Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New Kitchen Tool in House.


Cookworks product.

8 pounds from Argos' clearance sale.

What is the use of a steamer?

We dun make pau nusantara.

We dun steam fish. (No money to eat fish....)

Hehehe..sometimes when you want to eat steam is very usefulla..rather than normal method of using the pots and a bowl.

Also, i discovered a healthier way of BBQ.

The steamer got one hole up there...where the steam comes out..

With a satay stick, the cheap frozen tesco Greenland prawn can now be more interactive.

Before: Very hard and cold...

Usual problem with this kind of tiny prawn is that if we cook it too long, it shrinks and sometimes have to use microscope to find it.

So it has to be just nicely done. Not after it is too cooked and shrunk, but not before when there is still ice in it.

Steam BBQ Prawn now ready.

Suitable for someone who are bored waiting for dinner to be served.


pp said...

Its my steamerrrrr...n my idea to steam prawn...mineee..mineee..minee...

tomking said...

hahaha..very funny ang