Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This is not an advertisement post.

I am against ad post.

Its kind of....not funny. Haha.

anyway, this is a free stuff ad...

Its a online stuff whereby you upload your pictures and print your photos for 8p per print.

But you get free 20 prints on registration.

and then you get another 20 prints if you refer your friend. Something like multi-level-marketing except you dun have to pay stupid money for membership.

Anyway, so, you register your email, u get 20.

Then you refer another email to your email, you get free 20 for your first email, and another 20 for new user registration on the other email.

Then your new account you refer to another email, you get another 20 for that reference, and another 20 for the new user account.


Free pees. 120 photos technically free.

However, it is only free totally, if you collect it yourself in the nearest participating Jessops.

The nearest Jessops that I know of near my place is around 503374432.9 steps away (I dunno where is the Jessops also...)

Alternatively, you can pay GBP 0.99 for postage to your door..

So, given that I am a ultra rich kid, with father name JPA and mother name Leepeipei,

GBP 0.99 is just another numerical figure which have no implications at all. (Ha...Ha...ha......a....)

The other day, for Nottingham Games, i need to print around 120 pics for Projek Kalsom's booth.

So i created and refered and created and refered and so on...yes...i got so much free prints. I use nick's email, mai's email...

Ang: Wei...nick...can i use your email acc to create an acc in snapfish, to get free prints?

Nick: What fish? print fish?

Ang: err...snapfish. Print photos.

Nick: Use la...

Ang: err..actually...i need you to do that coz you need to create the account from the link in the invitation email to you.

Nick: Wei...i busy la.

Ang: Wei...1 minute la. Just put any name.


When I use his account in snapfish..

Username: Nick Chan

Forename: gfrgr
Surname: grgrgr

I kind of suspect he is trying to decode the meaning of the secret message? take effort to put your proper username as Nick Chan..but....

But then in your account, you put forename and surname as: a secret code?

And somemore...they will send to me via that names:

Isnt this super kantoi this dickhead from the above address is only going after the free prints?

At least, even tho my username is angchoonseong...but i put my name as: Koh James. Hahahha

And put this fatty name as well for another email....

The irony is

I dun put my own name...


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ahsang_haha said...

ini nasib nama saja lain..
aku kerja royal mail banyak jumpa promo items tapi alamat tipu

123 fake street
567 yo momma's house
gunchester darul iman