Thursday, May 29, 2008

Year Three OSCE and OSCA.

For those that don't know what is OSCE and OSCA,

......consider yourself lucky.

So, this year my OSCE:

8 stations: 4 clinical examinations stations on all four systems, 1 clinical skills on Blood Culture, 1 station on Resuscitation, 1 station on Moving and Handling.

1 legendary Explanation stations to angry patient who was pissed off coz her uncle was infected by Clostridium diff after operation.


Choon's Performance.

GI examination if I passed, I dont know what to say la.

Resp, Cardio and Loco (thanks to Porter's unlimited hip training) all should not fail.

Blood culture...i dont know, but when I pushed the syringe down to the culture bottle, the blood spilled out from the bottom of the bottle, at high pressure across the place, and my shirt, plus table, plus the wall, became like war-zone emergency camp. No shit.

Resus: Dont know what to say. I think i should be ok. But the patient definitely die already.

Moving and Handling: I used my logic. Shud be logically pass.

Explanation: I lost and made a huge detour to go to my station which was just infront of me initially. Lost 2 minutes there, and then... too anxious to read the instruction, and completely fucked up. Well, english is not my first language, so fuck it la. Definite fail.

To round it up:

I completely and competentlessly fucked up GI. (my first GI examination in 3 years med sch.)

I performed up to my own expectation (which was quite low to start with) in Cardio, Respi n Loco.

Resus, i thought it would be harsh to fail me.

Moving and Handling...dont know la. The examiner looked at me and kept on smiling. Good sign?

Blood culture, if the examiner thought it was me that spilled the blood, definite fail. I had no time to explain so i just said bubye, and chau to next station, leaving the tutor cleaning up the mess. She did give me a sho-sho hand sign as I tried to explain that i thought the bottle was the problem, not me. Hehe

Explanation: As I tried to explain to the relative (which is what the station was all about, i think :-)), I confused myself. Is that the patient? Is that infection? Am I medical student? The more I explained, the more I confused. So, no comment la. If i passed that would be for my chinese look, and chinaman grammar kesian marks.


As for OSCA - I discovered a few meanings of OSCA.

Only Some Can Answer, Only Superman Can Answer, Only Syco can Answer.

Coz, it was damn fucking undoable.

What i did was:

1. Every question that I dont know, I put A.
2. Every labelling question: I just put all the same. Hope to get one right.
3. For ethics and law, I used the my brother Undang-undang JPJ's tips; the longest is the answer. Abo they bother to type long long for u for what?
4. Dont cry.
5. Just smile.
6. Fuck OSCA.

So now, Ang Choon Seong has no worries for the next few days. U wanna go Mars also can ajak me. My advice for the second year, really GO TO THE WARDS, SEE WHAT IS THE FUCKING HERNIA!

study hard is the only way to get through med school - 99% hardwork, 1% tips. No genius brain needed.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bomb rocks Sri Lankan Train

At least eight people have been killed and 67 injured in a bombing during rush hour on a packed Sri Lankan commuter train, the military says.

The blast hit the Colombo-Panadura train in Dehiwala station, in a suburb of the capital Colombo, Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said.

He blamed Tamil Tiger separatists for the attack, the latest in a string targeting public transport.

Source: BBC.



No wonder 400 pounds flight ticket from London-KL.

Tak mau la.

But then, think again, where got safe place in the world liau?

China: earthquake, Burma: cyclone, Middle East: war, UK: Knife crime, US: Fat, Indonesia: Protest everyday.

Malaysia: Tsunami, political one.


Got bencana also.


Monday, May 26, 2008


For all friends and family

children of all ages

and especially my fellow learned brothers and sisters in medicine;

I give you;

Brokeback OSCE.

Absolute classic.

I would like to reiterate again, my sexual inclination - I am not gay.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Non Political.

Human likes to get together-gether.

Then they form clubs or association.

You know... badminton club, stamp collecting club, night club, finger club.

What they do? Well, they do their club stuffs badminton, stamp people, go out at night, finger each other (ewwwwwwwwwwwww)

which are all non-political, purely for socialising kind of club. They seldom talk about whether the Conservatives should return to power or Labour should stay a bit longer. Non-political.

But then you have this club, and they said its apolitical.

The name they chose Malaysian Chinese Association Club UK.

Well, still might be apolitical. Coz its just chinese ethnic from Malaysia, associating together in a club.

