Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why Lingam's excuse of forgetting his number was accepted by Inquiry?

Some interesting updates from the Royal Inquiry of Lingam Tape.

The ACA officer, Chuah Lay Choo was asked on the reason why she did not obtain VK Lingam's phone number.


Senior lawyer VK Lingam could not remember the numbers of his mobile phones, according to Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) officer Chuah Lay Choo today.

She told the royal commission on the Lingam tape that this was the reason why she was unable to obtain his mobile phone numbers when she interviewed him recently.

Lingam told me he couldn’t remember (the numbers) as most of his phones have prepaid lines,” said Chua when grilled on this by Bar Council lawyer Ranjit Singh.

She added that there were also no records since he was using prepaid lines. Prior to 2006, prepaid mobile phone users were not required to register or provide their details.


Again I am making a speculation.

I think, Lingam misunderstood the situation, that the 52-year-old auntie, Chuah Lay Choo was interested in him, and asked for phone number.

Same like me. Sometimes some chix asked me for number also i say...forgot...dun have phone...and etc

When the panel looked at Chuah's face, they can understand la why Lingam can forget.

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