Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Why Skiing Is Fun?

Is skiing more fun than sleeping?

1. The fun of hunting the shoe of your size. It took me nearly 30 minutes.

2. The fun of finding the ski of the size of the shoe, and your weight and your height, and also your level.

I thought I was very fat and heavy but apparently i was thinner than what i expected.

My ski was too loose for the first day, ie the ski came out easily. As shown in the video below

3. The fun of bearing the weight of the shoe, the pain of wearing it, and the pressure on the knees.

Basically it completely lock the ankle. It was very/extremely/super/ultra painful on the second day onwards. Every step you made is painful. Thus the theme song of the ski trip was:

4. The fun of walking like a duck on the ski.

I gave up and decided to take off my ski and walked up the slope instead.

5. The fun of the struggle to put on the ski. Its like trying to wear underwear for your friend using one hand.

On the first day, we spent 20 minutes trying to put on the ski. On the last day, it took less than 20 seconds.

6. The fun of carrying the ski, and walking up the slope. THATS the 'best' of the BEST.

(I will pay a lot of money for anyone who are willing to carry me and my ski up the slope. Not every slope ada skilift and chairlift)

The peribahasa, bersusah susah panjat slop dulu, bersenang senang ski turun kemudian was then plagiaries by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

7. The fun of falling down.

Some of them enjoyed that so much that they decided not to stand up. And they brought radio and roti and jam to have a picnic there.

(Ee Pei Lian and Helen Ngu Fong Ling berkelah)

8. The fun of not rescueing ppl.

9. The fun of skiing with your friends.

(Pengarang jelas mempunyai kepelbagaian elemen dalam nukilan karyanya seperti elemen EMO)

10. The fun of improving from super noob to super power eligible to go Winter Olympics for Malaysia, after just 7 days of skiing.

You dun blive that is me?

You double click on the video and go to its youtube page. The title of the vid is Ang in training.

Hahahaha...i was watching my videos in youtube, and apparently someone by the name of ang also put up his skiing video. But as you can see....that ang is clearly a pro.


Matthew said...

i really thought that ang skiing in the video was u until u sed it was another ang. the camera person also seems quite pro, is that pei?

bc said...

haha, nice one. i m quite a noob myself. :)

pp said...

yaya..me took the video...

n who started singing the theme song??