Sunday, September 30, 2007

Projek Kalsom Promo Video

The only few good things i ever done...


Saturday, September 29, 2007


Recent YM and MSN conversation on JPA's New Rate:

1. I was onlining at 9.30am and K msg me...

K: Walaueh ang, now got so much money from JPA still ponteng class?

Me: They give me so much money that I have to find extra time to spend those extra money

K: @~@

2. Someone (X) with MSN personal message: Why JPA do this to me?

Me: Why? JPA give u very little money meh?

X: Ya..they gave us 650 pounds and we had to pay rend of 290 pounds. Plus all other bills and my transport to hospitals...Ahhhh...Now really every penny, every syilings need to save dee...

Me: Oh..okok. Later come edinburgh, i got a like 200 pounds of syilings dunno where to throw. Come and take la.

X: @~@

3. My YM and MSN nick: 800 pounds dari JPA telah menaubatkan ang utk study hard. M comment on that.

M: Hey ang. Y they give u 800 while i am getting just 650.

Me: Well, u might as well ask Why am i so handsome u r not?

M: Because you are born like dat.

Me: Exactly. You are born with value 650 pounds a month. They follow the kehansoman rate.

Heheehehe..joking only ya everyone. I am very thankful got those money and promise myself to study hard ya.

This entry i wanna tell you about my Ikea trip. It was last last thursday morning, when i woke up wanted to go lecture..but it was raining.


I waited for the rain to stop..



It just dunwan to go away..

As time passes...

I tertidur balik.

Around 10 something, i reawake, and so automatically go MSN see see lo..

Eeei..Suz just online. Then Flower monster also online....

So i ask Flowermonster, "wei...wanna go ikea?"

Flowermonster as expected is 100% positive for any suggestion to escape class: and say YES.

Then i ask Suz, wanna go ikea. I told flowermonster, if suz, the good good study study gurl wants to skip the whole day lecture and go, i;ll just go la.

Manatau: suz really say: YES.

The cream de la ice cream 3 of us, skip the whole day Public Health lectures and go ikea..hehehehhee. Coincidently, 3 of us are the only 3 scholars from Mara College Banting in 3rd Year Edinburgh Medical Sch. I was thinking, is this what banting produces? heheheheheh

Then, Mai called and said wanna join.

So, then 4 of us, sets off to Ikea.

The name sudah 'Bodo' how u expect ppl like us to buy.

I always curious what kind of fruits can be harvested by this galah..

Apparently it is not galah...its for orang malas use to pakai kasut...and now that galah very smelly coz the smell of Mai's shoe is like Tahi Unta digaul dengan air kencing beruang panda.

Orang tua super pun tak duduk dia pegi duduk...

Bayi punya benda pun dia duduk

Tak cukup tinggi for the cermin...

The hiasan up there is so scary ....macam mayat mayat bayi digantung up there....

penipuan. How can the mickey mouse got no sexual organ?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another Empty Promise

Perjanjian Teviot 27 September 2007

Bahawa sah nya, Ang Choon Seong akan belajar bersungguh sungguh.

Dun ever ponteng class.

And dun stayed up till 4.17 and blogged on something which is so useless.


When the going gets tough, the tough gets going...

The sentence above just sums up that i am not a tough one.

Okla..continue see my most beloved picture of the year

Good Boy. U have a blardy bright future boy.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Personality Kalsom:

Imran Hashim aka ini...

Macam Koala..

His name is so common

BUT he is very uncommon.....

He can be serious...

He can be joking...

BUT...we never know...

whether he is serious or joking..

COZ...his facial expression is maintain at a constant..katakan x

So...let see some of his x expression:

X = serious?

x = joking?

We can only guess, looking at the serious/joking face of the other watak kodi beside him...

But we dun know the real him...

I always thought he is very nice to the kids..


during kalsom treasure hunt...

He punked them...

His dark side...Muahahahhahaha (dengan nada keji Imran)

I tried to, but the kids when saw me, already know...abang ang tipu punya la...