And the logo simply coincidently same with the political party of MCA in Malaysia...

But the ultimatum, the whole list of top central committee members of MCA Malaysia, coincide with this non-political association club's advisors list.



Hidup PAS...TA.

(If you happened to be member, dun bother to explain to me. I am just joking.)

HIDUP MCACUK yang apolitical.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What the Heck?


Found this comment, with a valid youtube id, in one of the MacD Big Mac Chant video ad. I never expect someone would leave a comment of that nature with a valid ID. So, kudos, thumbs up for you exercising your courage and rights to express yourself.

And thumbs down, straight down, for that comment.

tidakkah si pengupload video ini merasa terhina apabila dia makan bersama anjing?Adakah anjing setaraf manusia?Adakah tujuan burger ini di cipta untuk di berikan kepada anjing?


tidakkah si pencomment video itu sedar yang anda telah memalukan diri sendiri apabila anda memberi comment yang sebegitu dangkal sekali?

Adakah si pengupload video itu seorang Muslimat yang sesat dan bermain main dengan makhluk hina tersebut sehingga anda rasa terpanggil untuk membawanya ke jalan yang benar?

**i am so speechless and in awe**

She is not even a Malay, let alone a Muslim, so please, respect her love for the dog, and the dog ITSELF. Anjing tu tak datang jilat lu pun, nak emo apa.

Ala ang, lu pulak emo apa?

WOi.,emo maksima la tengok case macam ni, lebih lebih after the disastrous Cardio Mcq.

Arrrrrrghhhhhh!!! Study study.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hail Google!!

I didnt know I was so highly rated by Google.
Happy Exam kawan kawan.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


In celebrating the return of the European club football's biggest trophy, Whatablog will now undergo ONE WEEK hibernation.

Also, partly because of the need to focus on MBChB 3 Year Professional Examination.

Friday: MCQ Cardiovascular.
Status now: Semi die.

Next Wednesday: Final Year OSCE.
Status: Super die.

Next Thursday: Final Year OSCA:
Status: Sudah die.

Never Say Die. There is always a resit.

Okla readers;

See you

Manchester United. 9 Years since. Thanks Terry.

Come to Man Utd if Drogba doesnt want to talk to you.

Scholes and Giggsy.
Two times Champions of Europe. Ten times champions of England.
One Club.

Dear Big Bro style.

I find reading this one is much more interesting than reading my David'son.

I often panic before an exam because I am so worried about my performance. This makes it even harder to do well. What should I do?

There is an obvious answer to this question: prepare well for the examination. But of course, it is hard to find anyone who would actually claim to be well prepared in the days before an exam. This is particularly true for exams that encompass a vast amount of information. No student knows every detail about the topic being tested. That is why it may always seem like you need more time to study, and why you never feel fully prepared.

The examinations themselves can generate anxiety as well, whether because of the time limits for finishing or perhaps because of an oral performance component. Of course, no two people handle stress in the same way, but here are some things that helped me.

The first step in destressing involves gaining some perspective. Having been in the clinical setting for a few years now, I have been exposed to life and death situations that legitimately stress people out. Given those experiences, I now find it hard to believe that I ever stressed out over my medical school examinations to the extent that I did.

In fact, I remember developing a different (and more healthy) attitude toward studying and exams after I started my clinical rotations, which made me realize just how insulating the pre-clinical years can be. So, if you are a first- or second-year medical student, shadowing a physician in the hospital might help put your exams in proper perspective.

Another way to gain perspective is to remember why you chose to attend medical school (hopefully, doing well on medical school examinations was not the reason). Studying really should be viewed as a means to a much larger goal than just passing a test. Exams should never be treated as ends in themselves. They are really just little check marks of approval on your way to becoming a physician -- nothing more.

Certain study techniques may also be effective in reducing your stress level. Cramming facts into your brain at random is not effective; if your mind goes blank during an exam, you won't have any broader framework on which to anchor your thoughts. Before memorizing details, I always tried to build a framework. Take pulmonology, for example. Instead of learning pulmonary diseases at random, learn the basic categories of disease (eg, obstructive, restrictive), then learn the common features within each category, and finally, fill in the categories with particular diseases. This way, if the answer to an examination question is not immediately obvious, you have a systematic way of proceeding and narrowing your choices.

