Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quick Note.

I know I am supposed to concentrate on my anemia now, but seriously, these news are damn interesting. More interesting than anemia at least.


“As a leader, he must be responsible to the coalition. He needs to set the course for Gerakan and make his position clear. After all, a fish rots from the head down.

“I regret that we have parti perosak (party spoilers) within Barisan. These factions can leave if they want to,” he said.

Barisan Leaders to Gerakan Chief; Make A Stand.

- I find the "fish rots from the head down" expression correctly describe the country's situation. So now, Gerakan to stay in or out, and rot?


“ what is important is we did not ask for the women. He supplied them to us. If people sedekah (donate), don’t you want to accept it?”

Councillor who took sexual favours sacked.

- PR, BN - Ofcourse there will be good and bad eggs in the basket. But if the bad eggs are on the top, then the whole basket will be bad eggs, at least perceived as.


Last but not least, this is not a quote, but a picture of the third candidate of MCA VP.

I didnt take it from his facebook profile. This is in Malaysiakini.

Why so youthful pose? Even I dont do that la Uncle Donald.

Eid Mubarak.

Eid Announcement

Monday 29 September 2008: Eid Prayers at London Islamic Cultural Centre & other mosques on Tuesday 30th September. UK Ruiyate Hilal mosques on Wednesday.

Based on a crescent siting in Saudi Arabia, the Islamic Cultural Centre and other prominent mosques including the East London Mosque have announced the end of Ramadan and Eid on Tuesday. Kullu aam anthum bi khair.

Ulema participating in the UK Ruiyate Hilal Committee, following their criterion of crescent sightability, will celebrate Eid on Wednesday, insha Allah.

Muslim Council of Britain , MCB.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Gerakan mulls quitting Barisan, may join Pakatan

KUALA LUMPUR: Gerakan is considering the option of leaving Barisan Nasional and joining the Pakatan Rakyat opposition alliance.

Gerakan acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said this was among three options for the party - the other two being to either stay with the ruling coalition, or leave and become independent.

“We are not ruling out any possibility at this moment. We have to assess the situation, but we are not closing any doors.

“Neither are we saying we will definitely leave. It’s something we need to assess but we cannot do it based on sentiments alone,” he told reporters after launching the KL-Federal Territory (FT) state delegates conference here on Sunday.

Dr Koh said the party was examining how the political scenario in the country would continue to change, and had been getting feedback from the grassroots.

Read the rest:


Sunday, September 28, 2008

One More Month.

Now basically living on credit card, which left, a bit.

Ha Ha.

Anyone wants left kidney? right a bit more expensive.

Ohya, just joined a new brotherhood.

Call me, Lehmann Ang.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What A Day

Academically, has been a horrific day.

Started off with library closes at 7pm today, just today, due to fire alarm's system malfunction.

and then I forgot my password code for door entry in the Comp Lab.

Went home to study but flatmates having some mini-pro-evo party. Cant study.

In the end, right now, I am in the New Royal Infirmary, 9.24pm.



Dont know is it normal, all the computers shut down at 12 midnight. Because today is Friday? Coz during my night shift, I still can use the computers at 3am...

What the? Back to my abode, to find out that all flatmates left. Should be night out. Ho ho. Study!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Things I learnt this morning

Gynaecology. Yeah, it has been 2 days already. Muak lo.

1. Deep Dyspareunia.

Deep dyspareunia, or pain with deep thrusting of the penis, almost always occurs when the penis hits something tender in a specific spot. It can often be avoided by changing position so that the penis does not hit that spot.

If he refuses to cooperate, punch him in the testicles and he will understand immediately how much it hurts to be banged on the ovary.

(wow...this one promote domestic abuse)

2. How to remember the diagnostic test for bacterial vaginosis?

The whiff test. Add the vaginal discharge to 10% of James Koh (Potassium Hydroxide), and a positive test is when fishy odour smelled.

If i do that, it would be nice to see James' reaction. vaginal discharge poured on him. Wahaha.


3. What is genital warts?

Its condylomata acuminata. How to remember? Doris Winata. Ha ha ha.


Study la people. Read blog. Pheww...

Booking Holidays

Got my assessment aka appraisal done today.

Good marks, although not as good as others in my group, but nonetheless, still damn good, for what I have been doing.

"Although I have not been with you in clinics and stuffs, but my colleagues said that you are very keen and helpful"

Whahahahha! Lawak. How she knows that I am in clinics anyway? Lawak Lawak.

