Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pos Malaysia

Thank you Pos Malaysia and Royal Mail UK.

I got my parcel at last.

Got milo, nescafe, some books, colgate, perencahs, and contact lense solution..

But was halved.

I remembered I gave to my brother a huge box. But now, it became half the size only.

How come????

I was thinking maybe the Msia Royal Custom ppl were so thirsty and so confiscated my milos, nescafes and not enough, they even drank up my contact lense solution.

Or maybe the British Custom confiscated those (not good we just pick on malaysians rite?)

But then, I see this:

This is so typical Ang Chung How's writing. No one else can produce such a writing at the age of 26.

Hehehe. I remembered him asking me how to spell november, thousand, hundred last time when he needed to write cheques. Hahaha

Then, upon close examination:

This piece of paper as the lapik of the box, so typically a Msian Chinese newspaper

Anyway, I found something quite funny on the box.


I mean, its ok la. Melalui laut simply translated into, by Sea. It is quite self explanatory that it came by ship. Must be those tanker ship la. Kenot be the submarine rite...logic?

But, apparently, they even, draw the picture of a ship to re-emphasized that.

Also complete rule out the possibility of anyone misunderstands it as coming by submarine underneath the sea surface by putting this:

BY SEA (Surface)

Well done Pos Malaysia Berhad.


ihsan_huhu said...


gila peceh perot aku gelak...


sweeheng said...

Surface?! That's hilarious!

Hope all is well there in UK.

angchoonseong said...

tmr i send the submarine one to aussie.

dingdong said...

whats wrong with surface mail.. royal mail use it all the time

angchoonseong said...

errr...ada mungkin bagi underneath the sea surface? i mean its understandable surely by sea means by surface.

what we find it funny is the fact that they have to stress it:

By Sea - Surface.

dingdong said...

dunno lah..

maybe there is another method called subsurface mail.. haha..

Kelsen said...

Something missing huh... shit lo like that. I ask my bro to send me my external hard drive, some souvenir and ofcourse some milo and etc to Finland... duno the custom in M'sia will take something or not... deng!

angchoonseong said...

tarak bro used two boxes instead of one.

you study in finland ar?

study apa?

Kelsen said...

Gua sedang buat exchange progam kat sini... ambil Int. Business. Kalau tarak missing, baik lah... takut nanti ada barang hilang.