Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kalsom 13.

Logos to put in my T shirt for participants of my litle projek kalsom 13...

You think wat color of the t shirt yang best?


Saturday, July 28, 2007


Do you guys know Wong Chi Wah?

He is a damn famous MC and talker in talk show in Hongkong..

Didnt make it well in acting tho...not hansome enuff i think...

You see his face:

Even after camera trick and makeup...and some lighting effects...

Still like dat...how to be successful in art industry...

And u compare with these ppl..

Anyway, talking about this wongchiwah's talk show, he is damn damn funny la. Seriously if u understand cantonese..go and watch in youtube la...search for Hongkong talk show also got already..

He mentioned on these 3 things that if you say when ppl scold u...that no one can counter u back...

"Cari makan saja...."

"U think i want it ar?!!!!"

"Against the law ar??!!"

Lemma...damn lawak la....

Also, there is one time, he said; consumer who are illogical and contributed to inflation always have this element in their decision making whether or not to buy something...

"What if i die tomorrow?" Buy la...

Got to go...byebye...

Monday, July 23, 2007


Someone owe me a lot of money din pay me up..

haih..member punya pasal i dunwan to say who...but..haih..misuse my trust.

If i am Along now i kaya dee..

U know how Along count faedah?

I heard of, and know a bit abt this 2 types la.. Trust me there are a lot of ways which Along count faedah

One is called the Hari Hari type...usually hawker take this kind of loans..

Say u pinjam RM1000, so minus RM100 ringgit for setem dan duti khas (mana ada punya??!?!? along makan sendiri)

and also let say one day u have to pay RM50 per installment, so the Along will give u RM850, RM100 for Duti khas and setem fees, and then RM50 for the first installment.

So let say along charge u faedah of 25% (i dunno how much they usually will take) so, RM1000 plus RM250, u totally owe him RM1250 but u only take back RM850.

Let say u have to pay RM1250 for RM50 per installment, means u have to pay each day/installment count per day la...ie, u have to pay RM50 for 25 days la...

Sounds logic and fair right?

But, let say after u pay for 5 days, RM50 , RM50, RM50, RM50, RM50...then on the 6th day u tarak duit... Along wont kacau u wan..coz now, the first five installment sudah not counted anymore...u have to repay again RM50 for 25 days again!

Gila babi? hohoho...

Another way that i heard of... is lagi tak logik..

let say u pinjam RM10000. Let say u have to pay RM14000 back. U have to pay RM1000 a week

So wat happen is that, u need to pay RM1000, until u can pay RM14000 in one go!

If not, u continue la pay RM1000. Kenot repay the along RM10000 first, later only pay the rest.

I am not really sure la...all this i heard nia..din go ask further coz not really wans to pinjam...choichoichoi..

Dat day someone go and want to pinjam RM50 000 Bank SME;

Banker: Hello Sir. If you want to borrow this sum, you need to have a deposit of 70% of the amount you want to borrow.

Dat guy: Kau sai....If i got 70% of the money i wont come alreayd la. ABo u pinjam gua 70% to be deposit and then u pinjam me the amount la fucker!

Serious wan...some banks' polisi agak bodo...


Recent Happenings:

A lot of ppl send me msg like:

Ang relax. Dun tense up. I'll be helping u soon.

Well ang, life is like dat. Dun stress too much. Kesian u.

Hey ang. Dun take it too hard ang. Chill.

Lemma... Saying all those words vulgar words is not really stressful baru tulis wan la..

See..go holiday in Italy also can write vulgarity wan...

Middle Finger doesnt meant a lot of stuff wan...(kandungan skrin disensor)

What a typical free school student will find it STRESSFUL?
  • Kantoi Tiru Exam
  • Kantoi Ponteng Sekolah in Cybercafe of Police
  • Kantoi Curi Buku Library
  • Kantoi Masuk Kelas budak Junior ambik Pen
Really, after years in free school, a place where no one do homework or any other assignment assigned by teachers...

And only when 1 day before date to pass up, then we start to evaluate the weightage of the assignment...

If need it to pass a national exams such as SPM, then we will then start our lastminute super effort.

If it is just teacher's gatal bola wanna give homework for us to practice make perfect...

then...."SOrry Seems to Be the Easiest Wordla.."

It is not over-exaggerating if i want to bangga with what years in Penang Free School and Scouting 7gts had made me into what i am today. I am considered like a super slack scout and students alreayd..imagine other ppl who hold post in scouts, prefect, ed board, and etc etc...

we are really train to meet datelines and meet obstacles..due to our laziness before the datelines

We cant changed our belief that "Bersenang-senang dahulu, Bersusah susah kemudian."

Still remember how we face the tension of tomorrow is camp day, and competition havent settle even 80%...

