Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How Special Are U JPA scholars?

When you tell ppl that you are studying Medicine, confirm in one of the next three questions, they will ask:

So what will you specialised in later on?

My answer has been consistent so far:

I'll think about it after I pass my basic medical degree first la.

How specific are these highly specialised tool:

Nah...Lemon Squeezer

Bootle sealer...

Meat Thermometre


If, touch wood and grope tiger woods, If I failed my exam anytime; let say in 4th Year...

You know what will happen to me?

I get to resit the exam.

If I fail the resit exam?

I get to resit the year.

If I fail the resit year's exam?

I get to resit the resit year's exam.

If I fail the resit exam of the resit year?

Medical school will reject me. JPA will send me back to Malaysia.

Hmm...nothing much rite? Go back mah go back lo.

Nah...the most ganas thing is that:

Have to pay back one...

So, the current increase of the allowance for me to 800 pounds, is not all a good news. Means more money at stake.

So...fellow JPA sponsored students, lets pray for each other we survive the onslaught attack of examinations and stress. If have to go back on first year, still ok. Sell one Proton Wira still can pay back...If have to go back on 5th year.... every night lap dancing also don't know can make it or not.

I think, next time, I m going to adopt some kids from the orphanage. Preferably boys of age 16.

I'll buy each of them one motorcycle. Preferably, Yamaha 125Z or Suzuki RGX, both are famous 2 stroke kap-cai.

Sure thing, they would be damn happy rite!

Then, I'll tell them, if you want to go out at night, go la. But remember, go slow slow. Dont go fast ya.

And, buy a lot of insurance.

One or two months later, sure the investment worthwhile one. Heheh (nada keji sekali)

More or less the same concept with JPA's investment on medical students. Have to go back one day, no matter what. (which i looking forward to.) And if they fail, pay back time!

Haih...just wanna tell the world that, if you get a scholarship, that is not the happy ending in your life.

One more thing, if you got a scholarship and got a place here, doesn't mean you are the best. (which I learnt it 3 years ago) There are 1241 JPA students in UK. You are just one of them.

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