Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Edinburgh Castle...

Hey friends and friend's friend's friend!

If you plan to visit edinburgh and plan to have me as a tour guide, ppl listen: Edinburgh Castle is a MUST go!

YES. According to the legend of the Braveheart, you must spend at least 6 hours inside. Yes!

And, you know, like in Rome they have the Trevis Fountain, here in Edinburgh, we have the Edinburgh Super Twin Happiness Double Deluxe Fountain.

NOt many ppl know about that.

Throw la a few pounds coins there and dont forget to make a wish. (one or two pences' coins are not accepted)

They said, if you are rich and pretty, and you throw once, you will become even prettier, and will gain the ultimate prize of human civilisation: ie to marry me.

If twice, you will become super pretty and then marry me.

But, if you are ugly, and you threw the coin 100 times, you will become pretty, but the marry part dun have la...

The fountain look likes a bath tub, but of coz, it is not. And coincidently, it is located in my bathroom.

U know ar... after nesting here in Edinburgh for 2 and half years, one very bored thing to do is to be tour guide.

Telling the same same old jokes about this building and that building.

(Surprisingly, for someone like me who likes to give lame jokes, this part of the experience of repeating jokes is quite irritating. You try to tell the same old jokes for many many times at the same part of the journey and see...boring lo)

Also, i felt very bad telling the same same "self made" hi-story. But when my tourist all nod their UK-student head, it is quite satisfactory.


After so many years here, I know what it takes to make my life easier to be tour guide:
Dumped ppl in certain dumping site such as the Edinburgh Castle.

Tell them how nice was it, how great the view was...and then, surely none of your sound minded friend will ask you to go in the castle with them - 10 pounds leh...

So, once they go in the castle, you can have a recess for at least 2 hours. They have paid around 10 pds to go in, basic human instinct of greed will at least see the stupid wall for 2 hours la.

Below are some pics of the victims who believed my stories about swans la, about the light house in the war la, the edincastle and haunted piper la..etc etc etc.

Member member from RCSI that actually believed 100% the story about feeding the swan from a distance of 600feet.

Jang3 who actually, too blur to understand any of the stories that i tried to sell her.

Too many ppl that time... tried to dump them in the castle but all too kedekut, and actually we tried to cheat the Castle saying we are all kids, to get kids priced ticket but obviously, these ppl were way too obese la..especially the second from the left.

Joonkee with his trade mark raincoat since scout camp last time...absolutely no chance to tell him fake stories coz he researched well before came to edinburgh.

Next time ppl come i wanna say this batu is actually batu bersurat terengganu.


Eve said...

wat to blur... u din say anything also..

ed said...

wow...you really lucky can go to this beautiful place....Happy Chinese New Year...

Anonymous said...

eve: u killed my mood to cheat with one blur look.

ed: haha. gongxifacai. which ed are u? i know u?

-ang yg malas sign in-

jkneoh said...

"trade mark raincoat"...hahaha

Now winter, too cold to wear raincoat - wait, spring coming already, heheh

In Manchester I also become tour guide already, but not so good in telling fake stories because I research too much laa... ;)

ihsan_huhu said...

if got batu bersurat terengganu, then the castle shud be the perkampungan islam hadari