Thursday, February 07, 2008

Eusa General Meeting.

I attended the Edin Uni Student Assoc General Meeting just yesterday.

Quite interesting to see the way some of the students' spoke out.

They are way better, definitely, than our Malaysian student leaders, honestly.

There were 4 motions brought forward, a mix of boring, exciting and controversial ones.

I thought that the motion about the Free usage of Uni buildings for students was quite dull, clearly nothing to debate against.

The motion on scrapping the Graduate Endowment was a bit dull as well, as I dont see how a motion pushhing for free, fair and funded education for all students could be debated against.

However, the motion on the boycott of Eden Spring was a good one. I don;t want to bore you with the details but essentially, it was quite a heated debate as, it involved the Israel Vs Palestinian issue.

And then, the most interesting one was the debate on the issue of The Journal, a relatively new student publication, to enjoy the equal rights of distribution as the current sole Edin Uni student's newspaper - Students. I was impressed by the way they went around it, on both sides, for and against.

Interesting experience. The quality of the speeches was really good. It was so much better than the UKEC one, seriously. There were less beating around the bush and mostly straight forward arguement. At least, the timekeeping was way better.

Our parliamentary debates are way way behind the students debate.

And I think UKEC is still lack of that "courage", to discuss on certain issues, without holding back. But we will get there, somehow, sometime.

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