Friday, December 14, 2007

Edinburgh Ho Chiak?

Last week, the homesickness melanda jiwa...

So, equipped with money from the tax payer's money, I embarked myself on a journey to a posh chinese restaurant owned by Msian in Edinburgh, named Saigon Saigon (What the fuck! KL KL la!)

Ok. So, i ordered Char Koay Teow.

Price: GBP 7.50 (2 person's size la...)

And of coz, as like all the previous posts abt food, u know me....

I wont be able to resist the temptation of even 0.1 sec of not starting to eat when the food is served right under you nose holes.

I ate halfway only remembered. Aha! Pictures!

Itudia! Char Koay Teow

To my dissappointment and an utter contempt of the great char koay teow of Malaysia. (to much reading on news abt the arrest of oppositions in Parliament vicinity)

Like the old penang free school's boys saying: ada udang disebalik koayteow and later was copied to be ada udang disebalik batu...

the udang here is really...very...hidden.

I zoomed in then only u can see ok...

To make things clearer for you to understand my disappointment, this is the size of 10 sen ringgit malaysia.

And this is the standard size of the 6 prawns i got in the char koay teow

I mean I dont expect the charkoayteow to have this size of prawn:

But to some extent...give me a bigger prawn la....cis...

And nevermind you know..

Instead of more prawns...they give a lot of this: charsiu...BABI...what the two pieces nevermindla...but why berpuluh puluh pieces of char siu... is this koay teow babi? be honest, the char koay teow is not bad la...Hahaha..just the prawn a little bit micro and the babi a little bit too much.

ps: ihsan...mau share?


ihsan_huhu said...

damn... if no babi then u'll put serbuk babi.. how to share...

h3l3n said...

somemore ang makan macam babi also..

Shut said...

ive tried that one man.
saigon saigon.
din know that it was own by malaysian.
Saigon is sumwhere in Vietnam aite?

But mine was babi-free la.
The prawn part was damn funny ah aiyoo.