Another helpful method, particularly for oral exams involving standardized patients, is to develop routine practices. Before the exam, run through common scenarios or complaints you might encounter and think of the basic steps you should always take in those scenarios. Do this a few times so that, if a similar situation is encountered in the exam, your brain can run on auto-pilot as you follow through with your prepared steps.

Of course, there are many ways to address the stress itself, and what works for one person may not work for another. For me, it seemed to help if I stuck with my workout schedule regardless of how close I was to an examination; this helped me set aside some time when I was not thinking about the exam. I also had the peculiar habit of taking a shower if I thought I was getting overly stressed out and I needed a break. But these methods vary for everyone. In general, it is probably a good policy to keep your life as close to normal as possible before an exam. This avoids giving the examination undue significance.

Finally, it is important to be confident. Medicine is not the single most complicated field of study, and most minds are similarly suited to learning it (unlike, perhaps, philosophy or some other fields that some people seem more inherently suited for than others). It means that there is a good correlation between how much effort a person puts into learning medicine and how well that person masters the subject. It is less a matter of "getting it" and more a matter of "knowing it," and almost anyone can learn the material with a certain amount of effort.

So, work hard and take confidence that your honest effort will pay off!

- Sohil H. Patel, MD, Intern, St. Vincent's Hospital, New York, NY

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Berchtesgaden, Germany

If you are in Munich, and interested to see mountain see water (Kua Sua Kua Hai), this might be the best place.

The Bavarian Alps: Berchtesgaden.

Take a train from Munich, you can buy the 5 persons state ticket - 27 euros. The train takes around 3.5 hours. There is no direct train, so you have get down before the main train from Munich go all the way to Salzburg. Hehehe

Well, you need to take bus around in the small city of Berchtesgaden. And guess what, you can use the state ticket as well.

When I was there, the weather tak best. So, we cant go to the mountains, so we have to settle for water la.

Lake Konigsee, touted to be the cleanest and highest clear water lake in Germany. Boat trip tour: 11 euros.

From the train already felt the brutality of the Alps.

The Jetty

In the boat.

Brutal leh...


Quite a good place if you want to be Plato.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer Plan.

Latest updates: I am Not going home.

Although Sri Lankan only charged GBP 400.80 (Every year I go back for 500 above), concerns over transportation issues at home (my mum sold off my ex5 last year) and safety of the political senario (Pulau Pinang kini named Pulau DAP oleh wanyean), put me off.

But, for every summer holidays since two years ago (baru dua), I have never failed to leave UK as soon as my exams finished. And despite my lousy effort and last minute studying, I managed to pass.

So, is it a condition that if I were to book a ticket home, God let me pass?

If that's so,


I dont want to fail.

So, I booked all my holidays ticket, to neutralise that one ticket home.

Here;s my plan for summer.


Exam - 23rd May, 28th May and 29th May.

Tidur - 30th May.

Start life as nomad - 31st May.

Train to London - 5th June.

Train to Birmingham to visit William - 7th June.

Back to London - 8th June.

London to Marseille - 9th June.

Marseille to Nice, meet up with Noreen, Eric and Helen. - 10th June.

Monaco to make the casino bangkrap or the other way round - 11th June

Back to London richer, or never - 12th June.

London to Friedrichstafen - 14th June.

To Basel - 15th June.

To Zurich - 17th June.

Back to London - 19th June.

Buat bodo buat bodo...

Back to Edinburgh - 23rd June.

Study for next term. Yes. Definitely.


Private punch....



Suz garang.
Very garang.
Suz marah if you make mistakes in the clinical skills centre.
I kena marah just now.

So takut.

Dare not to go there already. Kena marah wan... :P hehehe

Monday, May 19, 2008


When a Malay leader say:

If we don't keep fighting for our rights, non-Malays will take over our rights, and we will lose our right in our own land.

- He is fighting for his race. Nothing is wrong wat. What is wrong with you? Dont try to create issue.

But if a non-Malay leader say the same thing:

ISA, sedition charge, and etc etc.

A threat to national security.

A traitor to the nation's struggle for independence.

Ungrateful bunch of shits who dont love the country,

who love to cari gaduh,

like to create chaos,

pegi makan tahi dan mati.

16 May remember????

You want it again??
You dont have a country if not of our sacrification to agree for you citizenship you know!!

Now you tell me...

How to love Malaysia?

Entry in response to the esteemable Dr M's speech.

