Friday, February 29, 2008

Malaysian Tycoon Donates £8million to a British University.

Err...I saw a very catchy headline in the main page Scotsman Newspaper last week, and so,

stood there "thickfacedly" in the minimarket for one minute to finish that front page news (Another Malaysian who saw that news line actually bought the whole newspaper...hahaha)

Then, I was in the Sarcoma Clinic with one, I thought, just one of the hundreds ah pek consultants, joking about castration and some random jokes.

He is damn funny for someone of his age. He looks funny also.

He then asked me, where am I from.

Malaysia, i said.

Then he started to talk about this Malaysian guy who donated 8 million pounds to build the new medical school at St Andrew Uni (in case you dont know, St Andrew University is the uni that the Prince William studied last time, damn rich uni)

You see..this is even better than the Visit Malaysia Tourism Campaign.


THE University of St Andrews yesterday unveiled plans for a new £45 million school for medicine and science that aims to collaborate research into areas such as cancer, psychology and infectious diseases.

The school will be funded in part by an £8 million donation by Malaysian business tycoon Vinod Sekhar – thought to be the largest gift ever made by an individual to a Scottish university.

In Kuala Lumpur for the launch, Dr Brian Lang, principal and vice-chancellor of the university, said it was a groundbreaking move for St Andrews.

"This is about establishing Scotland as a world-leading centre for multi-disciplinary leading edge research," he said.

"It's about finding solutions for diseases and problems that are worldwide."

The school will be named after Mr Sekhar's father, Dr BC Sekhar, known in Malaysia as the father of the natural rubber industry, who died last year following a heart attack. Mr Sekhar, 39, a businessman who runs a technology conglomerate named Petra Group, said he was delighted to be involved.

"What I saw when I visited St Andrews in December was a major university that has an integrated approach to the sciences in terms of research and development and I'm very pleased to be involved.

"I'm looking forward to seeing the exchange we can create between Malaysia and St Andrews." Part of Mr Sekhar's donation will be used to finance a scholarship fund which will allow students from across Asia to study at St Andrews. The medical school is expected to start construction this summer, pending planning approval, and is due to be completed in 2010.

"Higher education is international," he said. As part of the deal a new company will also be formed, Petra Biophotonics, in partnership with the university, which will aim to bring St Andrews' medical science research to market.


If you google his name, he is the richest Malaysian under 40 year old, and extremely low profile non bumi self built entrepreneur.

8 millions pounds....



It felt so nice.... when he (Harry Porter) said:

Tmr clinic is optional. If you are not going, then see you on Monday next week.

(HAHAHA!!!! Optional = Bye bye la.)

I have recently accepted the fact that

1. I am a retard.

2. I am a retard, handsome guy.


So, who would you vote this coming election?

Well, if you have internet, there is 75% you will vote for anything other than BN.

Coz...our friend here, is just....simply....incompetence.

Reminds me of the old days of TDM - outspoken, charimastic. In terms of leadership qualities, our AAB simply stand no chance la.

Who am I voting?

----Next election you see I carry which banner on the street you mah know lo...

Friday, February 22, 2008

I am not busy..i am just super super busy

I tell u, Mr Porter, a consultant surgeon in RIE, is a magician

I have been made to go hospital 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Means waking up at 7am every morning to catch the 7.20am bus.

And sleeping at 10pm, every night.

He just turned me into a Matthew.

Anyway, I have accepted the fact that I am a retard. Ya.


No time to blog anymore, for the next 4 weeks at least. So, see you guys after my this hell-like-rotation.

Before I chau, I wanna wish every registered voters in Malaysia, Happy Voting!

And, vote wisely.


Abdullah Gives Report Card On Progress Made From 2004 To 2007

PUTRAJAYA, Feb 22 (Bernama) -- With the elected representatives having given their report cards to the Prime Minister, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Thursday that it was now his turn to give a report card to citizens on the progress made by the country from 2004 to 2007.

"Parliament members have to give me report cards on their performance. I as the Prime Minister of a government given the mandate by the people, am also responsible to give a report card on the progress achieved by the nation from 2004 to 2007," he said.


This is like myself grading my ownself. Mr PM, altho you are the best of the best, you cant give report your own report card yourself.

Ok readers. See u next 3 weeks. Bye.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's Official: I'm Out of Football.

Edinburgh, 19 Feb 2007: The fat and unfit, self-deceiving but handsome, author of the great Whatablog!! is officially retiring from the world's most played sports - football.

Ang Choon Seong, 23, speaking to media after the home team, Edinburgh 1, humiliating exit of the Edinburgh Super Cup in the early group stages.

