Thursday, January 03, 2008

Chua Soi Lek's Full DvDrip


the above title is just to get more clicks when ppl googled it.

Taktik Keji.

But siapa suruh dia pegi hotel sama bilik sama tiap tiap kali?

so, another hero became zero. In a few weeks time, no one can even spell his name correctly.

Anyway, today's post is on my ski trip!!

Yes...SKI TRIP! pictures...coz all the pics are with H.E.L.E.N . She also uses taktik keji.

Everywhere i go, she will follow at the back so that, in the event of I terspot some funny signboard, or some funny things, she also take the picture and then she can blog first.

then accuse me of plagarism.

Ciz ciz ciz (due to the assimilation of french;s culture.)

and now she dont wan to give me the photos....

And so i offered my extra virgin olive oiled body in return of the ski photos in her camera...she duly awaited for me in her room but i backed off in the very last moment due to commitment towards all the 99 wives of mine.

Her meteoric rise in the blogsphere is ganas. Within a few months, she has reached 10K clicks. This just showed that there are a lot more guys in the internet than girl.

Ok back to business, some pictures that i took using my camera:

TOday, I will post an informative post on the concept of skiing.

Well, ze shall ztarts with the meaning of colors on the slopes.

Different colors represents the different levels of ski skills needed to ski on that particular slopes.

Green : Super Beginner. Basically, u can just walk down the slope.

Blue: A little bit more adventure...

Red: > challenging than blue

Black: Super gila babi...

and the levels of skier are categorized into different animals:

I started off my ski career as a cute cat...

Second day I have got horns and some random ppl came and squeezed my breast for hurts...and best...

On the third day, suddenly become donkey..

The following day i became werewolf...i gigit the roti, the roti also infected and became roti musang.

And now...I am tulan...KINGKONG... (i seriously do not know that kingkong can ski...i mean his ski boots must be damn big... and uses the twin tower as poles...)

After i became the gorilla/baboon/chimpanzee, i decided to ski back from France to Edinburgh. But halfway, i saw this signboard. I decided to respect the local culture not to ski there and took a flight back.

next entry subject to apa gambar yang available...


h3l3n said...

oi babi la u.. haha i don hav ALL the pics tat u wana blog la.. %@$#$#$@$!@%

h3l3n said...

argh.. wad pic is that?!?!? actualy this blogger rapist one.. i was hiding all scared in the dark!!!