Monday, June 30, 2008

The End of Perempatan

and saved 300 pds for the month of June.

Looking forward to

Obs and Gynae.

Dunia lubangs.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random Extracts.

Former Subang Jaya assemblyperson Lee Hwa Beng urged the Pakatan Rakyat government to stop “playing politics” over the list of new councillors.

“Why must they release the list one by one? They should release all at once. Get on with governing. Local councils are very important and cannot move with these delays,” he said.

On his opinion on the list of local councillors released thus far, Lee accused the state government of filling up the positions with their supporters.

They are like us - putting our cronies and supporters into local councils. They are doing the same thing which they have criticised us for before,” said Lee, who has served several terms on the Subang Jaya Municipal Council.

PR, BN = Sama saja la. Even Republicans, Tories, and Labour. Where to find a political party who does not offer sweets to their "close allies aka cronies"?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ryanair Blow Job On Flight Service?

Michael O'Leary, the colourful head of Ryanair, told a stunned audience that while passengers in economy would pay as little as 10 euros to fly across the Atlantic, business customers would pay between 4,000 and 5,000 euros and get free oral sex.

Responding to a question from a reporter during a press conference in Germany on Wednesday, O'Leary said: "In economy it will be very cheap fares, we say about 10 euros... and in business class it will be beds and blow jobs. In business, it will all be free including the blow jobs."

His comments stunned a female linguist who was translating his answers and caused astonishment among the audience, before everyone broke into laughter.

Source: The London Paper (Cewah...just want to show I am now in London, bermanja-manja with my ex....


The Comeback King


Their philosophy is:

We will only score you if you score us first.

Go Turkey. Go!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SAPP to make a move and Sangland's win invalid; says judge.

The Star:

KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) has lost confidence in Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, it said at a press conference here Wednesday.
In the coming sitting of the Parliament session on Monday, its two Members of Parliament will support a vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister, the party said.

From Malaysiakini:

Umno's information chief Muhammad Muhammad Taib shrugged off SAPP's move and said he did not expect other coalition parties to follow.

"Although there are many who are dissatisfied, we will pull through," he told AFP.

Anwar's PKR has said it was reluctant to mount a no-confidence vote for fear of appearing arrogant. But it said the latest events were proof that the coalition's internal crisis was worsening.

"Monday's parliament session will definitely be fiery. If a motion is moved against Abdullah, it will be historic. Never has a Malaysian prime minister faced a no-confidence vote," said party information chief Tian Chua, who is MP for Batu.


Some of the msn nick i saw this morning is:

Padan Muka.

SAPP - all the way!

Pak Lah byebye

So would any of the Sabahan MPs follow suit?

Would the Speaker of the House allow the move of no-confidence vote (as claimed by Nazri as holding that power?) and since he is from Sabah as well?

By the way, UMNO's victory in state seat Sanglang was ruled out by election court in Kangar. So, there would be a by-election, pending decision from EC.

And given the current political climate, and the 2.70, it would be quite hard ( and expensive) for BN to win this by-election.

Will you think that I am the one?

The Star 18 June 2008.

Doctor molested me, claims clinic assistant.

BUKIT MERTAJAM: A 27-year-old woman who works part-time as a clinic assistant has lodged a police report against a doctor for allegedly molesting her in his clinic.

The single mother with two children claimed that the 41-year-old doctor had asked her to stay back on the pretext of wanting to discuss work matters with her last Saturday.

The woman said she felt uneasy when she saw the doctor tidying the bed in the examination room while she waited to have their discussion.

She alleged that the doctor switched off the lights in the room, grabbed her hand and hugged her.

She said she managed to free herself and went to lodge a report at the Central Seberang Prai district police headquarters in Bandar Perda


15 years from now, and you read this news in the papers. Would you seriously think that I am the one?


This is what I called: MPM

Major Public Misconception.

Nice Nice.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nice and Monaco

Coming soon...

Now in the proses of perempatan. No internet to upload pictures.