Still remember how we stress gila babi to berjuang gadget for morning inspection in 20 mins time...

Of coz, the legendary, how we calm ourselves down when 10 minutes to Pendidikan Moral exam and u know Nothing about Nilai moral...

Everything we do, as pfs and 7gts, is to NEVER SAY DIE, if necessary. Kalau sekadar ujian bulanan, mampuih dia pi la.

Kalau is like SPM Trial, half mampuihla. Kenot study finish, tiru ppl la...easy...

If tiru ppl scared wrong, bring printed notes that are same color and size of the question papers, then staple in together with them...can rujuk without fear

All in all, " if can finish, mah ok lo...if cannot finish, mah fuck it la."

Be happy like frog..Makan nyamuk boring, main tunggang belakang...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Super Emo

KESUEIAN Yang Melebih-lebih....

Dunno how to say anymore


FIrst Blow:

Go KL, Booseong have to go back Penang at 12 o clock, Desmond got class till 3pm, Jaysen no transport...

I tot like...wah..no place to go...nevermindla..can cari kawan kawan melayu...

Manatau....Dat was a Jumaat... 12 to 2.30pm...all solat jumaat.,..

NONONONONO!!!! End up go KLCC jalan lo.....luckily ada kawan lain yang available last minute.

Second Blow:

Car no Petrol ----> Everytime see petrol Kiosk.,..its on the side which cant get to it.

A total of 3 kiosk just within walking distant but due to the complexity of the road system, end up kenot pump there. I cant describe my ketestistekanan... Overwhelmingly Tekan. Its like Jessica Alba stripped naked waiting for u but u are in vege state..(choichoichoi)

Babi...nasib baik in the end last last ada...

Third Blow:

Some of the things that i asked ppl to do, they din do it properly. In the end, i have to spend 2 nights, din sleep, finish it and do the thinking super super super on my own. Ahhhh!!!

Member punya pasal i can take it. BUT quite tertekan bola also.

Forth Blow:

Settle everything, the whole thing, need to photostat.

Ahh...fucked...Saturday night...photostat shop got open or not....

round round...luckily got a shop open, let him photostat, then i go makan.

After 1 hour went to the shop to collect it, then take home see...


All wrongly stapled. Partly my fault not putting pages number but then...otaktarakguna.

I have to spend another solid 45 minutes reshuffle and staple the whole 17 pages proposal. SHITMAN.

Fifth Blow:

Akhirnya all settle dee..got a news:

My bos terambik the key to the venue tomorrow, and he pegi Kelantan!

Partly My bad! I forgot to remind him that i needed the key!

SO how?

After half an hour of discussing, in the end decided to send it via the bus driver, which is surprising widely practiced.

So, markus have to go Terminal Putra take the key tmr morning.

Sixth and the ULTIMATUM BLOW:

I dunno whether its blessing in disguise or wat, due to the key is in Kelantan, my bos called up the office of the venue to see if I can get the keys from them.

End up we realised that the venue that I confirmed its available since last month is IN USE.


THe meeting is extremely crucial to me, as in i spend all my effort and time into it. Also, i believe it is for the betterment of the whole project.

And, some ppl come all the way from Kedah to attend this meeting...Takkan mau cancel...But we screwed up by takdir!

So tomoro, i'll go to the venue 9am, to try to negotiate with the ppl there, to let us use the downstairs. Altho no aircone, but i think at least its much better than we have to cancel it.

I dunno wat to say.... I just wanna say


Monday, July 16, 2007

14 July

22nd Birthday!

Thanks for all the wishes. FOr that, i managed to negotiate a holiday for all penangites!

14 July is now declared as a state holiday, in the name of choon seong's birthday... which coincidentally, same with a fella's birthday as well...cant remember his name..ohoho..

also, since i like french fries, i've decided to declare that day as the French National Day as well la..

Below are the pictures which i have taken during my birthday with 43 manusia yng terdiri drpd aunties and uncles...in a bus with a capacity of 44 ppl... Enjoy!

Batu Pahat Temple Number 1

According to the National Geography of Jelutong Pasar, it is well tested and proven that by:

1. Washing ur face using the water from the well....then

2. Cross the change luck bridge....(no need to take loan from china to built that one..)then

3. Touching the buaya and the kura bernenas, then

You will get good luck in not only 4D Magnum, 3+1D Kuda but also the famous Tipu orang Tarak otak (TOTO SPorts)

THe well......
whose H20 is a bit different. The covalent bond of the H20 is a bit more powerful with conjugative Van der Sars force, causing it to make ppl rich by not only the number will come out in 4D Magnum, 3+1D Kuda but also in the famous Tipu orang Tarak otak (TOTO SPorts)

Next Cross the Bridge! A very cost effective bridge which had so far boasted the economy of Batu Pahat, just the same reason why they wanted to built the second Penang Bridge in Batu Kawan...