But this tutor of mine, still, to date, is the hottest tutor i have ever seen. Close to Cameroon in House MD.

That is why my attendance in her tutorial is 100%.

How to ponteng? You tell me.

Now the only thing left to be done, exams.

Just went to the mock osce done by seniors, realised how much stuffs I can remember from my reading.

I'll put it around out of say, one chapter read, i think 30% absorbed, and when asked to present it out, probably around 10% left.

Not very worried about MCQ coz usually, a dice will help.

But osce, either you know, or you dont know.

Looks like I never learnt anything from my near-failed third year osce.

Buck up ang. Buck up.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

To go or not To go!

I am contemplating whether or not to go see mothers shouting, and doctors mengepit out the baby.

Damn sien.

After this i am done with all clinical stuffs, full speed ahead to memorize:

1. Impey Obs and Gynae
2. Renal Davidsons
3. Hematology in Kumar n Clark Pocket Guide.

Exam friday, 3rd of October.

Come-on ang. Pass. Mesti. PAS utk semua.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Credit Crunch.

With Nine Great Britain Pound Sterling in my bank account, I have 1 month to go before the economic injection from beloved Public Service Department.

Many people asked where my money all goes to?

Well, I have a multi hundred pound sterling two wheels vehicle outside my house now.

So people, stop asking me, where is my money.

(no pictures, no figure here, just incase my guardian at home happened to see this entry)

For the time being, donations of all kinds greatly and deeply appreciated. And FYI, nowadays I am not even buying the sixty five pence soup for lunch.

Shortest way to burn fat.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Why I am an Evil Person?

I dont deny that I am not a good, straightforward honest guy. (if you think I am one, Ha Ha. Register urself to the blind hospital)

I wouldnt go through the list of my sins since I was born. Too long. Ha ha.

Anyway, just thought that this story might interest a few of you.

Heard a pepatah Ang kuno, "buat baik dibalas cib*i?"

No need to go long into the history, but a few instances when I m in UK is enough to prove this postulation of mine.

Location: Lidl Nicolson Street, Time: 10.30pm, Date: Forgotten.

I was walking alone at that time, to go to Tesco to buy some stuffs. There was this Big Issue seller (Pengemis Berkerja) guy approached me and asked me to buy.

I shook my head, and you know what he said: "Its alright mate. No bother, and have a nice evening."

Dont know, what you think about that, but to me, thats not a standard line by a Big Issue seller. I was so impressed, and so, I decided to buy from him.

I checked my wallet, and realised I got no cash. The cashmachine is just around the corner. So I walked to the cash machine, and took some cash.

On the way, guess what?

lemma, guess la!!!

There was this drunk guy on the street starting to call me Tony Leung (actually Bruce Lee, ha ha). He did a few punches like some monkeys performing infront of a crowd for a banana, I ignored him. Then he walked towards me, started to do the same thing again, but he was so drunk and off balanced, that one of his monkey punches, hit the side of my specs.

It was just the side of the specs, so no damaged done to my epithelial cells or whatsoever. But, as you know, the half-life of my specs is normally 1 week to 2 weeks, so it was already nearly broken, and the frame was very loose. A mere jump, like when playing badminton, or running, can make my specs fell as well.

So, my poor febrile specs fell, and the right lens dislocated from the frame.

I picked it up, and slammed my right foot onto his perineum region, and my left hand grabbed a handful of his testicular tissues, separated them from the scrotum.


That babi drunkard guy was with a friend. His friend kept on holding him straight and at the same time apologised profusely.

If not?

If not i surely slammed my right foot onto his perineum region and my left hand grabbing a handful of his testicular tissues, separated them from the scrotum.

Haha...nola. I cant fight one la. I was educated well at school under my moral teacher Goh Poh Hong, and a law abiding medical student.

Given he was alone, I also walked away la. What can you do la kawan?

So the conclusion is: for me, Do not do any good thing, proactively. Dont even try.

and that became my motto of life.

Do no Good (when is not required, for example proactively give money to beggars), and at the same time; Do no Harm. I dont mind help a chix crossing the street. With a motive yes, no problem. But not helping coz nilai murni. No.

SO, why suddenly I tell you guys about this?