But a few points to make:

1. Nice is the Land of Eye Mo with Ekonomi Handalan and Daia. Mencuci mata till there is no single bacteria.

2. We concluded that Nice might be a modern Sparta. Female babies are sirimed first before allowed to live. Any defect or ugliness found, and they will be thrown away. Coz the frequency of chun chix during our 3 days stay is around 8/10, and the prevalence of fat girl is virtually zero.

3. Pack lunch and bring water bottles from Nice to Monaco is the best call. Monaco is damn expensive.

4. I am still the handsomest, even in Nice. Thanks.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Going Nice and Monaco for 3 days, from tomorrow onwards till Thursday night.

This would be one of the most un-looking forward vacation ever.

Reasons are as per below:

1. Euro 2008. I am going to try my best not to miss any matches. So all the touristic activities within the next 3 days, 4pm to 9pm, would be suspended. Helen, Jason and Noreen please take note.

2. Confidential.

3. London is so much relaxing leh... Wake up at 1pm everyday... blog...5pm watch football, then dinner, then 7.45pm watch another football...10pm movie a bit... then sembang sembing...tidur 4am...

So, the conclusion is:

See you on 13th of June, on the train back to Edinburgh. Bye~!~!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

MCA launches 5th overseas club

NEW YORK: The MCA has launched its fifth overseas club, this time taking a bite off the Big Apple to reach out to Malaysians working and studying here.

It has recruited 200 members, led by chairman Alex New, a Malaysian who owns a logistic company here, Danny Lye (vice-chairman) and Jack Liaw (secretary).

MCA International Affairs Bureau chairman Datuk Lee Hwa Beng announced the line-up on Saturday, saying that Malaysians overseas were keenly following political developments back home.

“Many of them asked me about uncertainties in parties such as Umno and MCA. They have questions about petrol costs although most of them understood the situation because here in the United States, gas prices are not even subsidised,” he said.

The MCA Club, he said, would organise dialogues and gatherings besides social activities such as golf tournaments.

“One of the main things we want to do is to ensure that Malaysians overseas are able to cast their votes during the general election,” he said, calling upon the Election Commission to look into this.

Lee noted that MCA was the second biggest Chinese political party in the world, adding that MCA clubs had also been set up in Britain, Japan, Australia and the Ukraine.

“We are thinking of forming more clubs in cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago,” he added.


MCA Club Ukraine??

bapak random...

MCA lost half of her seats in GE12, but now have the 5th overseas club. Hehehe

Does the president of MCA Club Overseas given free flight ticket back home for the AGM, like UMNO Club?

Pls concentrate to do ur job at home la.....

"Lee noted that MCA was the second biggest Chinese political party in the world"

- coz there is no such thing as Chinese political party in other countries, other than the China (and perhaps Taiwan). The statement above is self-degrading as a whole, oh Mr Lee.

Only in Malaysia, the political party are formed based on racial lines, even after 50 years of independence.

Second biggest Chinese political party...ptui!!

So, it has finally started...

Once every 2 years...

We have to chance to bet, without feeling guilty to king, god and country.

Euro 2008.

European Cup and World Cup are held every 4 years, 2 years away from each other. Those two are the most watched events on Earth.

Come I tell you the significance of these cups, to me specifically and others in general??

Well, if you wanna buy second stuffs, like cars and phones, and properties, 1 or 2 weeks after worldcup or euro is the best time. A lot of people will be losing a lot of money and have to sell off some stuffs to pay off their william hill.

And if you wanna end your bachelorship, and getting new gf(s), surely got some hardcore football fans quarrel with gf(s) due to their enormous committment on tv. I tell you, some said, during Euro or worldcup, the sale of condoms go down significantly.

I always measure one's loyalty to his/her counterpart(s) in terms of euro or world cup.

If a guy went out with the same girl for 2 world cups in a row, chances are they already in the market for condom for sometime. If 3 world cups, means marriage is inevitable.

Every four years.

I have seen Euro 1996, World Cup 1998, Euro 2000, World cup 2002, Euro 2004, World cup 2006 and now Euro 2008.

SO this is the 8th anniversary of my relationship with football.

I love you, football.