Imran and Sit set up a fake station, somewhere near a real station, to see whose team kurang bijak come and report to the fake station and they shall pay at least 30 minutes...

The three conman/woman.. Nudgela also help them...

Ada mangsa sudah datang...see..Imran's face...macam sial punya muka..hahaha

I offered the team some sympathy by not laughing at them directly...i laffed secretly...30 minutes terhabis here...

He is no ordinary MAN

Not easily swayed by food

Still din eat the oranges...

Not easily attracted by chix

Baca komik pun tak mau usha aweks..the two gurls over there..dun be sad...coz its imran...

Dat is why the gurl participant feel so safe eventho blindfolded by him...

Then i suspected he is not straight...BUT

Not interested in guys neither, despite hud and apik lying down in such a horny position, komik jugak...


JPA's New Rate for UK students

1. London: Not much can be said as the overall rent, food and transport is undoubtedly the highest in UK. They do deserve a 100% increase. Living in London comes with the need to shopping as well as, since it is a shopping heaven. No complain la.

2. Edinburgh, Reading, Surrey, Bristol: 800 pounds a month without 60:40, quite posh. I am not sure about other places, but Edinburgh's cost of accommodation is rather expensive: up to 350 pounds a month excluding bills. 800 pounds might be slightly good for us...hoho..after all..the cost of a stripper is around 150 pounds.

3. Manchester and others: 650 pounds. AHhhhhh¬!

4. The one i still do not understand is the rate for Oxbridge. The cost of living is as high as London ar?

I asked this question before to a JPA officer long long time ago. The answer I got that time is that "its hard to get into Oxbridge. So we give them some encouragement".

That time, the difference of rates between Others and London/Oxbridge is just around 60 pds. So, hmm...60 pds for encouragement..might be quite reasonable. After all...i dun deny they are genius and work very hard to get in there.

However, what puzzled me is that, now, the difference between Oxbridge and Others is 150 pounds (comparing with Edinburgh and etc) and a staggering 300 pounds (comparing with Manchester, Birm, Newcastle, Cardiff, Nottingham, Warwick and etc)

So, the encouragement now is worth 300 pounds? given the forex rate is 6.9, it turns out to be the JPA is giving Oxbridge an extra RM2000: which coincide with my brother's 1 month and 10 days work basic pay.

Dont get me wrong!

I am not saying that we should reduce the amount given to Oxbridge (or deny their entitlement of Rate A), but i think the gap should not be 300 pounds.

It gives me an impression that JPA are saying that Oxbridge's standard is way above rest.

Give the others the same rate of 800 pounds.

Afterall, the whole nation was told by the YAB PM that JPA scholars in UK, US and Canada are given 97% increase.

Merdeka Gift

It works out that Manchester and Others should be receiving around 800 pounds as well.

I m not anti Oxbridge or anti the fact that JPA sayang Oxbridge and of coz, this article is not a complaint, its a comment!

After all, the newspaper reported 97% increase to the pleasure of many parents, but then decided to

give 950 pounds to London/OxBridge (which is really around 97%),

give 800 to Edinburgh/Reading/Bristol/Surrey ( which is around 97% as well)

but give 650 to Others (which is around 50% increase)

Of coz you can argue that the newspaper just take the essence but the really Budget 2008 documented did not guarantee 97% for everyone..but comeon la..the rakyat was told so.

And worst about Ireland?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Dear All JPA-Sponsored Students ,

In reference to payment for accomodation in this coming academic session (2007/2008) and beyond, we wish to clarify further that the new scholarship rate and package effective this September 2007 would also include component for your housing needs.

However, the housing component will be rolled together with your monthly allowances and disbursed on the same quarterly basis.

Thus, unlike in previous years, we should not be further invoiced for your accomodation as these are for you to deal with under the new arrangements and the new scholarship rate above.

In summary,
all JPA-sponsored students are expected to seek and pay for their own accomodation on a bilateral basis and we will not be a direct party to it.