Long story cut short; yesterday I went out to do something, and supposingly after that I m going James' place to watch highlights, but then on the way back, I saw this poor guy counting penny by penny of coins in the bus stop. I stopped there, and gave him my day ticket, coz it was useless to my anyway.

As I was walking to James hse, I thought, shits, did a good thing, must eliminate all chances of any tragedy, or anything. So I went straight home.

And then, I changed, brushed teeth, off my light, and got on the bed...


My bed broken.

Am I too heavy?

If I am consider too heavy, Ikea can go eat shit, and then die.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Idealistic Malaysian

I am no big fan of Mahathir, but his thoughts in his blog on racialism and unity is exactly what lingers in the minds of moderate non-bumis Malaysian.

On one hand, we must acknowledge the historical basis of the "Social Contract", as agreed upon by our founding fathers.

But did Tunku, Tan Cheng Lock and the rest anticipated our inter-racial relationship will come to this level?

No, surely not. They certainly chose to look at the bright side.

The earliest UMNO and MCA leaders, who formed the top leadership of the Alliance (Perikatan, before Barisan Nasional) were far too optimistic.

Had they knew the Malays would consider calling the Non-Malays as "Squatters", the UMNO and MCA would never agreed on the "Social Contract".

Had they forseen the Malays forcefully gripped onto the political power and pushed the idealisme of Ketuanan Melayu, the MCA would never agreed on the "Social Contract"

Had they anticipated that the Chinese ended up eating the economic cake all for themselves with little competition from Malays, the UMNO would not agree on the "Social Contract"


The very obvious evidence of the level of optimism among the founding fathers was the fact that Finance Minister portfolio was given to MCA's Tan Siew Sin for15 years.

And the very obvious evidence of the failure of the Social Contract is the May 13.

The pinnacle of the failure of the original plan, was the removal of Tunku. Then 20 years later, when the New Economic Policy was extended for another unforseeable future, we knew, by heart, Malaysia would be a failed nation.

How could we expect the young generation of non-Bumis to accept their rejection of scholarship, loans and everything, on the basis of their skin color?

How could we expect the young generation of Bumis to accept that they have to share the land with the rich and prosperous nons, and entertain their request to terminate all the special rights they had for all their life?

Sorry but truly, Malaysia is a failed nation. We failed to be the nation our founding fathers envisaged. And the truth is, we failed miserably.

Nobody knows why we ended up, today, with all Malay-populated civil service, police, army and etc.

Nobody knows why we ended up, today, with all Chinese-dominated commerce and businesses.

How many times you sit down and ponder, where exactly is our country heading?

Is it true as advocated by Shafie Aqdal, that Non-Malays should not worry about all the hooha on Malay Unity, as Malay Unity is the pillar for Malaysians Unity?

I found myself not only worried, but horrified.

The Malays are going to be more united, behind UMNO-PAS! Then what is that for? What else other than against the Non Malays? Isnt that the basic logic of unity of a group, against the non groupies.

I will never blame Malays for being ultra-malay. The thing is, before you become an ultra malay, tell me what kind of country you want to live in?

All Malays?

and for ultra Chinese like those dinosaurs in DAP, who refused to accept Datukship on the basis of no-songkok, what kind of country you want to live in?

Fully Malaysians? No Malays right at all?

I for one, do wish for a country, that I can call it, my country - Malaysia.

But I know, my dream is still very far from reality.

On every single note i read about Anwar and Reformasi, the same thing above strucked my mind over and over again.

Are we going to have a nation of equality and justice, as sweet as promised by Pakatan Rakyat?

Seafood Buffet (Enchantment sounds too complicated for me..)

There is this place, on earth, lets call it, Restaurant X, who generously offers this buffet deal, eat all you can till you die like shit, for 15quid.

Come-on. FYI, how much can you do with 15quid? One normal eat out in Edinburgh will cost you around 10quid. So this is like, add another 15 quid and you eat till you die.

I will, without doubt, be the saddest person on earth if they bankrupted. Seriously.

I am just trying to show you the size of the scallop. not sure why james have that look.

This picture dicuri dari blog orang gemuk.

Ice-cream for dessert..

Sisa sisa makanan kami. Nice isnt it?

Almost certainly going there again after my exam. CONFIRM.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My New Love

Due to my severe disability in side parking, super underweight, and vast experience in driving Kancil, i have always wanted to have a Kancil when I m rich enough to pollute the world.
I dont like Kelisa, coz whenever I drive a Kelisa, it makes me feels like I m one of the Form 6 girls.

