Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 - Whatayear

As a student in UK, sometimes, you get visits from ministers from time to time.

When I was in first year, I got super excited when ministers coming!. Aha! That minister is coming! This minister is coming!

Now, whatthefuck.

Yang Hebat CSL visited Edinburgh when I was first year. I still remembered that very clearly coz due to my misunderstanding about the seat arrangement, with my president (of Edin Msian Student Assoc), I was then the small potato (now no longer a small potato even, now tomato.), sat just next to CSL on the makan table.

That time, I really respected super sama dia. He is one of the fastest rising stars in MCA. And as compared to other MCA leaders, he is really worth the respect.

I mean, lu tengok Ong Ka Ting, he looked and acted like a kindergarten headmaster. And Chan Kong Choy, is still in cabinet or in Port Klang kira duit??

And then a few months later, this law minister Nazri came.

After that, deputy health minister came. I cant remember his name. He is a nice guy. Down to earth.

That was all in 2005.

2006...macam tarak menteri.

2007, the cycle started again.

I wondered why they so semangat come all the way 13 hours of flight to come to UK? Where are they staying?

I was quite annoyed by this rumour. I heard la...I mean, ppl told me. Not to say I got the video tape as proof. (Chua Soi lek's video mau??)

Last week, YB Nazri came again. He wanted to meet students. For wat?

I dunno. Chua Soi Lek came last time at least ada reason, he was then Health Minister. Edin 80% medical students. Nazri? here tarak law students la...

The MSD ppl also came together with him. I guessed its formality. But why? MSD is under Ministry of Higher Education.

Then they asked some students on how to get for them the Hogmaney ticket.

WTF!!!! (Hogmaney is the celebration of New Year Countdown in Edinburgh, rumoured tobe the most happening in the world!)

And, Nazri and his 6 pegawai khas, stayed in Scotsman Hotel.

Frensters, do you know how much is the room in the Scotsman?

That is the top 20 hotel in the UK. Its around 290 pounds a night kawan, for a deluxe room!!!

and some other students saw them lepak in Hardrock cafe.

Facebooks, hardrock cafe!!

Came for Hogmaney, then stayed in Scotsman, and then hanged out in hardrock cafe.

To give the YB benefit of doubt, maybe he is on his own holidays, and not spending on Gov's money on working trips.

But then, that is not how u show us, the students, the lifestyle of a leader.

like dat who dunwan to be politician? Who dunwan to be MP?

How u want us to call u Yang Berhormat? YB - Yang Belanja banyak banyak?

Go around the UK, say wanna meet students? for wat?, and stay in top hotels...

(And DPM Najib used to ask us to change our lifestyle. Pls Datuk Seri, change the minister lifestyle first)

ANyway, back to main topic i wanted to blog, is the year 2007 - Whatayear.

U know usually, on the new year's eve, I always watched the TV3 compilation of the year's event. This is Malaysiakini's version.

I think it is a yardstick to measure how good our leaders are, how clean our country is....

The malaysian style is always, forget forget forget. So this Top Ten Stories in Malaysia year 2007, should serve as a reminder for us.

Happy New Year Again!

~~Emo Ang~~


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ang can emo meh?

AHanifKhan said...

Hey Ang,

Do you know where to get the full video of the Top 10 news headlines???

Thanks a mil

Anonymous said...

tarak tau...but i tot thats full...?

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