Friday, August 31, 2007

Razak Baginda and WanZu

Personaliti Pilihan Ke-2

Teka Teki : How many Zoos are there in Kalsom?


One Zoo..

Introducing Best Faci, ladies and gentleman, children of all ages, Mr. One Zoo!!!

So who is this One Zoo guy?

He speaks all languages known to mankind and kucing tetangga...

He looks like Zaid Ibrahim during Zaid's younger days..

With his hair, he can anytime mistaken as the one with the shirt printed:

I am Wife of Razak Baginda and Proud of It.

Spot the Difference?

Maybe i should print for him:

My hair looks like Wife of Razak Baginda and Proud of It.

Puan Razak Baginda with Taro. She was really upset with the hearing today, so hanged out for supper in Kangar..

Come on ppl...Wan Zhukri won the best facis award! His bestness in Emceeing is second only to Me. Look at this pic:

Wanzoo: Undilah saya dalam election for Best Facis Award!

Who's the Best!? Say Wan Zoo..if not dont let me see u in any zoo in Malaysia..I ask my tiger bite you...

Muka masam wan zoo..shud be this participant berkeras that Ang is better than him....

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Personality Pilihan Kalsom 13

Hello everyone. I was told to update my Blog!~!~!~! Bangga sial.

Anyway, as many of u guys knew, i was involved in a camp called the Projek Kalsom.

So, from now onwards, i will blog on each and every facis who i have stories to tell.

Abang Nas was one of the most popular faci in Kalsom 13.

Nasrul a.k.a Porn was one of the most influential figure in Blok B, KMB.

So how do i get to know Nasporn? I also dunno. He is one of those who walks around the block, with a book, very very late, i mean early i

Abg Porn started the First Porn Student Summit (FPSS), delivering a keynote address working around explaination to his students the importance of Pornography towards the world health and wellbeing of other mammals.

Abg Porn trying to correct some of the lines in the script he wrote over the months. He has yet to come out with the title for that soft core porn movie, scheduled to released in your neighbourhood porn cinema next summer.

He spiced up the session with a very meaningful quotation from peribahasa Melayu:
Orang Porno Selalu Untung

As part of the Industrial Training and Induction of all his new students, Abg Porn explaining the needs to concentrate on the foundation of pornofication, ie: deciding on the manner of which the process of mating should begin with...

And he decided to swing the hand around just to create some spacial movement and projection of lively and humanity in the midst of lust and pleasure..

He then decided to give his newest production title name: Finish Line

Abang Porn In the Bus UNIMAP towards Gua Kelam as part of his effort in searching new filming site for Finish Line

And he is deeply impressed by the setting of MRSM Beseri, which he said, has the economical and ecological values which goes well with Finish Line, scheduled to start filming next year

All the stories above is ciptaan Ang Semata Mata...tidak berkaitan dengan yang hidup atau mati atau kedua duanya sekali

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Depression Super

I think i really can become him liau lo..

luckily i am in UK..and my mum dunno wat i am doing in UK...hoho....

And luckily got JPA and terescape to UK...

pls read the following artikel..

Utusan not only good in advertising to us the latest Governments' Propaganda, but also quite good in covering this kind of blockbuster story!

Lakonan pelajar cemerlang 10 A1 terbongkar


Leong Whye Hung.

KUALA LUMPUR 12 Ogos – Tiga tahun lalu, Leong Whye Hung merupakan pelajar cemerlang peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) dengan memperoleh keputusan 10 A1.

Dia kemudian mendapat tawaran melanjutkan pelajaran di pusat pengajian tinggi dengan biasiswa penuh dalam program Diploma Kejuruteraan Elektrik di Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman (KTAR) di sini.

Sejak hari pendaftaran pada awal Januari 2005, yang mana dia ditemani bapanya Leong Kok Beng, Whye Hung dikatakan tidak pernah ponteng kuliah di KTAR walaupun sehari.

“Setiap hari saya melihat dia keluar rumah menuju ke kolej untuk mengikuti kuliah. Saya fikir Whye Hung tentu bertekad mahu mengulangi kecemerlangan dalam akademik di KTAR,” kata bapanya, Kok Beng pada sidang akhbar di sini hari ini.

Pada sidang akhbar itu yang turut dihadiri Ketua Biro Pengaduan Awam MCA, Datuk Micheal Chong, Kok Beng menceritakan, semua rutin harian anaknya itu rupa-rupanya satu sandiwara semata-mata.

Katanya, lakonan Whye Hung, kini berusia 20 tahun, terbongkar pada hari dia sepatutnya menerima diploma pada konvokesyen KTAR 28 Julai lalu.

Pada hari itu, dia yang diiringi bapanya untuk mengambil diploma pada hari konvokesyen tiba-tiba menghilangkan diri sejurus memasuki dewan konvokesyen KTAR.

Kok Beng dari Taman Sri Rampai, Setapak di sini memberitahu, dalam kejadian 28 Julai lalu dia dan Whye Hung sama-sama menghadiri majlis konvokesyen di KTAR.

“Sejurus kami sampai, dia tiba-tiba hilang. Pada mulanya saya ingat dia ke tandas tapi saya mula risau apabila dia tidak kembali sejam kemudian,” katanya.

Setelah puas mencari, Kok Beng menyemak nama anaknya dalam senarai penerima diploma pada hari konvokesyen tersebut.

Pihak pentadbiran KTAR memaklumkan, Whye Hung sudah pun berhenti daripada pengajian ketika dalam semester dua pada Disember 2005.

Kok Beng berkata: “Selama ini setiap hari dia (Whye Hung) keluar rumah pukul 8 pagi dan berpakaian seolah-olah dia pergi ke kuliah.

