Friday, November 30, 2007

Harnham Monastery

Buddhist Society Visit to Harnham Monastery, Newcastle.

We hired 2 cars, and 10 of us, drove to the monastery, It is one of the few monastery in UK that we know of. It took us around 3 hrs i think, to get there.

The monastery is not exactly like the monastery in Malaysia. It is like just any other building, no pagodas, and all those things. But it is on top of the hill, so its quite best.

Without this, you wouldn't know that it is a monastery. Haha...

Very cold and refreshing...The feeling is like in Genting Highlands. Haha, but just the opposite intention. Hehehe..

They have nicely decorated garden.

This is the main shrine hall. Ppl meditate here. The floor heating system is built by the monks themselves. It keeps warm when you sitting down meditating for hours.

Basically what we do is this:
1. Offering of food to the Monks. (Dana)

Ajahn Munindo, the chief monks, met us and talked to us about buddhism in this part of the world and so on. We spoke a lot regarding the differences between East and West in the context of Buddhism.

One thing I find it nice is the similarity of the culture, rules and roles of the monks regardless of the geographical differences. As far as I know, the Order of the Monk of Buddha's teaching is the oldest known surviving society in the history. Buddha established the Order of Monk (Sangha) in 6th century B.C. and they managed to preserve the same rules, regulations, roles, beliefs and lifestyles since then.

The view across the monastery. Nice hills and country.

Another part of the garden. Harnham is a great place to meditate and to do retreat and stuffs because of all the peaceful settings and nice gardens. All of this, monks do themselves one.

I have been here 2 years ago, when I was first year. And i took a few pics and uploaded as a video to Youtube.

Ajahn Munindo was telling us about the usage of internet in spreading Dharma. He said it is good to spread the teaching by providing the material in the Buddhist Website, for ppl to download.

But he doesnt agree with the usage of youtube. He said its inappropriate for the teaching of Buddha to be next to some funny jokes nonsense. But providing an avenue such as a website, for interested ppl, to download the dharma talk and so on, is ok.

Ajahn Munindo: I searched for Dharma and saw a few dharma talks uploaded by some other monks from elsewhere. I think it is not suitable for us to put the dharma there. I think i remembered seeing a group of students, who visited this monastry, and uploaded video in the youtube, with some funny comments and so on.

Me: OH....Hahhahahhaha....Sorry...dats me. Hehehe (how i know monks also search youtube one....)

AM: Its allrite. Its not offensive. Haha... Other than youtube, I also came across this thing called, errr...youspace or cant remember..

Us: Myspace.

AM: Ya...myspace...not suitable also. Then there is this thing called...mybook...or yourbook?

Us: Facebook.

AM: Ohya yes yes..facebook. I created an account to try it out, and almost instantly someone searched for my name in the web and saw my account. He tried to add me.. but i think facebook is not for buddhist teaching on my part, so i deleted the account.

Hahahhaha...a monk watching youtube and having facebook. unsangkarable.

Well, many of us do not underestand the role of monks. Monks has been there since the age of the Buddha with one mission - to continue the teaching of buddha. Not very simple process, you will have to find a senior monk to accept you, and teach the over 200 rules of a monk that has not changed since BC.

For example, no talking after certain hours. The quiet day is observed also on half moon days according to the calendar of the buddha.

One have to seek the approval of the parents, gives away all the property, cancel bank acc, 100% detached from the normal world, and observed the rules of Sangha. Not an easy thing to do.

Nah..the naughty video:


Things that I cannot believe it:

This is a Proton Wira. On normal road towards market. Lawak la the meter.

Perhaps the worst maskot posibble. Just the head and face is not so human.

Before One Cent was retrieved, I went to Jusco and was heavily astounded by this Short of 1 cent? take la. This is so not Malaysia man....

No right turning. No left turning. JPJ, why you put it on a straight road leh? Lawak.

Ini benda...

149 pounds. 14.90 ringgit also i dunwan to buy.

This is not my shit. Not dog shit also. This is the stuff to cook Miso Soup.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Mummy

Ah...dunwan to blog about politics already..

Come show you the good and nice part of Ang.

When I was back in Malaysia, other than buying cheap DVDs, eating out with friends, doing Kalsom, etc etc..

I spent time teman mummy as well. (seriously....)

See... ajak her go Tesco.

My mum likes to take the big-big trolley...

When all she wants to buy is 2 boxes of milk....

