Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Dear readers;

I am writing to advise you that your Whatablog!! handsome author, Mr Ang Choon Seong, is on sabbatical from the 22 of December 2007 to 2nd of January 2008.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where is our handsome brother Ang going?

La Plagne.

2. Whats that? Do you have a map of that place??


3. How the place looks like?


4.Oooh...where is he going to stay man? igloo?


5. What is he going to do there? Tangkap polar bear?


What for?

Beware. He is going there to train to be our country's rep in the coming Winter Olympics. HAHA

No more updates till 2008.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas serta Happy New Year.

My new year resolution can be viewed by clicking HERE. (i am very loyal wan...every year same one....)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Fat Face

First time i saw her, i think she is very fat.

Then i met her again in John Lewis, this time I am sure.

She is a fat face.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Edinburgh Ho Chiak?

Last week, the homesickness melanda jiwa...

So, equipped with money from the tax payer's money, I embarked myself on a journey to a posh chinese restaurant owned by Msian in Edinburgh, named Saigon Saigon (What the fuck! KL KL la!)

Ok. So, i ordered Char Koay Teow.

Price: GBP 7.50 (2 person's size la...)

And of coz, as like all the previous posts abt food, u know me....

I wont be able to resist the temptation of even 0.1 sec of not starting to eat when the food is served right under you nose holes.

I ate halfway only remembered. Aha! Pictures!

Itudia! Char Koay Teow

To my dissappointment and an utter contempt of the great char koay teow of Malaysia. (to much reading on news abt the arrest of oppositions in Parliament vicinity)

Like the old penang free school's boys saying: ada udang disebalik koayteow and later was copied to be ada udang disebalik batu...

the udang here is really...very...hidden.

I zoomed in then only u can see ok...

To make things clearer for you to understand my disappointment, this is the size of 10 sen ringgit malaysia.

And this is the standard size of the 6 prawns i got in the char koay teow

I mean I dont expect the charkoayteow to have this size of prawn:

But to some extent...give me a bigger prawn la....cis...

And nevermind you know..

Instead of more prawns...they give a lot of this: charsiu...BABI...what the two pieces nevermindla...but why berpuluh puluh pieces of char siu... is this koay teow babi? be honest, the char koay teow is not bad la...Hahaha..just the prawn a little bit micro and the babi a little bit too much.

ps: ihsan...mau share?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This is not an advertisement post.

I am against ad post.

Its kind of....not funny. Haha.

anyway, this is a free stuff ad...

Its a online stuff whereby you upload your pictures and print your photos for 8p per print.

But you get free 20 prints on registration.

and then you get another 20 prints if you refer your friend. Something like multi-level-marketing except you dun have to pay stupid money for membership.

Anyway, so, you register your email, u get 20.

Then you refer another email to your email, you get free 20 for your first email, and another 20 for new user registration on the other email.

Then your new account you refer to another email, you get another 20 for that reference, and another 20 for the new user account.


Free pees. 120 photos technically free.

However, it is only free totally, if you collect it yourself in the nearest participating Jessops.

The nearest Jessops that I know of near my place is around 503374432.9 steps away (I dunno where is the Jessops also...)

Alternatively, you can pay GBP 0.99 for postage to your door..

So, given that I am a ultra rich kid, with father name JPA and mother name Leepeipei,

GBP 0.99 is just another numerical figure which have no implications at all. (Ha...Ha...ha......a....)

The other day, for Nottingham Games, i need to print around 120 pics for Projek Kalsom's booth.

So i created and refered and created and refered and so on...yes...i got so much free prints. I use nick's email, mai's email...

Ang: Wei...nick...can i use your email acc to create an acc in snapfish, to get free prints?

Nick: What fish? print fish?

Ang: err...snapfish. Print photos.

Nick: Use la...

Ang: err..actually...i need you to do that coz you need to create the account from the link in the invitation email to you.

Nick: Wei...i busy la.

Ang: Wei...1 minute la. Just put any name.


When I use his account in snapfish..

Username: Nick Chan

Forename: gfrgr
Surname: grgrgr

I kind of suspect he is trying to decode the meaning of the secret message? take effort to put your proper username as Nick Chan..but....

But then in your account, you put forename and surname as: a secret code?

And somemore...they will send to me via that names:

Isnt this super kantoi this dickhead from the above address is only going after the free prints?

At least, even tho my username is angchoonseong...but i put my name as: Koh James. Hahahha

And put this fatty name as well for another email....

The irony is

I dun put my own name...


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Its My Life

Yeai!! Portfolio done!

As I embarked on the journey to finish up the 2nd of the 4 portfolio this year, I realised that

Aging will cause "Lazing".

See how lazy I am...

The chronicles of Lazinity:

I need to hand in on Monday (today)... and

With almost half havent started yet, and the other half is basically diarrhoea of words with the similar quality with my blogging entry, I spent my Sunday (yesterday) doing the following:

12am - 12pm : Sleep...
Justification to myself: ala ang..u a bit sick already...bed rest is the best medicine.

12pm - 3pm : Proevoing...
Justification: Jari cergas otak cerdas!

3pm - 6pm : Sleep second round...
Justification: Rehat now to berjuang sehabis-habisan tonight!

6pm - 8pm: Makan and sembang with hsemates
Justification: Bonding and team building among hsemates...

8pm - 9pm: TV - BBC Sports Personality Award
Justification: Once a year thing....not to be missed...

9pm - 10pm: TV - TOP GEAR.
Justification: You have promised youself since 22 years ago that you should not miss any TOPGEAR show..