The Edinburgh 1 despite at home, played very badly and in front of the non-existence home supporters.

5-2, 0-0, 0-2, 0-2, 0-2, 0-3, 1-1 against ISOC, Bradford, Glasgow 1, Liverpool 1, Newcastle 1, Stafford 1 and Liverpool 3 respectively is not good at all by any standard for a home team.

Ang decided to retire from all footballing tournament after much discussion with his family and friends. "I think I need to spend more time with my wife (in the picture)", said an emotional Ang, in the Q n A session after the media conference.


Ang said, Family First. He and his wife enjoying the view in the craigs, Edinburgh.

HAHA. Gotcha!

Friday, February 15, 2008

RM54000 marriage proposal - Ah?

The Star:
Ad exec stuns girlfriend with RM54,000 marriage proposal

PETALING JAYA: For this Valentine’s Day, businesswoman Kelly Tan E Li got an unexpected marriage proposal.

It was “wrapped” in a RM14,000 diamond ring and a huge billboard advertisement in which her boyfriend publicly declared his intentions



RM54,000 to propose a marriage to someone you dated for 3 years.

Very...romantically ununderstandable by my IQ, EQ and SQ.


Thats 54,000 ringgit! Lima Puluh Empat Ribu Ringgit shj.


You know how much you can do with the money?

You could

You could buy

buy a room full of condoms.

I wont believe this kind of MAN still exist in the world today. I mean, with all the Pendidikan Jasmani dan Pendidikan Moral....

Kenot accept.

Actually, seriously,

Can you believe that I'll do that as some special circumstances as dictated below:

1. Being an exec in advertising company, I saw a project on advertising for the ad boards around Kelana Jaya. Of course the Kelana Jaya needs this kind investment coz all the ads are going to Petaling Jaya, the Ad Board City.

So, what I do is I take over the project, and come out with this extraordinary idea, and tell my company, okla...I sacrifice myself to marry my woman, and thus, I could kill two birds with 1 advert. Save money on the models, any special effects, and so on. All I need is just a camera, and thats it.

2. The second theory is equally logic. The woman I am proposing to is super rich and she has no siblings and with no other immediate relatives. Well, it makes sense, as she is a businesswoman at the age of 24. Unless she is on Mara's loan or her business is just selling kuih talam, RM54,000 is money well spent. After all, from the picture, she looks quite chun, unless the bloody Star ppl photoshopped the picture.

Hehe...I just kidding la. Well done David. Choosing valentines day is a brilliant move. Can save your money to celebrate anniversary of proposal and its easy to remember.

I'll follow you la. I'll find a girl whose birthday is 14 Feb, propose on 14 Feb, marry on 14 Feb the next year, and if I plan to have children, I do the project on late May and ask her to do caesarian on 14 Feb. It would be extra bonus if her

14 Feb: Happy Independence Day to singles.

Today, 14 Feb.

To some, today is an important day - Valentine's Day

To some, tonight is very important as well = Pai Tee Kong Day


A few quotations from some great men and women.

"The day the florist flourish"

"Single Awareness Day"

- Eve

"Happy Independence Day to singles"

- Teong

"Just another day"



I know what you are thinking about the three of them: Sour graper?

Revelation of Why Ang Never Go Clubbing or Ball or Night Out etc etc


I :

Am :

A :



Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Great Freeze

One word.

Creative!!! Extreme!

Some jokers are doing this in edinburgh.

Lemma..have to go man. This kind of thing you dont get to do in Malaysia one.

Sure kena molest one. HAHA

This thing surely must be one of my TOP TEN most easily planned massive event. Here is the plan:

This is what we're doing:

2.00 pm: Meet at The Standing Order (lots of space because there are going to be SO many of us!!)

3:15 pm: meet the rest of the gang on the corner of Princes St and Waverly Bridge (the corner by Costa Coffee) for a briefing and figure out what on Earth we're doing. :)

Go into the station just before 3:30, freeze at 3:30, unfreeze at 3:35. Got it?

Hahaha..if you are in Edinburgh, come and join me!

Time and Place
Sunday, February 24, 2008
2:00pm - 3:35pm
Edinburgh Waverley Station
edinburgh, United Kingdom

Monday, February 11, 2008

Exam makes everything else more interesting 2

I blogged under that title before.

Seems like my blogging direction is always the same, whenever the exam comes.

Just like how similar is the trend of the migrating birds flying south during the winter in the North. (WOW, thats philosophical!)


Near exam, as usual, anything other than studying makes so much more sense.

So, I spent a large portion of my time watching documentary.

It gives me the impression that I am not wasting my time. I am watching something educational.

