Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Berita Best

I read the news in the Star with the title:

Unity is not a slogan.

Then, what is it?


Koleksi Slogan Kerajaan:

Work with me, not work for me.

Towering Malays

Melayu Glokal

Koridor Ekonomi Iskandar, Koridor Ekonomi Utara, Koridor Ekonomi Pantai Timur, Koridor Ekonomi Sabah dan Sarawak etc etc :
Koridor Ekonomi dimana saja anda berada sempena pilihanraya

Saya pantang dicabar

And now, we have

Unity is not a slogan!

Unity is Not a Slogan is the ultimate of all slogans already la. Much funnier than Bersekutu Bertambah Kutu.

Same like Lingam's:

It looks like me, it sounds like me, but unless u have the original memory card storing the video and the original camera that was used to take the video, it is not me.


Lawak la. Nowadays read the star also like read kennysia.


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ihsan_huhu said...

i got penis.. no penis in dat pic eventho the face look like me...