Friday, January 11, 2008

Emo blog: Football in Edinburgh

In bidding to be the Emo King, I shall blog something about emotions...

Ah? Emo blog?

What are the things that get me emoed?

1. Why Am I so Handsome? (Readers might get a lil bored with this...)

2. Why Am I not Bill Gates? (Err..coz he knows how to reformat computer)

3. About love? Relationships? Ya! Why my neighbours' dog barks at me and not the tree? The bitch doesnt like me? How? WHy?

4. Sad to say, the only few things that got my emotions out is Bola.


Ang and his Team of Failures...

A total of 155 goals conceded, 25 goals scored and goal difference of 110.

Emo tak?

Captain + Keeper + Striker + Defender + Attacker + Joker + Dalai Lama + Coach + Manager + Scout + Clerk + Transport Manager + Financial Controller + Supporter + Spokesperson +

Striker + Keeper and hold best record for both still.

Mid + Keeper

Defender + Keeper (Easiest to bully and thus usually made the keeper...hoho)

Keeper + Defender (he is the famous hand-less keeper. Seriously make a good keeper if the rules said No Hands allowed.)

Defender + Keeper + Priest

Attacker + Keeper . If he on form, he is unstoppable. He only on form once every 5 years. The first game.


Eve said...

nick so cute..haha

h3l3n said...

good try to emo.. try harder nex time..

angchoonseong said...