Friday, January 11, 2008

Gay Scene.



I am not very comfortable with the gay kissing scene. (i am ok with gay friends :P)

My uncomfortable face. Kek sai for a few days also like that punya face.

Anyway, I read in one of the auntie uncle age punya magazine, while waiting for the free shuttle in the WGH today, that...

They found out that women find the gay hot kissing scene in Torchwood very...very...very... arousing.

If you are above 6, nah the link.

(pls underager, dont watch. Superman Refund is coming soon. Just wait.)

Comments such as:

That's the hottest things I have ever seen!! Yummy!

So, para jantan yang lurus sekalian; the morale of the story is:

If you want to turn your girl on, kiss your guy friend in front of her:


and If you are above 1, watch the following trailer.

This is my favourite episode of Torchwood. Sex Gas

Side Dish:

A song wrote by PFS 5 Zamrud 2002

Gay lang, dia suka jantan

Gay lang tak suka lubang depan.

blah blah blah i cant remember

Gay lang dia suka batang dan lubang belakang.

(cant remember the exact wordings la. Any old zamrudians here? )


Eve said...

gay basher ang.

jlshyang said...

eh got this song meh? Never heard before wan. Ask eggs see know or not.

angchoonseong said...

jia jan punya.

angchoonseong said...
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Liona said...

Good for people to know.