10pm - 11.30pm: TV - Match of the Day 2
Justification: How can you not watch it? Just because it is a female presenter this time? Come on...dun be batangist.

11.30pm - 12am: Doing coffee...
Justification: I am all set to go!

12am - 6am: Do PORTFOLIO with on off chatting with ppl...

6am: I cannot take it anymore.
Human need to sleep man! SO I follow my biological instinct.

11am the next day: Wake up...and continue do the part i havent done...cut paste cut paste cut paste. Ayat passive to ayat active. Table change to paragraph. Vice versa...and

3pm: DONE! Malas check spelling also...why?

3.35 pm take a bus to hospital and pass up.

Mission Accomplished!

Given the attitude of the way I do my course work or assignment a few years ago...i'll go through every sentence, trying to find the best alternative, best diction, best references...

But now..i guess when u are used to blog benda bodo, writting up is just another joke. So...might as well..

So now..

Portofourleo DONE> exam after new year. So...



Self Declaread - HOLIDAY! YEAIIII!

Side dish for today:

Spot the different?
Chris Tock. and.....

Steven Lim

NB: I terdiscovered that this steven lim shared the same lifelong philosophy with me as well. But he went a few steps forward. Check out his blog. And instantaneous puking warned. Hahahah..

(ala..say ppl....)

Sunday, December 09, 2007



Picture from:

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Winter Carnival Edinburgh

Pre Alton Towers Training.

Yes ppl.

In my whole life of 22 years, i have never try on any theme park's rollercoaster.

Due to economical and pyschological issues.

And now, due to my economical stability and pyschological maturity (and sexuality maturity as well), i have decided to give it a go.

But first, a training first.

Ferris Wheel.

This is to train my capability to overwhelm the feeling of caged and spatial response in the air at high altitude..

The sort-of rotational stupid slide

This is to prepare myself for plane-rotational movement and acceleration-positional reflex.

This is quite a good training.

This is to train the production of saliva and for ppl down there...its a training for you not to feel too disgusting when sprayed with saliva...sometimes, urine too.

I duno what is this called. Got carriages which go at walking speed. Round and round...

But basically, it trains the willingness to pay for stupid stuff.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Explosive Comp Lab


If you hate someone so much, like how much I hated myself for being so handsome...

Just bring him to the Western General Hospital's Computer Lab

And if it is a guy, give him one special CD. Of coz, you have to make sure the CD cover has to be as suggested below:;

1. You might want to put my face there and the text:

Ang Choon Seong's 10 secrets recipe to be handsome.

That guy sure cannot wait till get home to watch it one.

2. You can also put FlowerMonster's face there....and write:

How to get rid of this fatty...

Same concept...

And if it is a woman, just need to write my name: Ang Choon Seong there.

She sure watch on the spot, using the computer.

And now... need to use C4 bomb or to hire any assassin...

The CD you just need to crack it a bit...physically...

coz once they put in the cracked CD...into the CD ROM's...



Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New Kitchen Tool in House.


Cookworks product.

8 pounds from Argos' clearance sale.

What is the use of a steamer?

We dun make pau nusantara.

We dun steam fish. (No money to eat fish....)

Hehehe..sometimes when you want to eat steam is very usefulla..rather than normal method of using the pots and a bowl.

Also, i discovered a healthier way of BBQ.

The steamer got one hole up there...where the steam comes out..

With a satay stick, the cheap frozen tesco Greenland prawn can now be more interactive.

Before: Very hard and cold...

Usual problem with this kind of tiny prawn is that if we cook it too long, it shrinks and sometimes have to use microscope to find it.

So it has to be just nicely done. Not after it is too cooked and shrunk, but not before when there is still ice in it.

Steam BBQ Prawn now ready.

Suitable for someone who are bored waiting for dinner to be served.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bungkus Awal Datang Lagi

Football 07/08 Part 1

Liverpool Games.

Date: 17 November 2007.

Cost: 27 Pounds to drive there. 48 pounds participation fees.

Due to racist reasons, i refused to accept participation from any players who are not Chinese. (aktivis CINRAF - Cinta ISA N0 Rights Action Force)
1. Ang Choon Seong
2. James Koh
3. Nick Chan.
4. Arthur Yip
5. Simon Gui
6. Jun Guang
7. Teo Wy Keat
8. Su Lai Man. (He is a japanese)
9. Lee Pei Pei (to reduce our burden of cost, and also to be camerawoman)

A total of 9 of us hired 2 cars, drove from edinburgh at 5am, to reach Liverpool at 9am.


Racial discrimination in football is a disadvantage. Opponent can easily see who is not in their team and thus spy is hard to plant in the opposite half.

Parti Cina Bersatu

Parti Cina Bersatu's Team Pic + Media ppl

As usual...bak kata advertisment Dunhill:

Pre match shooting practice always will see my shooting as perfect. But during the match, the statistic showed ZERO shots on target. 2 off target. 3 off the pitch.

Keeper: relaxing, hanging on the goalpost
Centreback: Looking at birds.
James: Dunno do wat la.
Ang: Lompat setempat to kill some ants

Our team is in supporting of BERSIH! Its a Saturday and we wear yellow bibs!

On action. Means chasing the ball like hell.

Positioning of players is second to everyone. Haih....

Pasrah after losing games...

But Su Lai Man, still managed to sleep so soundly.

AND su lai man is one of the few Malaysians that wear seat belt....even tho he sat at the backseat.

Infact...he is the first one i see so far. Congrats Lai Man.