Which then I will carry it....Leaving the trolley carrying air...

And also hanged out in MacD. (Like gf like dat...hoho)

She still doesn't believe me that MacD allows free refill for soft drinks.

Mummy: Then can we bring some empty bottles here and fill in bring back home?
Me: Can. Bring baldi la easier..

Monday, November 26, 2007

Monster Power

The Higher Power.

Most of us have religion.

Some of us are agnostic.

Agnostic simply means, u believe in the existence in higher power, but you also acknowledge that no one can proof its existence.

Some of us are atheist. Simply means, no such thing as GOD.

Humbly, i am a buddhist. (hmmm...seriously.)

But other than believe and follow the Budha's teaching, being a Chinese in Malaysian, growing up in my home with the GOD of Gambler, aka Ang Chung How, and his mentor my mother, I have no choice but to believe in the existence of higher power.

So, when you see or do something, then another thing happens, you will naturally bind those two together.

For example, if I shit secara Nagasaki Bom Atom (the type POMPOMPOMPOM....Ahh.....), and the next day my exam result comes out, I will get good result.

That happened in my SPM and then the night before my IB results came out, I forced myself to eat a lot of papaya and prunes. It worked!

So, when this monster wear this;

Man Utd's away jersey donned by the Monster of Unluckinity

Another closer look at her monsterity

There is no way...Man Utd can do this...


Because of the jersey is worn by her...

Man Utd have to be like that....

I was very puzzled.

So I searched the wikipedia for any explaination. And I get this.

Lee Pei Pei, aka the Queen of Monsterous Unluckinity, born in the year unknown. She was then adopted by a then poor farmer, named William Hill, in the town of Gretna.

William found out her ability when he bought her, his son's school football team jersey. His son's football team lost to a kindergarten team 2-0. They have 25 shot on target and they simply cant score. The following match, William asked her not to wear the jersey and things back to normal again.

So, the ambitious William then sold his farm for 1000 pounds and started his Betting Company. Whichever side the market betted on, William will buy Lee the team's jersey. As a result, Everton, the then 1970's giant fell into mid-table and nearly relegated, and England never go further than quarter final in World Cup after he bought an England jersey for her in 1970s.

William then slowly built on his betting empire and now, one of the biggest betting business in the world.

Now Lee Pei Pei has got a Man Utd jersey...

How now brown cow...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Parking Attendant.

One of my most interested in career pathway nowadays.

The job description:

Go around the particular area he was assigned with on his scooter, and taking pictures before issuing the parking summon. (its like sight seeing on motorbike and taking pictures lo.)

2 cars parked on the double line.

Both cars must be having very wrong logic of double line rule ie.

They must be thinking, if parked by two cars, the double line is shared between them, thus the single line rule apply.

He first take down the plate number and time he saw this thing happened.

Some cars are allowed to park there for a while. Such cars for example disabled ppl...So he super survey to see whether there is any disability permit displayed.

(For malaysia, he will survey for any sticker of Royal Malaysia Police force, or datukship.)

After that another parking attendant came. They discussed a little bit..

Just about when he wants to write the summon for the second car, the owner arrived.

They PBL a little bit...

I saw they talked a for while, and then the parking attendant decided not to issue fine.

I believed thats because she is having the hospital staff's ID and that she is carrying a lot of stuff, and she carried them in wheel chair. Working ppl and working ppl can kau tim la.

(For malaysia, yes, RM10 ringgit can kau tim.)

SO now left one small blue car. He decided to bagi saman.

From the North East.

From the South East.

From the North West.

After that I think he realised i am taking pictures of him, he look at me one kind and sort of flirting with me that he wants more. He wants nudy. More flesh.

With 4 pictures, and another picture on the signboard saying no parking, and the pictures all showed that the car was on the double line, how to argue?

Conclusion for the blue car: 60 pounds gone.

Friday, November 23, 2007


What do you take as a sign of aging?

I don't know.


Nope. Has been always around 2m. (rounded of to the nearest metre.)


Ahhh..thats...not in this context.


What you mean? I am sexually matured since secondary school and over the years, i have not been watching barney. Spiritually, I abstained buayativity, abstained child porn and etc...

Size of the reproductive tool?

It has been pretty constant these few years.

Exercise Tolerance?

Hmm.. Flashback.

Form Six:

Top fitness.