I love you more than words can say.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Shifting Dullness.

The six of us in Teviot Place, decided to shift out and spread our wings to broaden our horizons.

James and Matthew going to live with 2 juniors, in Rainkeller Street (Spelling rambang), near Kampung Ah Lee. 285ppm

Shi Ying living with Phong Teck, Clement and Jovina, near Papajohns, in Nicolson Street. 270ppm

SO, the million rupiah question: Where the handsome Ang will be staying then?

Where? Where Are You Gonna Stay? Where?

Tell us pls! We need to know!

The answer is: I am going to stay in Edinburgh.

I managed to pack all my stuffs, into 3 boxes.

In less than 30 minutes.

And ready to shift.

My room now got nothing, but I still managed to live like normal. Just MSN, Blogspot, and er...ya dats it.

It prompted Nick to acknowledged my natural talent:

Ang, you are born to be nomadic.


I'll just walk around see see lo...Space viewing.

The space infront of Tesco looks comfortable and shopping also lot easier then, but might need to fight with the big issue seller.

The one spot on North Bridge might be a little bit too far from the free shuttle bus stop, which I need to take to go hospital. However, the plus point is that it is nearer to SaigonSaigon and Omni Vue cinemas.

I found the first bench on the left in the Middle Meadow Walk is quite strategic as well. It is near Sainsbury so shopping would be easy and it is near the bus stop. Also, the view is nice and I can play football easily as I am practically in Meadows then.

Starting from 5th of June, Whatablog's author is officially: Homeless.

Dont tell my mum. Hahahaha. Pls.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Its a small world after all.

This is a very old story, some of you might have known this for ages.

But due to severe lack of blogging ideas, I have to dig it up to blog. Please bear with me. (dont like then buzz off la)

It was in Easter break, around late March, when James, Nick, Pei and I went to Germany.

We were in Munich, and made a day trip to go the famous Disneyland-like-castle, Neuschwanstein Castle.

On the way up, we (the three guys) already spotted a girl who walked alone up the trail, just behind us.


In the name of taking a pic of these three irrelavant characters walking up, the intention is actually zooming in to see the "girl".

Hasil penyiasatan: Memuaskan.

So, we continued our way up, and when we reached, we hanged around the open area and took a lot of pictures.

Then, again, I terscope her, taking picture alone, and setting up tripot.

Of course, nilai moral pertama: Baik Hati, was put in used.

Ang: Do you mind if I help u?

Girl: Ah? hehehe... Okok. thanks. (So i took a few pics for her la)

(The other three were still playing snow and so on...)

Ang: Where are you from? China, Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan?

Girl: South Korea.

Ang: Oh, forgot that one. So, you are a tourist here or studying or working?

Girl: I am studying in Stuttgart.

Ang: Oh..icic. Can you help to take a picture for us?

Girl: Sure sure sure. (She really said sure thrice)

Quite skill lo.

Three guys: Ah..pei ah...go help us take a photo. (HAHA)

I like piss sign.

One month later....

On a very ordinary day, very ordinary Ang, and very fat pei, decided to skip class.

Reason: Weather too good.

So, we decided to go to somewhere to find fishmarket...

And we end up in one of the most unlikely place that you will find any medical students - The Ocean Terminal, what more on a Thursday afternoon.

And then we walked around, and suddenly I saw a girl, who has the same walking style (as I scope her walking up the castle the other day for so long), and the same hair style (ya...long straight korean look) and the same jacket (which was the obvious)

Of course monster pei will claim the credit. Well, I'll give her that. Coz if she din go and say hie, I'll just walk on.

So, monster pei go and say hie. She didnt remember her. Then I walked near and say Hello!

And immediately she recalled us! Hoho.

We exchanged email addresses and small chat for a few minutes. She was travelling with her friend in UK, starting from Edinburgh, and going down to London that night itself.

What a small world after all.

And not long after:

Choon and Semi Oh are now friends.

I think, Kalau lain kali jumpa dia lagi secara rambang, wajib rogol lah secara rambang. Takdir dow utk gua punya.