Please note also that the previous 60:40 payment arrangements were interim in nature due to escalating costs of living in UK then. The new package have taken into consideration the current cost of living, including the cost of average housing. This new arrangement is also in line with the Financial Affidavits that we have issued to all of you.

In adjusting to the above move, JPA Putrajaya will deposit your next 3 month allowance (Nov, Dec & Jan) on 28 Oct 2007. However, ALL of you will only receive 60% of the new scholarship rate on that date. For the balance of 40%, please see instruction below.

1. For those in the clear of their 100% status, please call Ms. Hamidah Ayub (0207 792 4562) by 31 Oct 2007 giving your confirmation of your 100% status. Those, who have confirmed their 100% status will get the remaining 40% by end-Nov or mid-Dec.

2. For those still expecting the now non-existant 60:40 scheme, we strongly urge you to contact your accomodation office soonest possible to arrange for your own mode of payment or to seek a review of your bookings/invoicing. If you still have problems with the above revision, please call Ms Hamidah Ayub (0207 792 4562) by 31 Oct 2007 and inform her of your problems. We will try to resolve your accomodation payment but you will not receive the remaining 40% until the settlement of your status above.

3. If we do not hear anything from you by 31 Oct 2007, you will only get your 60%. Topping-up will be done later when time is more permissive.

4. If possible, please try not to e-mail the confirmation to us individually as 1000 e-mails would congest our server space and we are still trying to cope to reply more than 50 e-mails per day. A short call will do or a group e-mail is most welcome.

We have just received the new rates today as below:

Kadar A: (London, Oxford & Cambridge): GBP450+500 = GBP950/month
Kadar B (Bath, Surrey, Reading, Edinburgh & Bristol): GBP400+400 = GBP800/month
Kadar C (other than the above): GBP350+300 = GBP650/month

The way the allowances are written is both Elaun Saraan and Elaun Penginapan but the 60:40 scheme is no longer in offer.

Please also share this information with your other JPA-sponsored colleagues. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Adib Rahman
Counsellor (Training)
Public Service Department (UK Office)
High Commission of Malaysia

My comment shall follow on later on ok.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Back to Kampung.

Balik Kampung:

Before i came back to the land of sadness and boredom, I managed to (after all the traveling up to Kangar and down to KL), made a trip back to my old old kampung: quite ulu, Yan Kechik, Kedah.

I think the highest building in Yan is less than 5 storeys. Not sure coz i moved out to Penang very very early, but still can recall some of the kampung life i had there.

Not really a kampung boy, just stayed there for a year or two then i belah to Penang dee. Coz there no chix to see.

Not exactly a river ya, its somehow like a big longkang. Do not attempt to swim (last time can la..but now....i used to pee there everyday, my friends some shit there as well)

From my uncle's house, there's paddy field. And Gunung Jerai right at the end. When i m back, i always wonder wat if paddy field can be used as football field. Msia will win world cup la.

Ohya, dats y Kedah's football team is so good in Msia. They wont a treble this year. (I am a supporter of Kedah when they win and supporter of Penang when Penang wins.)

Toilet awam para penduduk Kampung. Seriously...its not weird to see someone pee/shit there last time. ANyway, the toilet which is outside the house will transfer its product to the river anyways. But got fish one ya. Eat the fish is like it back our shit. How environmental friendly are the budak2 kampung.

This one kira big house already lo. Contary to normal beliefs whereby orang kampung leaves their doors open altho they are not in, we close our door, but leaves the key there. Takut ayam/itik masuk.

There my aunt, trying to harvest some coconut for me

Operasi menuai coconut. The one half naked is my uncle. On bicycle one.

Due to the height of the mr coconut, we need other technologies to pluck it. I asked where is our monkey. U know..monkey climb up coconut trees for their owner. Apparently, the monkey union pushed for SOCSO for insurance coverage and we sacked them. They are now unemployed and staying in zoo.

