Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Great Freeze

One word.

Creative!!! Extreme!

Some jokers are doing this in edinburgh.

Lemma..have to go man. This kind of thing you dont get to do in Malaysia one.

Sure kena molest one. HAHA

This thing surely must be one of my TOP TEN most easily planned massive event. Here is the plan:

This is what we're doing:

2.00 pm: Meet at The Standing Order (lots of space because there are going to be SO many of us!!)

3:15 pm: meet the rest of the gang on the corner of Princes St and Waverly Bridge (the corner by Costa Coffee) for a briefing and figure out what on Earth we're doing. :)

Go into the station just before 3:30, freeze at 3:30, unfreeze at 3:35. Got it?

Hahaha..if you are in Edinburgh, come and join me!

Time and Place
Sunday, February 24, 2008
2:00pm - 3:35pm
Edinburgh Waverley Station
edinburgh, United Kingdom


Eve said...

i wanna join!!!! no one will wanna touch u okie!! AWESOME!

ihsan_huhu said...

woi.. aku usha dis clip 2-3 weeks ago.. ada plan nk buat but dunno if can tahan muka cipan for few mins...

susah dow

sebol said...

Imagine if one of political party doing this during penamaan calon....

angchoonseong said...

eve: no one will touch me, but i will touch ppl. HOHO. If they response means they are not serious abt freezing, useless to the group and thus shit to the max.

ihsan: buat la..aku bercadang nak buat adegan lucah

sebol: Parti Mahasiswa Malaysia can do?

Che Wan Khairuddin said...

woo nice! kat cardiff laa plak during that day nanti..
wei buat kat esc aa..tgh main bola tibe2 freez hehehe...baru gembak. atleast satu team ke hehehe