Thursday, February 07, 2008

Cheating on your wife 101

Sometimes, we learnt some things in a very unusual way, unexpectedly.

For example, I had Eve stayed in my house for a few days, before she went back to Malaysia.

So, I took out my spare mattress, and she uses mine (my spare mattress is a bit worn off, being nice host you see...)

And so, she stayed for a few days and then went back last week, and I was way too lazy to change the bed sheet. I dont think she terkencing kot. Ah...that proved to be fatal, if I am a married man.

Luckily I wasnt cheating on my wife to have a mistress in my room.

Lesson learned:

Always change bedsheet after each session of which you bring home a woman.

See...a long hair (believed to be female's hair) found on the bed

CSI Teviot Place found out that I was 18.5cm long, and the DNA sequence showed that it belongs to Eve.

So, para jantan sekalian;

This kind of small small things might just let your wife axed half of your hard earned fortune for a divorce. Dont let her to have this kind of chance.

So, change the bedsheet, vacuum the room after each time.

Alternatively, keep long hair.



Eve said...

y u go measure the length of my hair -______-

h3l3n said...

mayb its not urs..

ihsan_huhu said...

r u trying to clone eve n keep it as ur pet or sumthing??