Thursday, June 28, 2007

Visit To UKM, Bandar Baru Bangi

Bangi is damn HOT, seriously.

I bought some eggs from the supermarket and dropped in on the tar road, and to my surprise, it became telur goreng. (Hyperbola)

Back to the topic, the place is really hot. I think at least 35C. But then, the Majlis Perbandaran still cut down the big shady trees on the roadside. Hmm..according to Prof Ong Wei Peng, a famous academician, thats the result of recruitment of school dropouts in the majlis perbandaran.

Today, Prof Ong got presentation till 2pm. I have to go back to Wangsamaju. But before that need to return to the Datuk Seri Hau Siau his shirt and take my towel from his room.

Ladies and gentleman, may i introduce, Super Impala:

Super impala is a motocycle's name, given by the producer of coz. Prof Ong is around 90kg and me around 60kg, so around 150kg on super impala...kesian also..

So below was our travelling itinery and map under the super hot sun, and how Prof Ong's super impala kena half-life sudah.

2pm - Ong Wei Peng's sarang to Mamak for lunch

2.40pm - Mamak to Petronas Petrol Station to pump angin in tayar

(According to him, Petronas produce good gas asli, not good petroleum)

See..dwibahasa...Angin dan Air (Angin in English)...

Standing in the shade to take Prof Ong's pump air activity

Itu dia...HOT STUFF>...i mean really very hot...

2.50pm - Petronas Petrol Station to Shell Petrol Station to pump petrol

(BABI...DAMN FAR TAU...knnmcb, pump same place la MORON!)

3.00pm - Shell to UKM Dewan Gemilang to take Datuk Seri's Hau punya room key for me to take my towel( that place is one end of UKM, naik bukit wan...super impala struggle gila babi) joureny 20 mins on super impala's turbo speed

Datuk Seri Hau Siau in air-conned Dewan Gemilang, doing his gemilang his gemilang coat...babi...we all so hot..if can i wan to get naked..but scared offend surau ppl...

3.20pm - UKM Dewan Gemilang to Kolej Zaba (another end of UKM..journey around 15 mins on super impala's top speed)

3.35pm - Kolej Zaba to Puspanika (on the way, but came down from super impalas and up again is very taxing due to super impala's pembonceng-unfriendly-kotak at its back)

3.50pm- Puspanika to Dewan Gemilang to return the key

And he came out again from the cold air-conned just ask us, talked to his hands...

4.05pm - Dewan Gemilang to UKM Komuter Stesen

The end of SUper impalas super journey.

Lawak Kores

Alkisah Kores dan Pro Evo 6

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:17:23): ada jere dgn camcul dok rumah aku

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:17:28): hahahhaha

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:17:28): hari2 proevo lar

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:17:29): free?
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:17:32): kau train la
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:17:35): lawan aku nanti

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:18:01): ahahaa
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:18:05): babi kau
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:18:13): bukan kau tak reti main pro evo ka?

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:23:17): aku sekrang...
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:23:19): dah menang james

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:24:33): woooo
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:24:35): respek sial
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:24:46): ini menang fulltime ka penalti?

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:25:43): fulltime la
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:25:52): tapi dia guna middlesborough
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:25:54): aku man utd

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:27:14): ahahaaa
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:27:20): itu mau bangga ka?
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:27:21): ahahaa
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:27:42): try suro dia pakai inter la
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:27:49): adriano super tipu sial
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:27:53): aku benci gila aa

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:31:45): hahaha
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:31:46): wei..
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:31:52): u guna christiano
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:31:56): lari and shoot.
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:31:58): kaki kanan

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:34:39): itu cheat gak ka??
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:34:48): ini doh
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:34:51): malgani
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:34:55): classic argentina
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:35:00): anywhere bole score
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:35:12): u tekan shoot sudah cukup

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:35:23): haahha
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:35:26): van basten
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:35:30): classic holland
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:35:43): or rijkarrd...orang tacklekau...dia injured

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:37:10): hahaha
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:37:14): tipu sial

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:37:34): jahahhaa
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:37:38): serious sial

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:37:49): wei u ajar jere cross tekan 3 kalika?
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:37:54): sial doh skill tu
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:38:03): aku dah byk kali own gol kau tau

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:38:07): u tak tau defend bodo
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:38:11): mau aku ajar kau sikit
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:38:16): masa u ambik corner tu..
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:38:27): u tekan Bulat plus aero bola tukeluar..
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:38:31): bola tu curl outside..
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:38:37): then heading senang masuk

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:38:45): oooooo
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:38:49): power sialllllllllllll
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:39:04): mmg xsia2 aku ajar main pro evo dulu

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:39:39): hahahaa
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:39:44): mau lagi?
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:39:54): tau ambik free kick tak

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:41:10): aaa
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:41:11): pro evo 6 ni mcm susah ja nk scorefree kick
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:41:13): except kalau beckham la

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:41:47): beckham la susah
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:41:58): cari yang curling around 80something
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:42:02): macam giggs..

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:43:14): then buat mcm biasa la?

