Thursday, November 15, 2007

Best Keeper in UK, for Malaysian


I know this guy, who has got a damn big camera. U know..the type that looks like damn good in taking photos, artistic, can go around Paris alone, taking picture on drains, lamppost, shit, and so on.

U know i always wanted to buy one big camera and go around Venice or Paris, all the romantic places ar...walk like some very artistic person... surely got some chix attracted to this kind of guy one...might ask me to take her nudy.

Nah...His name is Kai. He is from Glasgow.

Basically, he is an example of national traitor. He was here since Form Four/Five, all the way until now. He might believe that PAS had took over the country in the previous GE.

So, I knew him via football. We organised a team from 3 universities of Scotland (plus one or two from non-Scottish uni) and we played in Manchester Piala Kerbau and Warwick Games, last year.

He is a damn good keeper. I believe he can play for state team if he is in Malaysia. But too bad, he is a traitor. (hahaha)

So, when we were in Manchester, he came with a damn big camera. All of us were very happy! Because the sad thing about football tournament around UK is that usually u traveled all the way to Cardiff or Aberdeen, but there is no evidence at all, no one brings camera.

I thought he broung lunch box with him.

Ohno..actually is his camera bag.

So he took a lot of pics for the team. But then...

6 months later....

He still havent upload a single one.

I called him, he said computer down.

Eeeii..whole Glasgow share one computer isit?

Then, later on, I found one picture in the facebook group of Scotland Football Club.

Full team. Warwick Games 06

I called him again: by one upload....Glasgow use dial up ar?

Then...another month later...

Manchester Piala Kerbau: See the ball, our boots, our hair, our shirts...then u know why it was called the Kerbau Cup.

Kamil, now can XXX secara halal ( dia sudah kahwin). Sleep in his kepompong and waiting for the next game.

Our "stupid" team won the small small patung to be shared by 15 ppl.....

We have decided that:
The keeper took the hand (for his hands won us the plate)

N the rest i cant remember..some given the leg, the knee, the head, the penis, etc

but i remembered i was given the mouth coz i talked the most. hehehe

I remember one of the my famous quotation:

(my opponent was given a freekick, i was shouting from the side:
Ambikla...tadi penalti pun tak masuk...kau rasa free kick ada chance ar? Ambikla dekat sikit...

Shidi, went back Malaysia for good dee. Miss you, brother.

Thanks cameraman. I know deep inside you, surely u suffer inside. I dedicate this post to all human behind the camera.


ihsan_huhu said...

futsal tournament after exam...

masa utk melepaskan rembatan2 kencang dan mempamerkan skil2 bola yg hebat

angchoonseong said...

kau kuda berjantung enam. Kami orang buncit. macamana nak mempamerkan skil2 hebat?

khai said...

walamak ang..bukan main lagi yek huhuhu...apesal kutukan lagi banyak than compliment hehehe.. wei jom main bola ngeh ngeh ngeh