Saturday, November 03, 2007

End Result is all that matters, in the End.

This blog is for the weekend. Going to be a busy weekend for me. So

I have to POST here, to say that I am not going to POST for the next few days. Just to make sure that I am doing my job and not wasting my time blogging stupid stuffs.


Today, i heard something quite non-sense. It was in the newspaper that there was a research done in UK which showed certain percentage of students copying and stuffs like that.

And the prof was quoted saying,

We need to educated our young so that they enjoy learning, and they will enjoy the process of learning. You see, end result of the examination is not always the most important. It is the process of learning, the process of maturing and so on, which are the most important ones.

(Nadlique jangan terasa. Nothing to do with your post abt journey and stuffs like dat.) hehe

For me, the end result is always the most important one LA.

Unless for certain situations such as:

If I were to be a secondary school teacher (which really, i wanted to be when i was in kindergarten coz my kindergarten teacher is damn chun..),

and there is a very hot chix in the class, 17 years old, long straight hair, failed her SPM..

I'll go and talk to her, pacify her, console her.

"The end result is not important, whats more important is the journey".

And then, if she's then ter-attracted to me, and of coz will lead me to the ultimate aim of a MAN's Kindness (shortform MANKIND) ie membuat,

surely before we terbuat, being a 17 year old, straight hair hot chix,

she will ask: Do you love me? Will you marry me?

I'll tell her the same thing:

"The end result is not important. The journey is more important." Lets dont waste our time thing about the result. Lets concentrate in making this journey a memorable one.

Why end result is not the most important one leh?

My mum used to tell me; if you copy, you learn nothing. then towards the exam that you cant copy, you wont know how to do la... Mum...its Not very true for me la. Hoho

The secret of my success:

I copied in almost every single exams since I was in Form 2 all the way to SPM trial.

Moral Education being ranked as the most copied exam (which is quite evident of my Moral Level), followed by History.

For example, History, it was not just plain copying.

I wrote down the a few essay answers on the exact same testpad papers as the exam answers slip,

and kept it under the desk. When the question papers were distributed, I just chose answers from the catalogue la. and guess wat, i got History Prize. Hahahaahah

Moral Exams are always the hardest as we need to memorize all the details and all the exact same words used in the text book.
EXACTLY THE SAME. If they have the wrong grammar, you also have to follow it. You cant even change one word from the around 80 definitions.

So, what to do..

I typed out the 80 values definition, printed them on papers which are of the exact same quality, weight, size and color of the question papers, hid it under the desk, and when the question papers were distributed, i stapled them together and then,

i can refer as i wished to. No one except the one set the exam and workers in the Printing shop will know...hoho.

Ya. God knows that Ang.

But then...hehehe.

When i went into banting, first exam eric and I tried to copy others (we cant copy between us coz...quite obviously, we know nth). But then. my classmates covered their answers u know.

First thing came to my mind was: WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE????

Free school, where the impossibles are made into possibles. And rules are mend to be broken.

Where rules are not mend to be broken. They are made to be followed blindly.


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