Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some stupid things I did in Nice.

Probably one of the most stupid thing I did in my life.


It was the last day of our trip. So, we were quite, bored, and not really into picture taking, coz all the things were more or less the same. Beach Beach Beach and Beach.

Occasionally we still tried to take some pictures for blogging purposes...

See how boring we were...

I started to talk nonsense (normally i don't obviously), talked bout the sky, the trees and the I saw this:

I said, wow...if someone fall down from here, to the cactus jungle, sure die one la.

and then I started to put my one leg over the railing, and pretended to try to jump into the cactus...

and guess wat...


believe it or not. Bugger. One of my slipper fell into the jungle of cactus.

You can see the whole process of slipper rescue in the video. Listen to our conversation...haha

But did I learnt my lesson?

I found this stupid 1cm thick aquarium on another railing, down the beach.

I climbed over it, to take this mermaid picture. Haha. If i fell, you probably will see this picture in my obituary.

But then, towards the end, Jason Lim also being recruited into our picture posing gang. I mean the weird stupid hand and open mouth movement.

And helen tried to do as well, but....

Still the best.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monaco's pictures.

Monaco, one of the most posh city I have ever been.

Here are a few pictures taken there.

My advice for those who are going:

1. Stay in Nice, and do day trip to Monaco.
2. Pack breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, supper, watever. Try not to buy a single shit there.
3. Wear red, for the casino. Underwear i mean.
4. Contary to common belief, we, Malaysian, do not need special visa to go Monaco.

I went there with Helen, Eric, Noreen and newbie- Jason Lim. Newbie as in this is the first time he joined me and eric for trip.

As you know, we do not know how to smile for pictures. So the best way to rectify this, is to make stupid expression.

Like this

Or wastala expression

Kungfu panda

Wastala again

Refer to the loving couple behind us..

Watak kodi in other people's pictures is also one of my hobby

And eric's master piss in jumping picture

Unlike my kampung style

Of course, sometimes, need to take some decent picture to send back to my mummy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anwar Back in Parliament!!

Despite the traffic jam and the poor turnout, the overall indications showed that Anwar had won the by-election.

Most probably the majority is less than the massive 13k of his wife in the March 8 election.

And PM Abdullah has gone back to KL around 4pm, a sign which interpreted by many as BN conceding defeat.

I think the performance of BN election machinery is laughable. The only point they articulated for 10 days was Sodomy and Swearing on Quran.

Anwar was, and still is, the famous son, of Permatang Pauh.

Updates: (From a PKR friend)

9.08pm : Din Merican reporting from the counting centre

Votes in favour of Anwar - 29,665

Votes for Arif - 14,340.

Final Update: (From

The PKR de-facto leader was returned to Parliament with a majority of 15,671 votes, exceeding the 13,388-vote majority won by his wife Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail in the March 8 general election.

Anwar garnered 31,195 votes to beat Barisan candidate Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah, who polled 15,524 votes, while Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia candidate Hanafi Hamat lost his RM15,000 deposit after getting only 92 votes.

There were 447 spoilt votes.

"This is the people's victory," Anwar said in a victory speech.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Why when I am on time, the bus always late?

Why when I am a bit late, the bus always ontime?


One pound spent unnecessarily on bus today. Cis lothian.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I hate Sunday.

You wake up on sunday morning knowing definitely that TOMORROW is going to be a Monday.

and the cycle of working/studying days will then start AGAIN.

before you know it, after a few sundays pass by, exams sudah mari.



Intisari rancangan hari ini:

1. Buy a pair of boots for football.

2. Play footie.

3. Sleep early for tomorrow.

4. Ask myself, why? why? why today is sunday?

- meanwhile, this week we have somthing to look forward to:

Permatang Pauh by-election.

If Anwar wins; great parlimentary session ahead.

And to be fair to BN, they are now in very bad position. Coz...

If Anwar loses; the whole electoral system would be thought as cheat and slammed to be unfair, by most Malaysians.

But surely they will go for the Khairy ayam's plan:

Kuburkan Anwar di Permatang Pauh.

-khairy siapa?

ps: Tunku Abdul Aziz joined DAP. wtf????

Friday, August 22, 2008

Labor Ward

The wrath of childbirth...

Amat ganas.

Rakan rakan sekalian, pls practice safe sex.

For the sake of jiran tetangga. Childbirth is more noisy than building construction.

Experience 1:

**Emergency Alarm**
and i rushed there just to see see...

A midwife came out, and i asked her what happened?

She said, patient just had a PPH.

I was thinking," wonder jerit so traumatic. Got a PPH. Tak sangka here in UK also they use PPH"

PPH - Pasukan Perempuan Hodoh.

The mother saw the face PPH, then pasrah...Must be.


NB: PPH means Post Partum Hemorrhage. Just knew that after wikipedia.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I was with 2 flags when the game started.

And as it went on...


I even planned to run around Princes St naked with just the flag. That very small flag.


Ok back to the issue:

I agreed that Lee Chong Wei fired our sense of pride to be a Malaysian to the peak during his final showdown with Lin Dan. Not a single doubt about that. But then, he is just blardy 25 years old. With the average age expectancy of a male in malaysia of 70.8, we still have 45 years to go before too late, to reward his service to the country.

The same goes to Nicol David.

I agreed they should be confered datukship, but not now. Later.