  1. 1500m at 5.00 min.
  2. 6km PFS Cross Country: 4th Placing.
  3. PFS Field: 6 rounds constant speed no shortness of breath (SOB).
  4. Banting Freshers Run: First Place. (many top fit ppl didnt run of coz. But i did ran quite fast.)

Fitter times...

Plus a little bit of hiperbola.

First Year :

  1. Chase after the bus: Able to catch up and wait for it comfortably at the next stop. No SOB
  2. Football: One of the most hardworking player.
  3. Gunung Kinabalu: Conquered with ease.

Gunung Kinabalu's journey


  1. 1500m cant complete due to severe kemaluan that i cant complete it within 8min.
  2. 6km PFS Cross Country: Stop by nearest mamak to have second breakfast.
  3. PFS Field: 2 rounds on motorbike to get some fresh air. Same. No SOB
  4. Chase after the bus: take cab. No SOB
  5. Football: taking over managerial capacity. No SOB.


I am now 22.

But my stomach belongs to someone who is 32.

Pls dont be stimulated by my hairytale.

With that, by the time I m 32, i would have been easily mistaken as 6 months pregnant.

Dearest Roomate of B125 (Erickoay)
With all respect and respectology, SPP starts NOW. I mean NOW! I cant take it anymore! N.B. SPP stands for Six Pack Programme.

Red Fort

Congratulations to Ang Choon Seong for tepat tepat pass exam!


Now the feeling of not Failing is comparable to secondary school's A1 feeling. Exactly the same if not better.

Aha! Looking forward for the next rotation's Exam.

Right now...enjoy first.

JPA gave so much money. Have to enjoy la. If not bersalah dow. (Ajaran Sesat.)

Nowadays, if lazy to cook, can just eat out. So best!!

Last time was like, once a month occasion, like AngKong's Birthday or wat then only can go out and eat. Now...hohoho.

A few good restaurants in edinburgh that I tried for the past few weeks.

Red Fort, behind Buffet King. Indian Food. (Budget 7-8pds)

The Flower bodo..

So they stick a poppy there.

One of the dishes...

(There wont be any more pictures of the food served because usually finish eating then only remember that I could have post and blog about this. Sorry.)

Rainbow Arch Chinese Restaurant. Lothian Road there...Opposite Odeon. (Budget 10-15pds)

THis Ha Kow Nice.

Egg tart ok nia la.

Also cant remember the name.

Something i forgot the name, Babi punya.

Saigon Saigon Chinese Restaurant. Princes St, Opposite MacD (Budget 12-15pds)

Utensil pun dah ganas.

Next time sure will take one tea pot back.

Sempat take a picture before the last piece habis. This dish quite good. Mei Chai Kou Rou. (BABI)

Chiau Hua Chi. (i'm not sure what it translated as but ok nia la..not to say damn nice.)

This dish is the best. Its called the Sisa Sisa Makanan Ang. Whahahaha

N.B. I really cant blog about food. Coz when the food is served, my reflex is to eat first. I really cant understand ppl like Christ Tock and Eve, who can really take a picture first before start eating. hello...u are torturing your stomach!

If you have never see a babi before:


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pos Malaysia

Thank you Pos Malaysia and Royal Mail UK.

I got my parcel at last.

Got milo, nescafe, some books, colgate, perencahs, and contact lense solution..

But was halved.

I remembered I gave to my brother a huge box. But now, it became half the size only.

How come????

I was thinking maybe the Msia Royal Custom ppl were so thirsty and so confiscated my milos, nescafes and not enough, they even drank up my contact lense solution.

Or maybe the British Custom confiscated those (not good we just pick on malaysians rite?)

But then, I see this:

This is so typical Ang Chung How's writing. No one else can produce such a writing at the age of 26.

Hehehe. I remembered him asking me how to spell november, thousand, hundred last time when he needed to write cheques. Hahaha

Then, upon close examination:

This piece of paper as the lapik of the box, so typically a Msian Chinese newspaper

Anyway, I found something quite funny on the box.


I mean, its ok la. Melalui laut simply translated into, by Sea. It is quite self explanatory that it came by ship. Must be those tanker ship la. Kenot be the submarine rite...logic?

But, apparently, they even, draw the picture of a ship to re-emphasized that.

Also complete rule out the possibility of anyone misunderstands it as coming by submarine underneath the sea surface by putting this:

BY SEA (Surface)

Well done Pos Malaysia Berhad.