Today, I tried the Mini. (amazed by the level of trustworthiness, I projected using my handsome face, that a midwife asked me to park her car while she rushed in to meet a lady)

Ganas. Best.

What I like the most about Mini is that:

1. The Blardy Gigantic Central Speedometer.

The police need not to have a Speed detector, they can see your speed from behind the mango tree in the highway.

Increase the size by 20% and you will be confused which one is the stering...

2. The origin of Mini.

Now if I asked you what country are Toyota's cars? Japanese.

Mercedes? Germans.

Proton? Barisan Nasional.

Hyundai? Koreans.

Mini? Germans? Or British? Jeremy gonna kill you if you said its a German car.

3. Mr Bean's car.

4. The size of the car. I can fit a lot of colleagues in it, so can give a lot of ppl free ride (read sarcastically)

Can you imagine Wpeng, William, Ahbok, Ahbutt, Teongli, Me, and Keat Lim in a Mini?

See, can fit in so many ppl.

I want.

Enough of dreaming, Ang. Study.

I think I'll back to my Kancil plan la. Around 10k buy a second hand one, with this kind of economy.

Adik-beradik Lehmann pun boleh bankrupted, AIG under fed reserves, Merrill Lynch bought by Bank of America and Morgan Stanley nyawa2 ikan, and the best student current account punya HBOS bought by a horse bank:

Better save money la.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Paralel Parking.

To date, that is still of the most nerving thing to do.

Especially in those days...in gurney drive, when the spaces near the seaside hawkers were all parallel parking spaces, and the whole street of 156 cars waiting behind for your car to side park in before they can move.

If once cannot go in, try once more.

Second time cannot go in, then the number of cars waiting now swell to around 300.

And the couples, families, and lonely uncles started to look at you one kind.

That is why, if second time cannot go in, at the fastest speed, go straight and find a space of 2 spaces.... which is always near the uncle karaoke.

Well, my indonesian friend is now sitting for her driving test.

and she wanted to learn how to park.

unfortunately, i am not a good teacher. So, i think i might have already misled her.

Anyway, so i consulted the super genius, mr eric koay. and our msn top secret conversation, is as per below.

*I asked him if he got any tricks, and he started to send me these.

Diagram 1.0 : Basic Parallel parking.

Diagram 2.0: Advanced Parallel Parking

Diagram 2.1: Advanced Paralel Parking in One-swift-movement

Ang's Theory of Parallel Parking.

Our conversation ended there.

And then I realised I cannot really cut and paste to show her. So have to blog.

At the same time, i felt guilty that I might have insulting a bit...to draw this kind of diagram...

So: Hahahhahaha

and last but not least:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

True Story: The Unforgetable Bus Journey

It was a fine Saturday afternoon.

Erickoay came over to Edin to visit me, and stayed for around a week.

So, out of boredom, we decided to go to this place, called the Fort Kinnaird. Contray to the name, it is not a fort, or tourist attraction, but, a shopping complex.

And that area is not a good area, not as posh, and considered poorer Edinburgh.

Then, we took bus 30 back home.

Guess what? GUESS LA"!!!!!

Tell u tmr. I want to study first. Byebye.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where am I Heading?

Sick of the politics in Malaysia.

Wont be blogging about politics until further notice.

To begin with, I was quite skeptical on Anwars' claim that he has got the number.

Now nothing has happened anyway.

Exams in 3 weeks time, 3rd of Oct.

Really need to get some work done.

Will treat myself with a BIG seafood buffet if I pass this exam.

Come on Ang, you can do it!

Basically, FYI, this exam, rumoured to be the hardest in 5 years Med School, consist of: A lot of Obs Gynae, then renal, then hematology, and a bit of urology, oncology, breast and palliative care.

Wawasan Demi Elective

  • 1 week and half super gila anak babi dengan nenek babi punya speed bagi Obs Gynae habis.

  • Followed by one week datuk babi punya speed bagi Renal and Hemato.

  • Breast, Palliative, Urology, Oncology: Kirim salam hormat dan mesra. Mampus kat dia.

Btw, Happy Malaysia Day.

New Sarang


Blogged this from my new sarang.

Internet quite fast. Next time after i finish unpack, will take pictures of my new sarang for the next year.


found the BEST, i mean, BBBBBBEEEEESSSSSSSTTTTTTTTT place to eat in my entire 4 years outside Malaysia.