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:43:20): err..
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:43:22): agak sukar
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:43:25): kena train sikit
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:43:29): tapi kalau sudah pro
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:43:36): confirm opponent jadi bengong
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:43:43): pasal conversion rate around 80%

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:46:27): ahahaa
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:46:32): gila bapa
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:46:46): habis la jere mlm ni
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:46:48): mauaha

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:46:58): ok
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:47:03): bila u ada freekick
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:47:07): u pegi set piece taker..
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:47:12): pilih yang around 80 something..
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:47:14): curl
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:47:16): then.
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:47:35): bola to the tiang...satuline..straight, tapi tak sentuh the wall

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:48:52): wei susah gila

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:49:42): then masa u tekan shoot..
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:49:55): tekan 1/3.5 bar dah..
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:50:17): tekan L1 and curl the arrow tothe goal
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 17:50:21): faham tak?

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:50:46): ok ok
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 17:50:55): technical gila game ni rupanya

20 minutes kemudian.....

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:28:57): macamana?
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:29:21): kau really percaya bendafreekick curl tu? hahahahhahaha kores...kores...aku pun tak suremacamana mau score freekick la....
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:29:24): HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAH
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:29:27): makanan dimakan..
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:29:30): yeah!

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:34:44): babi
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:34:46): besar
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:34:49): xguna

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:34:50): hahahhaha

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:34:51): penipu

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:34:52): hahaahahaha

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:34:52): barua

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:34:54): bagi tau diapa

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:34:54): sial

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:35:00): aku nak post kat yg
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:35:08): kebodohan melayu balik pulauterserlah
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:35:10): hahahahha
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:35:16): kirim salam kat jere and camcul
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:35:20): salam kebodohan kores
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:35:26): makanan yang sedap sekali
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:35:27): hahaha

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:35:33): babi

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:35:36): hahahaha
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:35:37): haahahah

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:35:40): mentang2 aku xpower pro evo

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:35:46): aku dapat bayangkan muka kau
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:35:47): hahhahaa
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:35:50): macam taro
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:36:00): bila tak dapat tangkap gambar
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:36:01): hahahhaha
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:36:07): lawak sial
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:36:08): hahaha

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:36:11): ahahahahahahaaaa
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:36:22): muka taro xdpt gambar

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:36:24): hahahaha

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:37:01): awat tak suruh tekan button select ka
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:37:05): senang sikit aku percaya

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:37:09): hahaha
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:37:14): apa yang aku bagitau tu
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:37:17): betul..
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:37:22):

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:38:14): igt aku nk tekan link tu aa
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:38:14): satu kali tipu sudah cukup la

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:38:15): hahaha..kau click tak linktu...? hahahahahahha
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:38:17): hahahahahahaa
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:38:18): lawak

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:38:19): ahahahaa

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:38:23): pandai sial

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:38:23): cubaan menarik

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:38:31): aku kena post perbualan kita la
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:38:32): hahahhaha

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:39:07):
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:39:10): wei tgk ni wei

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:39:19): takmau
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:39:22): nanti cerita hantu
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:39:25): aku guna dial up
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:39:27): kalau aku clikc
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:39:33): tunggu sebulan lebih kurang
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:39:34): keluar la

clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:39:44): hahaaha
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:39:52): untung sial kau
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:39:57): aku cuba tipu kau kembali
clou_kevin (2007/6/21 18:40:01): tapi xberjaysa

Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:40:50): tak percaya sudah
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:40:53): aku nak offline dee
Ang Choon Seong (2007/6/21 18:41:03): byebye...jgn lupa cerita katorang lain

Begitula kisah kores, yang percayakan si hansome ang, mengenai teknikfree kick tersebut..

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


My first post in Malaysia for 2007.

Ok..thats it.

Means i have updated my blog. Bye. Thanks for reading.

For those in Malaysia; my contact number is 0164773890.

Call me. I am damn damn bored.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Exam Jokes


I have my utmost respect to those who mark examination answers. Seriously...

A few outdated pictures of funny exam answers... my all time favourite is the one "find x"

Lawak super! How come i never thought of that leh...



This one very funny!!~!!

Lame a bit la...

Well, if you are a marker, whose answers would you want to mark? Smart ones, or not so smart ones?

Smart ones will give u all the out of syllabus answers and will come after you to demand extra marks for this and that.

Not so smart ones will make you spend more time try to find the hidden key word somewhere in the whole paragraph of unrelated answers.

I will prefer to mark, the lazy ones. They will simply pass up blank answer sheets.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Bahasa Malaysia In UK

I saw that when waiting for my physio session... Dunno who helped the city council to do these translation thingy, must be Za'ba or Tun Sri Lanang...

Later i email city council...ask them to update la...

I dont know what to do in the summer@!


Some of the things I did over these few days before I go back HOME


(okla..dunwan to ks the monster..actually she did all the cooking...i sat down play ps and eat only...)

1. Chun Peah.. (Lohbak version)

After roll-roll put on the pan and fry lo....

Healthy Living so put on used toilet paper to absorp oil lo...

Tah~Rang!~! Sedap Sedap Sekali...

Ohya..forgot to tell..the above is the ingredient inside the roll thing...