And then can start touching the buaya putih, the kura kura bernenas..and roll the number...

Like dat...Give me LUCK!

My mother ...(My mum is the one smiling to my camera of coz..)

And then go in Pray Pray lo...

Next..Batu Pahat Temple Number 2....

Ini pulak the exterior design of the fish that got molested so often..choichoichoi..justt joking..those were the magic fishes in Johor that if they come to u on their own, not by any external pressure such as roti, means u are very lucky not only in 4D Magnum, 3+1D Kuda but also in TOTO...(sudah repeat joke..)

Pasukan Auntie Bersatu is very determined and willing to do anything to kena number, not only for 4D Magnum, 3+1D Kuda but also TOTO...(sudah repeat joke..)

GOt another two kura kura bernenas.. many aunties sendiri buat teori that they shud touch that 2 kura kuras as well for luck.....but it looks not godly to me at all....as compared to those just now...these look like playground stuff...

Coming up next: Another few temples in Johor and Melaka...to kena lottery...


Food For Thought!
If Chinese in Malaysia do not gamble, there wont be Lim Goh Tong as a symbol of entrepreneurship, but surely there will be thousands and thousands of millionaire hawkers!

-Ang Choon Seong-

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Movie Review

I think i am the last person u shud ask for review. But as usual, ppl who have no topic to me, surely will ask:

ah hansome ar... u sudah tengok ar transformer?
ah choonseong ar... sudah tengok die hard?

ohwell...i tell u: transformer more logic than die hard lo..

i can accept a radio turn into robot and then walk past a busy taxiway in airport which Airforce1 landed and had been alerted of intrusion

or even a hot gurl like that gurl i dunno wat name la...still in school and not yet joined Miss US or masuk model agency

or even to the max a few robots hide and seek around the house with no neighbours noticed it

but to believe that an ahpek like mr willis, drive a police car and then let if fly with only an accelerator and a plaza tol..if like dat we dun need to have MRR2...no traffic jam la...

also i find it hard to believe that ppl dun on their light in a dark tunnel when there is no light...i mean...come on la..

and the dude who tried to squeeze bruce punya daughter's boobs din even lock the car door...hahaha.. (dat one quite logic la..)

Buat lawak saja...

Both movie quite best..

But once u met with some kerajaan director...u feel like tekan testisnya dengan kejam!


Monday, July 09, 2007

Visit to UM, Kuala Lumpur

Part of my intellectual exchange in Malaysia is to visit UKM, USM and University Islam Anatarabangsa Malaysia.

And i found that


and kawasan kawasan sekitar PJ is very dangerous.

Always got snatch thief, rapist, pirates, lorry selling tilams...etc...etc...

I was in KL coz i wanted to settle some kalsom banking stuff in RHB bank in damansara. So, i asked booseong to drop me in any place yang ada taxis...

Manatau, due to his nothing-to-do ness, we decided not to prosperkan the taxi industry; equipped with EX5 Honda Boon Siew 125CC Motorbike, 2 heroes decided to explore Damansara. So, Booseong control the moto, i navigate;

So, we ronda ronda...saw some roadsign:

Damansara Jaya --->
Damansara Utama <---

Booseong: eei..ur damansara is utama or jaya?

Ang: i dunno la...maybe utama kot..

Booseong: OK

So we ikut damansara utama...fuiyo...masuk highway dee..but no big deal.. our small bike in tepi tepi...on speed of 80-90kmph sambil bersembang pasal Wanita Hari Ini dan Nona...

Midway tru...i semakin smell no rhb bank....and then we discover this:

Damansara Jaya --->
Damansara Utama <---
Pusat Bandaraya Damansara (U turn)

Ang: wei...abo we ikut pusat bandaraya la...maybe higher chance leh...

Booseong: wah...mencabar....kena U turn..

Ang: So...U turn mah U turn la..

Booseong: Mencabar sekali..

As we makan to the rightest lane of the highway, we have to beat or at least as fast as other vehicles which are all big cars on 110-130kmph in the highway....

THere is no other motobikes in the next 1km on our sight lansung...we are like one small semut in the midst of zebra-zebra tengah berhijrah..and have to go to the other side..

Booseong cut a few cars on 120kmph on our right...we are at least 120-130...i duno we were how fast but...i felt as if we are flying!!! and on the process he keep on shouting


then we cut again to the next lane also around that speed...

In the end...seriously we are so lucky dat the RHB bank is in pusat bandaraya damansara... right on the entrance of that big pusat bandaraya...

Wooohoo....We, the double SEONGs, survived!

No picture coz i dare not to bring out my hp...takut terbang jatuh...