Tugu Peringatan Kerajaan Barisan Nasional. I'll build one infront of my house the day Malaysians can get above racial politics.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Exam De-stress

Damn sien.

I am a sien-er.

A random story:

This morning, I was reading random blogs in Multiply, and I came across one Emo entry in William's page.

It is a emo blog, so I dont think i have the copyright to air it here.

Anyway, i would like to share this with you all, coz my comment on that entry, was replied by another Sien-er, and her reply...really make me laff like shit.

The entry was about his sisters...and etc etc etc

Basically it is about the brother's hope, that they will be fine etc etc. Praying to god to bless the journey of their lives, give them great strength when they fall, so that they will grow stronger and better etc etc etc (Emo blog la...)

PS:...(William's 2 younger sisters quite chun wan la.)

So, i replied:

Come....let me take care of them. HAHAHA

And then,the other sien-er replied:

that will be their greatest fall in their life fall to 'THE ABOVE" hahahahhaha


Maybe it was a bit dry, but it was reallly funny to me at that time.

Ok. Back to study.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dachau, Munich.

There is this one place in Munich which interest me a lot - Dachau.

Well, this was supposed to be one of the unmissable place in Munich (outside Munich a bit).

You can take a S-bahn out to the Dachau station, and take the bus. (Buy the XXL ticket for 5 people from the Station (11euros i think); can use for the bus, Sbahn, Ubahn, if can find public trishaw also i think can use...)

But, it was not the best place to go for honeymoon...

Dachau is like the modern day Guantanamo Bay of US in Cuba or Kamunting in Malaysia, a detention camp.

A historical evidence of the cruelty and brutality of the Nazis, during Hitler's time. Basically, anyone who opposed Nazis is brought to Dachau, detained and mostly killed.

Most of the buildings were bombed thoroughly during the Allied Forces air raid.

Got a few churches around the area, erected in remembrance of the deads..

The site of the crematorium...this one damn ganas la..damn saddening..

It reads:
"Think about how we died here"

I didnt take a lot of pictures of the outside crematorium...but i take a few inside the building itself:

They were asked to go into a room to take bath, so dat they dun resist going in...and then close the door, release poisonous gas

Then the other side door open, take out their bodies, and burnt


It reads:

May the example of those who were exterminated here between 1933 and 1945 because of their fight against National Socialism unite the living.""

PS to PM Abdullah: Release the Hindraf 5. Thanks.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Munich is the second most happening city in Germany.

Capital of the state of Bavaria (a.k.a Bra-via oleh Shasa), i would certainly suggest you to make Munich as your base to explore the very touristic state ot Bavaria.

Munich on itself, can be covered within a day or two max, not many things that interest me in particular.

I reached Munich around 8pm, after Heidelberg (Still only the second day in Germany). We checked in our hostel in Euro Youth Hostel, quite cheap la, 15 euros a night, i think.

We had dinner in this place (I am so gonna introduce you to this:)

XXX (I forgot the name of that place)

Basically, how i get to know this place, is like usual, we go to reception, and ask the fella where he had his dinner usually.

So, there is no English menu, mind you.

Pandai pandai la...see ppl eat wat, we eat wat-la.

So why I so into introduce this XXX place to you all? Is the food nice? Err..not really. Isit damn cheap? Err...normal price la..10 euros a decent meal.

So why? WHY?

Coz I escaped the VAT, and just paying the amount for the food we eaten. (heheh..for the extended version of the story, i'll explain to you in another lecture.)

Anyway, the city of Munich:

The Justice Court: Our malaysia's similar structure ada leak water...

Cant remember the name of this gate, into the famous happening busy tourist street la.. Apparently its preserved from the old town wall...

Nick really failed in coordinating us...

The wont miss this in Munich. They have 11am, and 1pm show, clock show...but dun bother to wait and see..very over-rated...

The someplace...

Allianz Arena: Quite far..take S bahn wan... and walked like 20hours to reach..hyperbola abit...

To me, this is the best place: The open Market. Vxxxxxx(cant remember the exact name, but it starts with a V, in the city centre, u wont miss la the place.)

Just one IMPORTANT thing to note:

Do not, i repeat, DO NOT, read my lips, DO NOT:

Do not climb up the St Paul (
or watever it is called, cant really remember the name)'s tower. It maybe advertised as nice view over the city, but i tell u, I regreted it, very much. SUPER REGRET.