2. Wantan

As you too much fry stuff might not be so good for our health... (actually i lazy to keep on turn the roll...damn sien wan...) So, we use the same ingredient, but make wantan!~!

Rectangular shape...

Hexagon shape...

Pentagon Shape

Triangle Shape...

Of course, the ones I did were the odd ones la...hoho...creative leh...

3. Herbal Chicken

Sometimes boring boring...wanna eat some herbal chicken/beggar chicken/ayam maharaja (all look the same to me...some aluminium foiled steamed chickenla...)


Inside got chicken and herb lo...

4. New creation.. have no garlic, no onion...just put all in and stir fry la...come out still nice..hoho

Spicy Tanghoon bersetubuh with Tau Kee (invented by monster inc.)

5. Loh Mai Kai without Loh Mai and No Kai.... (glosarry...loh mai means choobi...nasi pulut punya beras... kai means chicken..)

So its nasi pulut ayam tapi guna nasi biasa and no ayam...ganti dengan hotdog...

that was when we have nothing in the house, no chicken, no pork, no fish, no meat at all! But the genius Monster Inc. came out with Shrimp-Sausage-Lapcheong rice! (apply the same concept with the LohMaiKai in dimsum shop..)

Like dat!~!~!

6. Claypot chicken rice!

The famous dish by Monster Inc. - Serious ganasly sedap!

Just throw all in the rice cooker!~!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Rugby Edinburgh Sevens World Series

Due to extreme boredom and nothingtodonesss, last Sunday I decided to join some of the boringest ppl in Edinburgh to watch rugby, in the famous Murrayfield.

Our pace indicated the level of boringnes..

So what is so great about Murrayfield and the tournament? Not bad for a 5-pound-ticket. I thought it was more expensive..

The donuts...
I like the donuts lo...Hazem Asai on my left. He is the son of Roger Federer...Sama muka rite?

I know I did not look like I m happy with the donuts but I put this picture for u to see how deceiving the name of the van - Supreme Express Burger - James waited for half an hour in the queue...where got express~!

The air-blow-thingy

I spent a lot of time looking at that air thingy coz...the middle of the field not really interest me la...

But sometimes have to turn away from that to the middle of the field due to...ya...that

Another 2 fella who were looking at the same direction...the air balloon thingy...


The best match was the England match..the whole stadium booed sama them, ohya why was that the best? COz got ppl gaduh in that match...hoho...

The chearleaders were quite entertaining..

But only a few, i think got 3 really not very cheering...old and fat but still come out and still jumping around to emotionally harrassed opponent teams)

Sorry...not managed to get the best picture to support my point about the cheerleaders..

The parachut show is interesting... (this is quite funny coz one of them nearly landed on the roof..hoho)

Promoting Glasgow 20XX (i forgot the year liau) Glasgow wants to bid for commonwealth games

The mascot of the Edinburgh Rugby Team, Scot (costume recycled from the Energizer battery commercial)

The kids ask for autograph from the maskot...Oii...he is just partimerla... Kids are kids...

Talking about autograph...There were a lot of teams in this tournament...but I think most of the players are not very famouslo...

COz only kids ask for autograph from them...

Pls spot of the the oldest person asking for autograph...He was on Edinburgh Uni Jumper...

Thats me!~! Berebut with other budak kecik for a scribble from someone who doesnt know how to sign..
The one above Emirates Airlines Edinburgh Sevens is signed by a Russian players...dunno wat popeye he signed there..

The one signed on the Edinburgh wording, in the middle one, is a Scottish player, dunno his name but he just scribbled nia la..babi sama dia..

Then the one on the right, above the logo of Emirates is signed by Lee Pei Pei.....haih...

Thats all..bye

Monday, June 04, 2007

Mandy Lai Bye Bye

No more special desserts...

No more ku lo yok...

No more chocolate muffin...

My hongkong's housemate's opposite sex's friend is going back to hongkong for good...

Means her occasional visits to Edinburgh whereby we will be having desserts with restaurant's standard will be byebye oredi...

Profile: Mandy Lai Phui Man
Sex: Female
Nationality: Hongkong
Others: I dunno...never ask...hoho..ppl's gf la...i so hansome tok to her also ppl tot i got other meaning already...

Below are pictures of her last night in 17/5 Teviot Place before going back to London to finish her exam and then sayonara..

She made us superb chocolate muffin...ganas

Picture courtesy of James' idea - Theme: Both want Nick...(ps: wei James...rubbish idea)

Need something to put the camera for timer - sheer brilliance special effect technology

Family photo of 17/5 Teviot Place.
(absentees: Shiying and Matthew)

Grabbed anything u can within 10 secs...

Hansomes sit down...

Monster is beside me...i am scared...

The owners of 17/5 Teviot Place...

It was then we discovered the mystery of the moon...see all the pictures a moon wan...sometimes got 2...

Thats the original

2 moons....(ignore the flash)

One moon (ignore the flash again)

If got moon/moons....romantic scene must be included la...of coz...romantic scene need romantic ppl like me to make it more real....

I try not to laff...but....

This is how we do the moon thing, a superb special effect technology...