Friday, February 15, 2008

RM54000 marriage proposal - Ah?

The Star:
Ad exec stuns girlfriend with RM54,000 marriage proposal

PETALING JAYA: For this Valentine’s Day, businesswoman Kelly Tan E Li got an unexpected marriage proposal.

It was “wrapped” in a RM14,000 diamond ring and a huge billboard advertisement in which her boyfriend publicly declared his intentions



RM54,000 to propose a marriage to someone you dated for 3 years.

Very...romantically ununderstandable by my IQ, EQ and SQ.


Thats 54,000 ringgit! Lima Puluh Empat Ribu Ringgit shj.


You know how much you can do with the money?

You could

You could buy

buy a room full of condoms.

I wont believe this kind of MAN still exist in the world today. I mean, with all the Pendidikan Jasmani dan Pendidikan Moral....

Kenot accept.

Actually, seriously,

Can you believe that I'll do that as some special circumstances as dictated below:

1. Being an exec in advertising company, I saw a project on advertising for the ad boards around Kelana Jaya. Of course the Kelana Jaya needs this kind investment coz all the ads are going to Petaling Jaya, the Ad Board City.

So, what I do is I take over the project, and come out with this extraordinary idea, and tell my company, okla...I sacrifice myself to marry my woman, and thus, I could kill two birds with 1 advert. Save money on the models, any special effects, and so on. All I need is just a camera, and thats it.

2. The second theory is equally logic. The woman I am proposing to is super rich and she has no siblings and with no other immediate relatives. Well, it makes sense, as she is a businesswoman at the age of 24. Unless she is on Mara's loan or her business is just selling kuih talam, RM54,000 is money well spent. After all, from the picture, she looks quite chun, unless the bloody Star ppl photoshopped the picture.

Hehe...I just kidding la. Well done David. Choosing valentines day is a brilliant move. Can save your money to celebrate anniversary of proposal and its easy to remember.

I'll follow you la. I'll find a girl whose birthday is 14 Feb, propose on 14 Feb, marry on 14 Feb the next year, and if I plan to have children, I do the project on late May and ask her to do caesarian on 14 Feb. It would be extra bonus if her

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