Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Monster

Today is an important day for human civilisation.

22 years ago, on this day, the monster hatched from her egg.

Who is this monster? Below are pictures of the monster (the night club raid style)





U know like last time in the old days, when the monster come, the villagers would need to sacrifice one of their cow or children to please the monster.

Same case here..when the monster comes to our village of 3 ppl, we have to give up our fridge.

there...the monster opening the fridge...at least 24 times a day.

Okla monster. Happy birthday.


ihsan_huhu said...

haha.. none of the pics show her face.. gila kesian.. hahah

h3l3n said...

jahat.. haha..

pp said...

he stalk meeeee...i too pretty liao..

angchoonseong said...

i stalked u at my hse????