Friday, November 16, 2007

Chronic Lecture Skivitis



TERmiss lecture. old disease relapsing. Shit!

I remembered something quite funny, maybe funny just to me.

I recalled when I was first year, my attendance was virtually, near zero. Might be been to one or two lectures out of 20 lectures, in every 3 weeks...cant remember.

And towards the end of first year, i announced to the world, I will go all the lectures in my second year. And true enough, I started my second year very very well. (as usual, because it was the beginning of the year, we are full of energy!) Like in my previous post.

A lot of ppl bet against that. Some said wanna buy me dinner in Buffet King, some bet on Jimmy Chung... if I managed to go to all lectures for 4 consecutive weeks.

I started with Genetics. It was just 3 weeks of lectures. Then, on the 4th week, came Neuroscience.

I managed to attend all the lectures of the 4th week, until Thursday. I remembered the lecture was like 9 in the morning. I woke up at 9.30am. I quickly rushed to the toilet, in the speed of light to get to the class.

When I was on my room door....I thought to myself:

The lecture started at 9am, ended at 9.50am. Now is 9.40am. By the time i reached the lecture hall...its already 9.50pm, just nice to say hie and bye to the lecturer.


my logic said: Forget abt it.

So, i went back to sleep.

Realising that the buffet king, and jimmy chung mission had came to a dramatic end, I decided to skip the friday lectures to have a longer weekend to calm myself down ready for the next week.

And decided to extend my weekend until the next monday's, then extend somemore...tuesday's, wednesday's....and so on...

The next lecture I went, was after christmas holidays....

Life is all about choices.

I can choose to make it to the whole month lectures,

and I can choose to miss the whole 2 months of lectures.

Of coz, the latter was more enjoyable.

Hehehehe...Ok. Dats all.

I just wanna show a few pics in the Buckingham Palace, i went last September.

So many people waiting to see the guards la..which i find it both stupid and wasting my precious time.

So, I decided to do some bio-anthropo-sociology study on human reaction towards other species's shit.

A pile of shit, in the middle of the so-called and so-claimed as the historically, world most civilised country

I was just waiting to see anyone got the honour to make his/her mark in the front of Buckingham Palace and took souvenier smell back.

Ah...lagi sikit. Cis.

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ihsan_huhu said...

how come.. genetics lg super boring berbanding neuroscience... wrong choice