“Saya hanya hantar dia ke kolej pada hari pendaftaran semester pertama. Selepas itu dia pergi ke kolej dengan rakan-rakannya.”

Sementara itu, Michael meminta orang ramai yang mempunyai maklumat mengenai Whye Hung supaya segera menghubunginya di talian 03-2161 8044.

Laporan mengenai kehilangan pemuda itu telah pun dilaporkan di Balai Polis Wangsa Maju di sini. Sejak kehilangannya, Whye Hung tidak lagi dapat dihubungi melalui telefon bimbitnya.

GIla babs.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Whatablog Best

Celebrating the kehampiran 8000th click of Whatablog!!!

Hoho..despite the fact that 7900 clicks are from me alone huhu...i am still happy that i got it so far... OKla...the person with got the 8001 click will win:

Tiket penerbangan pergi-balik ke Pulau Ketam sekiranya MAS Airlines ada terbang pegi sana dan wang saku perbelanjaan sebanyak 300 rupiah.


So it has been like..maybe...nearly a year since i blogged...

From the start till the end...actually i dun really know the meaning of blog...some told me is web log... To me...some blogs are actually quite hard to understand...

They blogged about how their bf/gf din squeeze their....pimples...

They blogged on how their mother dun let them out at 2am
or dun let them have sex with the neighbour............'s dog...and then

their internal conflict inside their heart...sebiji macam diary..but the paradox is that;

Diary is to keep to oneself...its a private entry for ownself...

Blogging in a diary style is that the private entry to the whole world...

Well i stil stand to the belief that all blogs should talked mine for example.. just update ppl on certain

Ah..since sudah near 8000 clicks....must got Ong dee... Go try my luck la...

Sequence of Steps towards becoming a successful Man:

1. Buy a lucky pig
ini dia

2. Go to nearby franchise of Magnum/Kuda/Toto
Itu dia..

3. Nah!
key to success

Ohya...i wanna take this oppurtunity to thank mr chee boobs for letting me stay in his place for so many times over the month. Jasamu dikenang.

Synchronise sleeping...kaki have to bengkok..

Friday, August 10, 2007

Malaysian Student Leaders Summit 07

What is Candid pictures? Below are some of the examples...

Discussing the content of the speech...only 2 participants are and a chinese frend of mine... siew ling from LSE

Carrying stuff for quite a distance..around 20 semutmeter...

Doing some of the most important computer job while answering questions from colleague who is currently not in the picture..

After a whole day effort...its time to quench my thirst....

Well taken candid picture....hahhaha.. siewling kenot take it and terlaff...useless actress..

Sometimes, the advantage of having a cameraman is that he will take all the pictures for us, without doing all those barter business.

But this cameraman...inside him...tertanam.... a great feeling of super heartache..more hurtful than breakup with a fatty ugly......more hurtful than feeling of kenot shit for 3 days after eating buffet...

Just imagine he went back to his house when his wife asked him where he had been the whole day: Let say his name is Teck Kang

Teck Kang: Haiya...i din go find other woman la....i was the cameraman for the Malaysian Student Leader Summit...

Wife: I dun believe in me evidence!~!~!

Teck Kang: See...all this freebies...the note book by CIMB, the pen from Maybank...the fancy handphone screen wiper from PWC....

Wife: No...all those things u can just ask ur frend to take it for u!~!~! I am sure that nice guy mr ang will surely help u take wan... Show me any picture u with anyone in the MSLS?

Teck Kang: Nah....250 pictures...all i took one! Damn tired u know...!

Wife: (Checking...checking...) Where got Ur face..?

Cameraman: *speechless*

thats y....Deep inside cameraman's heart...several Myocardial Infaction took place...

And that is why, i always insists on taking a picture with the cameraman! For the sake of the harmony at ur home and towards vision 2020.


Ohya..the most kantoi Candid picture...everyone kenot tahan..laff...hahahhaha

Adios kawan kawan

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Look A Like

Hello ppl

Wah..long time no see...

Anyway, this blog is just to tell u guys; Ang is still alive. I escaped death the other day. Super blog is cerita.

Just wanna post up some of the pictures.

Look A Like:!

1. Chee Boo Seong Vs En Wong

If u know who is chee boo la..i dunwan to post his face here: He looks like tony leung..he said!

Chee Boo Seong

2. Albert Lim Vs Fisherman

I think it is really albert lo. He cheated say still stay in Newcastle to do some dunno wat fisherman in Penang.

Albert Lim


3. One of my pfs junior..ken tat and mikael silvestre


Ken Tat

4. Ong Wei Peng Vs Strawberry

It is quite yeng when he pump minyak...

Strawberry King

Weipeng's face and head shape...

Adios....Watak watak dalam post diatas tidak ada kaitan dengan mati ataupun yang masih hidup dan adalah 100% khayalan dan fantasi saya semata mata....

Friday, August 03, 2007

Asia Cup Yang Lalu...

Ohya..this post is to honour and acknowledge Mr Lopes for giving me and desmond tan free tickets to watch Iran Vs South Korea.

Korean chix.....10.5/10. I have decided to marry none but korean chix. Its either Hyundai bos punya daughter, or LG's or kedua-duanya sekali.

Anyway, below are some of the pics i took using my hp camera. Now can take out the pics pasal my frend got the cable.

Quite a lot of ppl lo...

The ppl in the stadium..ganas..

One part of the stadium is show the color of the a few panjat masuk there..

The few ppl yang berjaya panjat masuk...

Game start..!
Look the the white shirt guy...his job just follow the ball...when half time break...cari audience see got any chun babes....

Desmond and Markus..markus buat cool la..

U know wat it means?

This kid's banner...i think maybe its:
"Korea chix rules...Gonna screw them when i grow up..."

Unlimited Future for you Kid. So many chix in ur country.