Thursday, November 01, 2007


Celebrating the 200th Post of Whatablog!!

I shall blog about something very unusual

(although, as pointed out by many, my recent posts had been unusually serious)

Oh well, there is something very weird in blogsphere, something very pondan, called Tagging!

I was tagged by desmondtan's My Passion My Life to blog about "my most fondful memory period of time if I can turn back time".



He talked about friendship. So, if I do the same, that would be plagiarisms. Fuck it la.


Be ready readers.

Ang gonna be emotional.

If I could go back to 2003-04, I would definitely do it.

2003 is the pinnacle of my life. Top notch.

I have everything! All the things one might ask for. Friends. Woman. Money. Results. Pride. Achievements. Everything.

I have got good good friends...lots of them.

Old secondary school friends

Like what Hau Siau said, no matter where we go, cant find this species of ppl already.

True enough, where to get ppl that you can make fun of their gfs' look, breast and ass, their mother father's name, auntie uncle, neighbours, their dogs, their toilet bowl, whatever... and make fun of they themselves, their ex-gfs's face, breast, ass, legs, fingernails...anything

in front of everyone in the group


no one got offended, everyone had a good laugh l and then we moved on to the next topic/person.

As I always said we are honest ppl, the question asked was; If you are hansome then say yes!

Banting friends

Bola Bola Bola

Play football day and night.

Run away from warden when he came to the field at 7.30pm to chase us back to our dorm. We chanted Last goal, super last goal, ultra last goal....never ending

Avoid his house coz I was wearing shorts when on field...

"Fly" across the fence, big longkang and sometimes across the oil palm plantation just to eat some tomyam and watch football on Astro.

Stayed up even the night before final exam just to watch football.

Run to class every morning coz wakes up at 7.50am, class starts at 8am. Mandi pagi? apatu? Melayu saja yang buat la.

Late for class. See JPPK. Ahh...

At night jerit jerit nasi lemak..nasi lemak...

Morning recess sitting down in concourse jaga paper...

All these were really...somehow, sweet sweet memory.

I have money. Enough money on my own.

When I was in PFS, most income came from operasi 5 Zamrud and some communication skills among AJKs in koperasi. Pity girl(s) i went out with, have to bear with my kempen jimat cermat. Only got one Honda Ex5 and 2 helmets.

And then i moved to Banting, and earned biggest income in my life so far by selling newspapers and nasi lemak in the college. (the amount is not disclosed here due to corporate secrecy act)

The taukeh nasi lemak with his business partners.

I earned enough to fund my super ganas phone bills, and transportation cost to go back to Penang every weekend, and able to spend as i like.

I missed the time when Money is not an issue at all albeit right now, it is still the same.

Earn money on your own and spend it on your own. I can tell you, nothing felt better than that (porn might do the same effect).

All in all, I had had a good life in 2003 and yet scored quite well in exams. Got wom(a&e)n. Got money. Got scholarship.




ps: I know i look fat, ugly hairstyle, but wtf. I am the best. Hohoho

Ok. Now i would like to tag:

Marina Mahathir, Shahril Samad, Lim Kit Siang, Gordon Brown and Bakri Musa

Hahahaha...if they too cocky to accept this pondan tag...then..i tag...have to be someone that blog frequently on emo stuffs...

aiya..buat bagi multi-racial abit....i tag..i tag...,

melayu 3 orang,
1. wan zoo
2. ihsan liban
3. alia lagi satu yang bukan alia ishak.

Cina 1 orang
1. Wanted to tag siewling but its not the she is not chinese...but she doesnt have a blog. So i tag another chinese la...babikuailan aka babykailan.

dan india
1. azad (hahahhaa)

Dan singapura seorang: extra punya...kalau dia tak faham..mampus la. Orang Temasik bodo..yeyeye.. hehehe...Jenn



ihsan_huhu said...

1 day 3 posts.. mmg la sng2 dpt 200 posts... cis...

☭CCCP ☭ said...

haha nasib tiada nama saya

ZackIdris said...

will do it soon ang just wait n see will let u know if its done yah xxx

bathmate said...

I liked it.