Monday, January 14, 2008

Why Loh Mui Fah waited for so long?

I am making a speculation about the reason why Loh Mui Fah took nearly 4 months before appearing in front of the media to disclose his identity and tell his story?

Why? Why?

Coz...he wants to grow his beard first.




Some ppl msn me and told me that dei,..whats Lingam Tape? Lingam is the curry powder brand ?

Ok so here is the shortest possible narration of the whole Lingam Tape Scandal, which topped the list in the Malaysiakini Top 10 News 2007.

From Wikipedia:

On September 19, 2007, Malaysiakini broke a story on a tape released by Anwar Ibrahim, where senior lawyer VK Lingam was seen talking to someone believed to be the Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz. The grainy eight-minute video footage was taken in 2002 at Lingam’s Kelana Jaya house. At that time, Ahmad Fairuz was the Chief Judge of Malaya (judiciary's No. 3 post).

The video showed Lingam expressing concern that the outgoing CJ Mohamed Dzaiddin Abdullah was moving his 'men' into top judiciary posts. The conversation revolved around the urgent need to get Ahmad Fairuz appointed as Court of Appeal President (No. 2) and then Chief Justice (No. 1).

Lingam expressed his plan to get tycoon Vincent Tan, a close ally of then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, and Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, a minister in PM's Department to talk to Mahathir on the appointment of judges. Allegedly, this was in return for Ahmad Fairuz's "suffering" in the election petition cases in the past where Ahmad Fairuz had ruled against the Opposition.

Following the revelation, over 2,000 lawyers heeding the call of the Malaysian Bar Council walked from the Palace of Justice to the Prime Minister's Department to demand the Prime Minister to set up a Royal Commission to investigate.

On November 17, 2007, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced that a Royal Commission would be set up to investigate the matter. Ahmad Fairuz has, however, denied his involvement, and Anwar responded that he "would love to see him (Ahmad Fairuz) defend himself in the dock as to whether he was lying."


So, sekarang you guys know the magnitude of this Lingam Curry Powder thing?

I have a funny feeling cum sympathy for the law students la. You spent a mininum of three years reading law and then...the judge that made the verdict on whether you win or lose is...not that just anyway...

Actually the same goes to the funny feeling i have got whenever I watch all those debate competition in schools and universities. I mean, whats the point our students try so hard to debate and in the end, the most important debate in the country, ie, the parlimentary debate is not about arguing on matters, but about who make more noise, more animal noise, more sexist remark, and just get away with it.

Hahaha...itu semi velu cakap, harga toll, PM yang decide, saya hanyala alat. Then Uncle Kit asked PM to come answer to the parliament, then Semi Velu cakap....mana boleh suruh PM utk small small matters like this? Then datang pagi sampai petangla?

Then...How? No need to come then? Who should we ask?

Wastafarey. (Latin for Whatthefuck!)

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