Saturday, December 08, 2007

Winter Carnival Edinburgh

Pre Alton Towers Training.

Yes ppl.

In my whole life of 22 years, i have never try on any theme park's rollercoaster.

Due to economical and pyschological issues.

And now, due to my economical stability and pyschological maturity (and sexuality maturity as well), i have decided to give it a go.

But first, a training first.

Ferris Wheel.

This is to train my capability to overwhelm the feeling of caged and spatial response in the air at high altitude..

The sort-of rotational stupid slide

This is to prepare myself for plane-rotational movement and acceleration-positional reflex.

This is quite a good training.

This is to train the production of saliva and for ppl down there...its a training for you not to feel too disgusting when sprayed with saliva...sometimes, urine too.

I duno what is this called. Got carriages which go at walking speed. Round and round...

But basically, it trains the willingness to pay for stupid stuff.

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Eve said...

the last one is merry go round