Friday, November 23, 2007


What do you take as a sign of aging?

I don't know.


Nope. Has been always around 2m. (rounded of to the nearest metre.)


Ahhh..thats...not in this context.


What you mean? I am sexually matured since secondary school and over the years, i have not been watching barney. Spiritually, I abstained buayativity, abstained child porn and etc...

Size of the reproductive tool?

It has been pretty constant these few years.

Exercise Tolerance?

Hmm.. Flashback.

Form Six:

Top fitness.

  1. 1500m at 5.00 min.
  2. 6km PFS Cross Country: 4th Placing.
  3. PFS Field: 6 rounds constant speed no shortness of breath (SOB).
  4. Banting Freshers Run: First Place. (many top fit ppl didnt run of coz. But i did ran quite fast.)

Fitter times...

Plus a little bit of hiperbola.

First Year :

  1. Chase after the bus: Able to catch up and wait for it comfortably at the next stop. No SOB
  2. Football: One of the most hardworking player.
  3. Gunung Kinabalu: Conquered with ease.

Gunung Kinabalu's journey


  1. 1500m cant complete due to severe kemaluan that i cant complete it within 8min.
  2. 6km PFS Cross Country: Stop by nearest mamak to have second breakfast.
  3. PFS Field: 2 rounds on motorbike to get some fresh air. Same. No SOB
  4. Chase after the bus: take cab. No SOB
  5. Football: taking over managerial capacity. No SOB.


I am now 22.

But my stomach belongs to someone who is 32.

Pls dont be stimulated by my hairytale.

With that, by the time I m 32, i would have been easily mistaken as 6 months pregnant.

Dearest Roomate of B125 (Erickoay)
With all respect and respectology, SPP starts NOW. I mean NOW! I cant take it anymore! N.B. SPP stands for Six Pack Programme.


ihsan_huhu said...

see the person u ready to recieve the chipped ball?

sekolah rendah n menengah rendah: midfield
menengah atas: xmain bola bcoz patah kaki
KMB: left back
1st yr uni: left back lg
now: left winger...HAHAHAHA

futsal?? attacking defender..main defend but scored more goals than the strikers...

but no sixpax oso.. SPP mmg xberguna

azad said...

mak aih..... gambar lucah la ang!!

SPP??!!! hahaha....dah dengar lama dah.... tapi macam sama je perut

angchoonseong said...

ihsan jantung 6 biji. Lain cerita la. Azad, ini macam lu define as porn. Pls dun work for Censorship Board.

Eve said...

SPP...2 years ady. but i think it just got reverse effect on u...

pp said...


h3l3n said...

that pic taK valid.. by now double liaw..

ingat only gals kenot diet.. nampaknya spp pun sama...