academic year. Her decision in which medical school she study determined the whole year Guardian and Times Med Sch league next academic year.

Go out spend money on food...

Macam nasi pattaya....10 pds

Macam BeeChaiBak Goreng....10pds

Nasi Ikan Belut...12 pds...

Daging Masak Kicap....10 pds..

Hahaha..the last one i cook wan la...4 pds kot...

And...back to study...but find some method of more interactive studying method. Such as CAL - computer assisted learning..

But computer are like robots and nerds...they always make u smile when they try to make joke...

Sekian Wabarakatuh Wahiddayah Assalamulaikum.. dan vanakam.