Saturday, January 12, 2008

Interesting News

Surgeons remove world's biggest tumour

A Chinese hospital has successfully removed the world's biggest tumour of its kind from a woman's buttocks.

The eight stone (45kg) tumour weighed more than patient Ahui, 36, of Guangzhou city, reports Guangzhou Daily.

Two teams of surgeons at Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital worked for more than eight hours to remove the 4ft 5ins tumour.

"We had to divide the surgeons into two teams, one cutting from the waist, the other from the lower right leg, then meeting in the middle," said chief surgeon Huang Guangxiang.

"This is the largest tumour we've ever seen, and medical reports show it was the biggest neurofibromatosis tumour in the world."

Ahui says the tumour started growing on her right buttock when she was 12.

"At that time, it was only the size of an egg, and my family had it cut off at the hospital," she said. "But after 10 years, a new tumour started growing like crazy where the old one had been."

"Because of this, I haven't had a bath in the past two years, and had to stay in bed all the time. My sister quit her job to take care of me."

Ahui inherited the disease, multiple neurofibromatosis, from her mother, who died of it in 1990.



Imagine u have 45kg of tumour on ur butt. Wahlau eh. study....


ihsan_huhu said...

"this is no fat, this is tumor... "

angchoonseong said...

kalau fat boleh remove...

manusia said...

ish aku pun 41kg jisim overall