Friday, November 23, 2007

Red Fort

Congratulations to Ang Choon Seong for tepat tepat pass exam!


Now the feeling of not Failing is comparable to secondary school's A1 feeling. Exactly the same if not better.

Aha! Looking forward for the next rotation's Exam.

Right now...enjoy first.

JPA gave so much money. Have to enjoy la. If not bersalah dow. (Ajaran Sesat.)

Nowadays, if lazy to cook, can just eat out. So best!!

Last time was like, once a month occasion, like AngKong's Birthday or wat then only can go out and eat. Now...hohoho.

A few good restaurants in edinburgh that I tried for the past few weeks.

Red Fort, behind Buffet King. Indian Food. (Budget 7-8pds)

The Flower bodo..

So they stick a poppy there.

One of the dishes...

(There wont be any more pictures of the food served because usually finish eating then only remember that I could have post and blog about this. Sorry.)

Rainbow Arch Chinese Restaurant. Lothian Road there...Opposite Odeon. (Budget 10-15pds)

THis Ha Kow Nice.

Egg tart ok nia la.

Also cant remember the name.

Something i forgot the name, Babi punya.

Saigon Saigon Chinese Restaurant. Princes St, Opposite MacD (Budget 12-15pds)

Utensil pun dah ganas.

Next time sure will take one tea pot back.

Sempat take a picture before the last piece habis. This dish quite good. Mei Chai Kou Rou. (BABI)

Chiau Hua Chi. (i'm not sure what it translated as but ok nia la..not to say damn nice.)

This dish is the best. Its called the Sisa Sisa Makanan Ang. Whahahaha

N.B. I really cant blog about food. Coz when the food is served, my reflex is to eat first. I really cant understand ppl like Christ Tock and Eve, who can really take a picture first before start eating. hello...u are torturing your stomach!

If you have never see a babi before:


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ihsan_huhu said...

bak kata pepatah taliban:

orang tamak selalu kenyang,
orang kaya selalu gemok