Monday, January 07, 2008

The Legend of Ski Hero

Long long time ago, there was this hero in the land of La Plagne.

He was called, the Ski Hero.

Whenever a rapist trying to rape girl...

The Ski Hero with his super vision will see that!

He can ski as fast as a jetski with 1.6 Campro engine, the Proton first ever self-made engine.

And that is why he cant never make it in time

There is once he was like 15km away from the crime scene. He nearly gave up but, at the very last moment, he took out his spear. With all his might, he threw his spear from there.

Just when the rapist was about to cucuk the poor girl, the spear cucuk first!! I mean on the ground where the rapist was standing. And the rapist fell and fled out of fear because he realised the super ski hero was there.

After that incident, everyone is trying to get the hero out. The news about his kehandsoman attracted 1.5 million tourist to La Plagne every year.

He never revealed his identity...

But some of the girls, pretend to be stucked on the snow just to hope that the ski hero will come and save them.

While some fat and ugly girls just fell down hoping some rapist will come to them.

But the rapist are fearing that the Ski Hero might threw another of his spear and this time get to them. So they remain hidden.

And because of that, now, a lot of girls are raping the guys, coz they know, the Ski Hero dont save the guys. (Of coz...why he needs to save them...they are enjoying it..hehehe)

Then one day, the rapist cannot take it anymore. They planned to get rid of this Ski Hero once and forever!

So, they planted a trap for him. They paid a girl to pretend to fall down. And one of them charged to rape her!

And he pulled the girl to the area where all other rapist are hiding behind the bush. Ready to ambush.

The Ski Hero and his friend Snowboard hero saw that from far.

The Snowboard Hero told Ski Hero not to fall into the trap.

But the Ski Hero said:

Even tho it is a trap, i still need to save that poor girl. If I really kantoi in the hands of the rapist, pls tell Jessica Alba that the other day i rejected her was because I already engaged with Jennifer love hewitt. Tell her that she deserved another guy.

And he cant escape from the attack of the 14050 rapists.


ihsan_huhu said...

n jessica wont bother, becoz she's happy to be with the broken-wrist warrior!!

Eve said...

from political blog to lame story blog...

skihero and snowboard hero... -__-

Eve said...

ihsan! we comment same time why ur's above mine!

h3l3n said...

try to curi my idea of story thru ski photos.. =p

pp said...

dats y...not funny..not funny...

@lv1nX said...

haha... very funny.... definitely have talent...:P should turn it into a video game like guitar hero:)

angchoonseong said...

ihsan: lu continue ur dream la...

eve: lame...i tot thats wat whatablog is all about!

helen:story thru pics...i used this since 1985!!!

pei: arrrrrgghhhhhhhh!

alvin: thanks! u clearly still upheld the unity of angs.

jlshyang said...

hahaha. lawaksnya!