Coz..its damn gilababi high and the stairs so many, so many, so stair climbing.

Climb like shit...I ok fit and hansome..kesian my two friends...HAHAHA

Nah...stucked like dat...wanna jump down also railing

Nah, nice view lo..

So packed, so jammed up there, still I managed to catch ppl maksiat. (how can I not applying for a job in JAIS...)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Am I really 3rd Year?

Exam stress...


Emo sial...

And keemoan bertambah ganas when I came across this...

Penang Free School. Not sekolah agama. Why put the jawi thing?

I can accept you taruh: Sekolah Bebas Pulau Pinang, coz Bahasa Melayu is our national language. But pls, keep the jawi writtings with Sekolah Agama or wherever fit.

One day in 1969

I found this article in the star, and I read it with interest not because of the title, or the content, but because, it was rather rare, to have Kay Tatt's article, in The Star.

IT was around 4pm, May 13, 1969.

I was taking my usual leisurely walk home from St John’s Primary School on Bukit Nanas in Kuala Lumpur to nearby Kampung Baru.

It seemed like any other day except that we were let off early. I didn’t know why, but as a 10-year-old I didn’t care.

On the bridge that divided the then Jalan Ampang commercial heart of KL (where British trading houses like Inchape and Wearne Brothers were located) from Kampung Baru, I saw my mother.Surprised, I asked: “What are you doing here?”

She grabbed my hand and said: “I was going to take you back from school. Hurry, hurry, go home. There is going to be trouble.”

After seeing me home, my mother, who by then was in a state of panic, rushed to the other end of Kampung Baru to get my sister from the Jalan Temerloh school near where Istana Budaya is today.

I had no clue what was happening. Some of our neighbours had already packed and left. I remember my father telling someone off: “Spread rumours and I will report you to the police. There won’t be trouble. Just stay home.”

When my mother returned, she told everyone there were hundreds of people out on the streets at the Jalan Raja Muda/TPCA stadium junction but there was no trouble ? yet.

We were seven Chinese families living in four wooden houses just off the bank of the Gombak river, surrounded by Malay homes. Across the river, where the Renaissance Hotel now stands, was a small Chinese enclave where most of the Chinese in the area lived.

Born and bred in Kampung Baru, my five older siblings and I are first generation Malaysians. Our parents and our paternal grandmother who lived with us came from China after the War.

Kampung Baru was where I learnt to catch spiders, play guli-guli, watch joget at Malay weddings, enjoy sambal belacan and eat with my hands. My best friend was Atan, a chubby boy who lived just opposite us. I spent hours playing with him, ate and slept over at his house.
For a 10-year-old, it was bliss, although we were dead poor and all six of us slept in one room with our parents.

But our world would be shattered that one day in 1969.

By dusk, all but two families had left, including the family living in the same house with us. We decided to go indoors. Just as we were locking up, one of my sisters said, “Let’s go over and join Kimi Chi.”

Those words saved our lives.

Kimi Chi, our nickname for her, was a kind woman in her early 30s and we treated her like an older sister.

When we went over, she and her family – husband, amah, three kids, including a baby – were about to hide themselves in a Malay house separated by a narrow lane from hers. Fearing trouble, the makcik and her family had decided to leave but not before suggesting that we take shelter in her house.

The Malay houses were all on stilts. The Chinese homes were not and would be easily identified as all of them had altars in front.

Virtually minutes after we entered the house, they came, scores of them. They had come from the direction of Gurney Road using the riverbank. Soon, we could hear them smashing things up in Kimi Chi’s house.

This went on for a while and throughout that first night people were running up and down that lane shouting. We heard many gunshots from a distance.

I was not scared initially because I didn’t know what was happening. I thought it was just some bad hats running wild. But the adults and older kids knew it was more serious than that. It was a racial clash – sparked by politics and bankrupt politicians – and we were caught in the heart of it.

Throughout the time we spent in hiding, we had only water and biscuits. Amah would quietly boil water to make milk for the baby. I was mostly hiding under the bed together with the other males. The women had decided that the attackers, if they were to break in, would go after the males first so we should be hidden away. We spoke rarely and only in whispers for fear of being heard.

There were two close calls. One evening we heard two men talking outside the house. The baby cried. One man said: “What’s that”? The other replied: “Just a cat!”