The monkey age is long gone. We now use lorry, to knock down the trees, get the coconuts and then wait for a few years for the next tree.

There, tarzan and the lorry.

And can u see a coconut on the way falling down.

THey always said orang kampung dont wear underwear. THat is my main research question actually. Not really wanting the coconut, but wanna see if my uncle wearing anything to hold his coconuts...

Aunt chop coconut....

One of the coconut is too old kenot eat already. So, they used it as bangku.

u know...they speak Malay better than i do... their utara slang is very thick...Yes..chinese speaks malay...

Kalsom 14 in Yan Kedah? Nvmla..i think alor setar better..hahahah..or nearer to alor setar la.. Yan is quite far from alor setar.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Celebrating 10000th Click on Whatablog!

I think 3 months ago, we celebrated 8000th click and in 3 months time, due to my intensive effort in opening the my own blog page myself (, and here are we: 10K clicks.

A few things that i'll blog soon is: if i can find the time to do so...

1. I am from Yan Kechik, a kampung in Kedah. Wanna see my kampung?
2. Write some serious note on JPA increase allowance' issue.
3. Day by Day report and funny stories on Kalsom. I think that would take me around 10 entries.

Two days ago Monster introduced me the dunno wat nuffnang thing, which then i'll be able to monitor my 'performance' in blogging. Meanwhile, below are some pictures from some forwarded email i have got.

This is like Eveready for A 'belakang mari' stunt.

Reminds me on how they wrapped my printer for check in in the airport. I m sure that guy wrapped inside wont fall down from the bed no matter how u shake the bed..

Althought genetically every human is different, but All Guys are the Same. If any Guy who are not interested in Pretty Gurls, that is not a Guy...its Gay.

Congrats Kid. Anda sudah besar.... (Why when i was a kid no such chun chix lay off for me to see?) still young at heart and down there...

Sure the penis digores oleh wall outside...Why thou berkhalwat di rumah orang? Hotel tempatan pun less than RM50. (Perlis la...)

Bak kata pepatah, lebah bodoh selalu rugi.. Macamanala dia boleh terbang dan mati terhempas...

Look before you shit.

Kucing tengok porn kura kura. I think at least 4 hours punya porn. Kura kura betina tertidur pun mungkin.


God is Fair

Altho her kechixan level is so high, but her brain is full of shit.

Wat a joke.

Actually, god is very fair wan. Give her face so best, body so best...but brain give her the semi auto wan..

One day I must go for Mr Malaysia Contest.

Sure can win wan la.

So Hansome..

Ohya..nowadays sangat busy sorting Kalsom13 punya gambar..BABI...

around 8 GIG... later i Sirim sikit..the blur wan i delete la..the rest i burn into cd give out in notts game k.

A few great pictures to share with my beloved audience...

the following pictures were taken in the Bus, the last day of Kalsom, whereby, everyone was so tired. Havent been sleeping nicely for 5 days. Kesian!

Thanks guys. U guys are the BEST. Of coz..the the bestness is below me la..

Hudzaifah...Mysterious Guy..

Barney aka Siewling aka Faezah: Tengah mimpi aku menari bogel kot..senyum senyum...

Muaz: Penyamaran Warden yang paling berjaya

Fariza: Tengah mimpi makanan

The top 3 hottest guy in kalsom: Introducing Abang Awie

Faisal : Bukan Cina...sama species dengan barney far the best picture. I looked at this picture also i felt like sleeping... The rambut rambut in front of the mouth is to filter the air...

Hajar: Tak menang tak apa..tak kalah tak apa..janji boleh tidur...!! (if u r in kalsom then u know la..)

Markus, nth much to say but more interestingly...actually muka pei lian (at the shirt) nampak macam mau menangis pasal Markus sleeping..

Tasha Again: Kantoi curi selimut Mas Airlines...Nowonder la Malaysia Airlines bangkrap. Ada keparat keparat macam lu...curi selimut!