But the fact is, I am wasting my time...

If you free, go and watch the documentary about Gravity, from BBC. It is supposed to be a documentary for public viewing, but, I doubted the normal layperson can understand the following statement, coz I cant understand it at all:

"Newton's universe is about the force between particles, and that's it. But Einstein's universe is entirely different. It is about space and time - Space-time. It explains how things that are happening in the whole universe, are affecting the Space-time, and at the same time, the space-time, is affecting everything that is happening in the universe."

Ultra Rubbish.

However, my few hours on Youtube pulak, membuahkan hasil yang lumayan.

Felt so motivated now! So Inspired! I want to STUDY now Now NOw NOW! NOW!!

But before that, I read an article from Uncle Lim's blog: Some interesting excerpts:


Malaysians will never forget the five famous pledges of Abdullah in his first 10 days as Prime Minister in November 2003, viz:

• “Work with me and not for me” –1.11.03

• “I will work very hard” – 1.11.03

• “I’ll serve with integrity, efficiency and fairness” – in Parliament 3.11.03

• “Top two issues – Government to focus on education and corruption” – 7.11.03

• “Tell me the truth” – 9.11.03.

Something is very wrong when a Prime Minister at the end of his first term in office had to plead publicly: “I work very hard. I really mean it and you know it.”


Well, like one of the quotations in the video above, which clearly really, would be in my Gong Xi Fa Cai card for our PM next time:

"You cant build a reputation on what you're GOING to do." (Henry Ford)

My fully inspired face. (Ignore other unrelated character.)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Why? Why?



It has been a while since I last posted the why?why? type of pictures.

So here you go! A few pictures I managed to take on the recent tour around Edinburgh.


You have too much money and don't know how to spend?

You think Ang is too fat and cant run even 1metre?

If Yes is the answer to above questions: Click Here!

I am running Meadow Marathon just for fun. But at the same time, I am trying to do the sponsorship page, see got ppl really will give money just to see me, the fat fat stomach like the above pic, run a half marathon.

Half marathon is 21 km to be exact, it's 9 laps around the Meadows.

So, why I run?

SPP (pls read in my sponsorship page. Haha)


I tried to create the page initially to get some of the money, to cover my registration fees, but apparently, coz I chose Run not to raise any particular fund and so just paid 15 pounds as registration fees which then by default goes to Sports Relief, a charity,

and now if there is any money raised here, it will go to the Sports Relief as well. Haih...

So, come on ppl. Just berkongsi kongsi each 1 pd, 5 ppl, get me 5 pounds and donate on me, to the Sports Relief. I dont want to see the page no money raised at all.

ERIC KOAY, at least 5 pds! COme On SPP Vice Chairman!

Important thing is that:
Pls dont donate more than 5 pounds, coz if you really have so much money, donate to the poor ones in our country la, donate to the bekas penjajah pulak!.

HAHAHAHA. Or if really dont want to donate, but still a lot of money, just give me la.

OK. End with my favourite picture of all time:

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Eusa General Meeting.

I attended the Edin Uni Student Assoc General Meeting just yesterday.

Quite interesting to see the way some of the students' spoke out.

They are way better, definitely, than our Malaysian student leaders, honestly.

There were 4 motions brought forward, a mix of boring, exciting and controversial ones.

I thought that the motion about the Free usage of Uni buildings for students was quite dull, clearly nothing to debate against.

The motion on scrapping the Graduate Endowment was a bit dull as well, as I dont see how a motion pushhing for free, fair and funded education for all students could be debated against.

However, the motion on the boycott of Eden Spring was a good one. I don;t want to bore you with the details but essentially, it was quite a heated debate as, it involved the Israel Vs Palestinian issue.

And then, the most interesting one was the debate on the issue of The Journal, a relatively new student publication, to enjoy the equal rights of distribution as the current sole Edin Uni student's newspaper - Students. I was impressed by the way they went around it, on both sides, for and against.

Interesting experience. The quality of the speeches was really good. It was so much better than the UKEC one, seriously. There were less beating around the bush and mostly straight forward arguement. At least, the timekeeping was way better.

Our parliamentary debates are way way behind the students debate.

And I think UKEC is still lack of that "courage", to discuss on certain issues, without holding back. But we will get there, somehow, sometime.

Cheating on your wife 101

Sometimes, we learnt some things in a very unusual way, unexpectedly.

For example, I had Eve stayed in my house for a few days, before she went back to Malaysia.

So, I took out my spare mattress, and she uses mine (my spare mattress is a bit worn off, being nice host you see...)