Another time, someone said they should check the house. From their footsteps we knew they came right to the door, but stopped when one of them said: “Rumah Melayu-lah.”

After three or four nights in hiding we started to wonder how we were going to get out safely.
Then one afternoon, we heard light knocks on the side of the wooden house from outside and a male voice said softly in Malay:

“Hello, is there anyone inside?”

We maintained silence.

He knocked a few times again and said: “Hello, don't be afraid, I am a soldier. If you are in there, please knock back.”


“Don't be scared, I am here to help you.”

Was he genuine? We were truly frightened.

Finally, out of desperation, someone answered him.

“Yes, we are inside.”

Within hours, the good soldier, who later told us he had heard the baby cry, brought in a rescue team.

We were taken to an army camp where we stayed for a few weeks. On the way there, I could see burnt cars and there were still scores of people with weapons roaming the streets. At one point, they tried to stop the army truck to check who was inside.

The army camp was luxury compared to our next place – the refugee centre at the Shaw Road flats school opposite Victoria Institution. There we slept on floors or desks combined into makeshift beds. There were at least 40 to 50 people crammed into each classroom. From the school we could see soldiers patrolling the streets, and an armoured car was positioned all the time at the roundabout (now an underpass) opposite.

It was a couple of months before we were relocated to a low cost flat to enable us to return to normal life and for me, school. I remember my school friends – Malays, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians – asking me what happened on my first day back at school. They knew I was a victim by the tattered donated school shirt I wore.

Almost four decades have passed and, as someone who went through the horror, I say it is now time for us to exorcise the ghosts of that one day in May, 1969.

The people, regardless of race and faith, are ready. In fact, the people were never the problem.

There were many instances of one race helping others during the riots. Mine was only one of them.

May 13, 1969, was about politicians, politics and power.

So, are our politicians ready for a fresh start?

Ho Kay Tat is editor-in-chief of The Edge.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Best thing in life...

Some say the best thing in life is money...

Others say the best thing in life is women (kategori pretty sahaja)...

But i say, today, best thing in life is

Apart from the two best best things above


Waking up in the morning...

Check eemec...

and the course organiser posted:

"Dr Uren has had to cancel the lecture which is re-scheduled for this afternoon. Please accept our apologies. If it can be re-scheduled for next week I will post a further note."

HAHAHAHAHA YES (laugh and fist hiting the air!)

My logic: (Dr Uren is my tutor and Tuesday morning is our bedside teaching session, once a week)

So, if this afternoon he is busy, chances are he would be busy the whole day. Hmmm...

Solid bullet proof excuse to skive...


Shud i.. Shud i...

Should I eat first before sleep back, or should I sleep back straight? first...

Byebye morning...see u later mr afternoon, or probably mr night.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Heidelburg and Munich

If you are going to Europe, and want to travel on train across a lot of cities for like more than a week, I would suggest you to get a Interail pass.

3 days Pass will cost around 98 pounds. 4 days is 112 pounds if not mistaken. The pass valid for a month. So you can choose any 3 days to travel, in that month.

I bought the Interail German Pass, 4 days - 112 pounds. It works out to be one day train travel will cost us around 30 pounds.

So, in order to make it cost effective, my personal view is that we have to travel across at least 2 cities, within that day of usage.

So Day 2 Germany: Frankfurt - Heidelburg - Munich.

We spent around 4 hours in Heidelburgh before continuing our journey to Munich.

Heidelburg, must go. It;s like Edinburgh, old city with a majestic castle, and plus a beautiful bridge.

Magneto comes here sure die wan...Heidelburg is kind of a bicycle city.

Heidelburg Old Town: If you like small small walkways...quite nice

The foot of the hill, where the castle lies.

Have to climb up...20 minutes inclination at about 30 degree. (You believe ar? HAHA)

For better view of the river, and the city, if you do not have the money to go into the castle. Climb up the wall.

But if the ticket is just around 2.50 for students...i think. (More than that and I am seriously going to climb that wall to take picture and chau..)

So we made it inside: Take picture lo...

Why? Why the trip got no chix? Why?

We didnt go across the river, apparently the view from there very nice.

Tips: Whenever you reach a train station, and intend to just stopover for a few hours, always go to the machine and print the schedule for the next next train. Then you can budget correctly what time to come back for the best train. Some train like IC train will save you a few hours if you catch them. Regional train is always slower. (Railpass includes IC train)