Yap Kim Hock- Cheah Soon Kit also won silver. Should they not be given datukship? In fact, Yap is now our Chief Coach, means he is still actively contributing to the development of the sports.

The point I am trying to drive home is when we want to honor one's service, and contribution to the country, with a datukship, make sure normal ppl like you and me, are comfortable to call him a datuk.

I wont call Nicol as Datuk Nicol, or Chong Wei as Datuk Lee.

But anyway, giving them datukship is better than give politicians datukship. Haha.

So silver = datuk.

If i win gold, prepare to call me, Tun Ang.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Country's Election

In a democratic country, political party is defined by their core principles and school of thought. For example, Labour traditionally in favour of socialist policies such as public ownership of key industries, government intervention in the economy, redistribution of wealth, increased rights for workers and trade unions, and a belief in the welfare state and publicly funded healthcare and education. - wikipedia.

They plan their policies around their core principles and adopt changes where appropriate with national interest in mind.

And that is what they articulate and sell in election.

Can you think of the core principles of our political parties?

I think, these days:

UMNO - Ketuanan Melayu, Unity of Malays and Islam, NEP.
MCA - Defend the little Chinese Rights within the framework of Ketuanan Melayu.
MIC - ?
GERAKAN - Now: ? Used to: One Malaysia
PPP - ?

PKR - Anwar
DAP - Cina
PAS - Islam, Hudud, Syariah

Why after 50 years, we are still working around the pecah and perintah?

No wonder Toh Kin Woon joined NGO. What is there to fight for in politics except for your own race?

And how do we campaign for election?

Like this.

Panjat tinggi tinggi and tunjuk buntut?

Replay on what they think Anwar and Saiful do everyday then?

We must always bear in mind that PKR also did the same thing, about Najib Mongolia issue in by-election Ijok the other day. Just that, this time around, I think Pakatan Rakyat selling what they supposed to sell - their ideas, national issues and things pertaining the welfare of the people, while BN, still sleeping in their LIWAT dream.

I pity your parents.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lyon, France

I went there last Winter.

Nothing much to see. A lot of aunties with LVs. Prime destination for those guys who wants fast money.

Noreen booked a cheap apartment for 6, turned out to be overbooked, so they gave us a room in their hotel.

Sheraton: 4 stars, for 20 euros a night. Bargain of the millenium.

I lazy to show u the room, but it was damn nice, with flatscreen and very nice bathroom. I managed to take home some shavers and etc, and still havent finish.

The bridge, connecting Old Town and the New Town.

The river itself...

The wonders of self-timer

The Something. (wei...8 months ago, how could i remember...)

Got some festival going on...

Why my father is not Li-Kah Shing?

That time Man Utd supposed to play Lyon in Champions League, so the two famous bomoh from Jawa went there and do some jampi mantera

And miraculously, man utd's logo appeared in the sky....

This road is for those with kids.

And on some roads, there was a lot of porn stars jumping around, so not suitable for kids.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

SPP in need?

I was looking back at my old pictures. Old as in, during my Banting times. Before that hardly got any chance to take pictures.

I posted it on facebook, and seems like everyone was telling me, "WEI, you thin hor..."

I am getting fatter and fatter?


Thinner back then meh?

I think this one quite thin la....but lots of difference meh?

Got thinner meh?

Am i in denial?

Like this?

Fat meh now? Still ok wat...
The thing is that:

Hohoho...i dont care. TO me, I am the most handsome one. Cheers.

I dont want to be like angchunghow...not that extreme pls...

SPP starts NOW!

Friday, August 15, 2008


The opening ceremony was overwhelming. Also, over-priced. Very nice thing to see, although there were some issues regarding the fake singing and the fake fireworks, but overall it was a success.

I am particularly interested in badminton and archery. Well, I am a patriotic person you see. Those events we have our fellow Malaysian competing, especially badminton.

I was quite surprised when I heard some of our friends who dont know about our badminton's success. Info for those who dont know: Badminton is something (only thing?) we can held our heads high ok in sports. We have Lee Chong Wei who was World no1 for quite sometime, and then now no2. Not many ppl can play defensive as solid as him and his furious cross-court smashes is quite a something k. HMPH!

And our men doubles, too bad, no luck. I think it is the time for our senior citizens; WanWah-TanFook to start their retirement plan like coaching the women's team, or etc etc. Let the young pairs to take over la.

Sometimes, when we watch badminton particularly in this Olympics, we saw two chinese playing each other, but actually they are playing for some chaplang countries.

Lee Eva, born Hongkong, China, playing for USA

Atlantutya? No la...hahahaha.
This is Pi Hongyang, born Sichuan, China, playing for France

Xu Huai Wen, born Sichuan, China, playing for Germany

Xing Aiying, born Jiangshu, China, playing for Singapore

So, China, world largest exporter of badminton player. (those born in china la i mean, lee chong wei, wong choon hann, all those are MALAYSIAN ok!!!!)

Back to my topics, come on guys, support our sole badminton player left in the Olympics. Lee Chong Wei, he will be playing against South Korea Lee Hyun Il, tomorrow, Friday, 11.30am! I am sure BBC going to show. Press the red button or watch it online at, go olympics live, choose badminton.

For my country, tomorrow I'll skip the tutorial.

JPA would understand. I am doing this for my country En Adip. Hidup Malaysia!