And so, she stayed for a few days and then went back last week, and I was way too lazy to change the bed sheet. I dont think she terkencing kot. Ah...that proved to be fatal, if I am a married man.

Luckily I wasnt cheating on my wife to have a mistress in my room.

Lesson learned:

Always change bedsheet after each session of which you bring home a woman.

See...a long hair (believed to be female's hair) found on the bed

CSI Teviot Place found out that I was 18.5cm long, and the DNA sequence showed that it belongs to Eve.

So, para jantan sekalian;

This kind of small small things might just let your wife axed half of your hard earned fortune for a divorce. Dont let her to have this kind of chance.

So, change the bedsheet, vacuum the room after each time.

Alternatively, keep long hair.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Another uneventful Chinese New Year.

I started to forget what it ws supposed to feel like.

Over the years of no GongXiFaCai...

I became a non gambler, even if it is CNY.

And became too old to play fireworks.

Too early to give angpow, obviously.

Even if I go back, I dun get a lot of ang pow also.

What CNY supposed to be like?

Aha! Maybe JPA tomoro bank in a few hundred pounds as AngPow. Who knows!! Haha

Anatomy Exam coming soon. But all i know is human got 2 ankles. Aha. Pei got 4. Weirdo.

To all reader; Gong Xi Fa Cai. Ang Pow Nah Lai.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Edinburgh Castle...

Hey friends and friend's friend's friend!

If you plan to visit edinburgh and plan to have me as a tour guide, ppl listen: Edinburgh Castle is a MUST go!

YES. According to the legend of the Braveheart, you must spend at least 6 hours inside. Yes!

And, you know, like in Rome they have the Trevis Fountain, here in Edinburgh, we have the Edinburgh Super Twin Happiness Double Deluxe Fountain.

NOt many ppl know about that.

Throw la a few pounds coins there and dont forget to make a wish. (one or two pences' coins are not accepted)

They said, if you are rich and pretty, and you throw once, you will become even prettier, and will gain the ultimate prize of human civilisation: ie to marry me.

If twice, you will become super pretty and then marry me.

But, if you are ugly, and you threw the coin 100 times, you will become pretty, but the marry part dun have la...

The fountain look likes a bath tub, but of coz, it is not. And coincidently, it is located in my bathroom.

U know ar... after nesting here in Edinburgh for 2 and half years, one very bored thing to do is to be tour guide.

Telling the same same old jokes about this building and that building.

(Surprisingly, for someone like me who likes to give lame jokes, this part of the experience of repeating jokes is quite irritating. You try to tell the same old jokes for many many times at the same part of the journey and see...boring lo)

Also, i felt very bad telling the same same "self made" hi-story. But when my tourist all nod their UK-student head, it is quite satisfactory.


After so many years here, I know what it takes to make my life easier to be tour guide:
Dumped ppl in certain dumping site such as the Edinburgh Castle.

Tell them how nice was it, how great the view was...and then, surely none of your sound minded friend will ask you to go in the castle with them - 10 pounds leh...

So, once they go in the castle, you can have a recess for at least 2 hours. They have paid around 10 pds to go in, basic human instinct of greed will at least see the stupid wall for 2 hours la.

Below are some pics of the victims who believed my stories about swans la, about the light house in the war la, the edincastle and haunted piper la..etc etc etc.

Member member from RCSI that actually believed 100% the story about feeding the swan from a distance of 600feet.

Jang3 who actually, too blur to understand any of the stories that i tried to sell her.

Too many ppl that time... tried to dump them in the castle but all too kedekut, and actually we tried to cheat the Castle saying we are all kids, to get kids priced ticket but obviously, these ppl were way too obese la..especially the second from the left.

Joonkee with his trade mark raincoat since scout camp last time...absolutely no chance to tell him fake stories coz he researched well before came to edinburgh.

Next time ppl come i wanna say this batu is actually batu bersurat terengganu.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Random Things

Latest product from Accessorize. Hair-Pen. (Pic taken with high risk of being punched by her. She looked rather Hung-Hin.)

Found this crocs in John Lewis. Exactly the same with the one I satay from hospital. Wow...29 pounds. I tot crocs bodo. Besok return back to the hospital la.

Live Traffic?? Dead traffic means parking rite?

Imagine if Jelutong punya laksa stall wrote: Chicken and Honduran King Prawn Laksa? I have yet to taste prawn and chicken in laksa yet!

Picture taken from the Edinburgh Castle. Wahlau wei...the cannon came out from window glass. In case of emergency, break the glass.

PS:Pls sign the petition in the if you havent done so.. Updates: Nian Ning's parents are suing Konsortium.