Thursday, November 08, 2007

Random News

If you are running out of ideas to blog, be like me.

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Below are a selection of interesting news, all from the Star, Malaysia's No 1 Online Licensed, Legal and Gov-approved News Portal.

Interesting News:

Tabung Haji rapped for using non-bumi company

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno Youth executive council member Datuk Azimi Daim hit out at Tabung Haji for engaging a non-bumiputra company to supply mineral water for free to delegates and guests at the Umno general assembly.

If businesses are based on skin color, you wont go far la Datuk Azimi Daim. Nama sama dengan Tun Daim, but you.... haih...Youth Exec Council Member. Price, service and quality should be it. Thats y we buy imported screwdriver instead.

PM to open and launch mega projects in Sarawak

KUCHING: The Prime Minister will open two mega projects and launch another two during a working visit to Sarawak next week.

In one end you argued that Mahathir's mega projects are wasting national resources, and in another end you launched 3 Economic Corridors ( which i dun understand what is that at all ) and megaprojects every where you go. After election, scrapped off again, citing the same reason of no-money?

UMNO 58th General Assembly

Puteri Umno delegate Norhamizah Mat Tahir said the movement would not be apologetic and would defend Umno against its detractors.

She criticised those who claimed that the New Economic Policy (NEP) had benefited the Malays while leaving the other races behind in the country’s development.

“Nine out of 10 of the richest Malaysians in the Forbes magazine list are non-Malays. This means that the NEP had also brought benefits to everyone regardless of race," she said.

eei Puteri, if you think the fact that 9/10 richest Malaysian are non-malays as an arguement of NEP's success in bringing benefits to everyone regardless of race, well done. A joker like me also know that we need to compare not the richest, but the poorest. And timeline as well la. 20 years ago, 9/10 richest Malaysian not non-Malays? Puteri...haih....

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