Will blog on that place soon.

Damn good man. Pls dont bangkrap. Will go again soon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jennifer Lua's Birthday Party

Last Saturday is Jenn's 21st birthday party. 

In a place called, the Cruz, near Leith. 

I tot wanna ask Jenn to sail to nicolson st to take us all, easier mah.

I went there late a bit, around 8pm, still bright, and was nearly throw-up when I saw one couple so lovingly hugging.

Gay berleluasa

Last picture before I jumped

Mat Rempit Bot.

Nice Sky (an attempt to be artistic)

Attempt 2

Pirates of Currybean

Take our picture without permission

 Table 1

happy birthday young woman. You have way to go.


For security reasons, the real location of our great writer, the handsome one, will not be disclosed. But sufficiently to tell the public that now, I am staying in my brand new flat, with 4 other randoms.

I can see kampung ali right from my window. So edinburghers, mau have affair in kampung ali pls pay me to shut my mouth. If not, expect "Oh i saw..xx and yy in kampung ali..." (but where else can you go anyway...)

Shifted with the help of a kadazan warrior, my total stuffs = 3 boxes. One big ikea bag of 5 balls, 4 pumps, and a full ikea bag of 6 football shoes in 6 boxes. (2 mahat's, 1 wafi's and 3 mine)

If my new hsemate's gatal tangan go and open my room to see my stuffs, they will be wondering whether am I a student or football coach (they might also thought i am a professional player mainly due to, my beckham look).



Today clinic very interesting. Agak dirty story. So pls text/call me for details. Later got kids read the blog not good.


Clinic with Prof Calder, one damn old Prof. He told me so much about history of obs gynae in the medical school. I hope it will come out in osce.


Today someone said I dont know how to smile. Spoiling all the pictures. Nah give u one of my best smile



Btw, happy birthday Jenn. I still owe u money, i know.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Not A Study Day

Today I was supposed to be in Roodlands Hospital, for Major Theatre Gynae at 815am.

Where is Roodlands Hosp? Well, if you google, it is in Haddington, 1 hr 15 minutes bus ride.

So if I need to get there 815am, means i have to take the 7am bus.

I checked the internet, the first First Bus, 6, is 7.15am.

AH...i thought, nevermind la, what to do, not that i dunwan to be on time, no bus before that. (was wondering how the others made it there)

So, woke up at 630am (the last time i wake up that early was when I was 2 years old kot..)

Bought a sandwich from Tesco, took a bus down to princes st to wait for the bus.

Whattheultimatefuck, i waited for like 45 minutes, no number SIX.

Walk to another stop, found out that there is this X6 punya bus, first bus- 810am. Means i'll reach there 925am. And the thing finish before 12.

So guess what? GUESS WHAT?

Go home sleep la. But anyway, i was feeling a bit unwell to begin with.

And then, feel so guilty, afternoon got one Tutorial in RIE, so I took a bus there, for the blardy tutorial...

And just me and two other groupmates turned up. The tutor also din come.





JIM....MY CHUNG. HAHAHA (Jimmy Chung is a buffet place in edinburgh)

On a serious note, the writer is now officially, a member of the JIM. Prepare to see my six pack stomach soon. I mean, really soon.

Monday, September 08, 2008


A new batch of third year came from IMU.

at last



football player.

Now the list for Notts Game:

1. Ang
2. James
3. WyKeat
4. Awe
5. ( I forgot his name liau...)

ps: Other ppl not on the list due to they not going to travel out of edinburgh anyway...

Something to be happy about. Cheers that junior.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Penang Hill Closed Indefinitely

I used to think it this way.

BN is the only coalition that can govern this country of mine. They have been doing a great job since merdeka. Like Lee Kuan Yew said about Suharto, regardless of how many millions he took for himself and his family, we must always remember how many billions he brought to Indonesia at the same time. So, nepotism, corruptions and abuse of power are part and parcel of development.

Pakatan Rakyat is just marriage of convenience. PAS would not stay with Anwar if he gets the 30 MPs who are not Malays/Muslims, which will make the PR government unIslamic and secular. DAP would not stay with Anwar if he gets 30MPs who are Malays/Muslims, which will make the Malaysia an Islamic state then.

But then now:


This was not reported in the mainstream newspaper. The only selling point of Penang - Penang Hill, is now CLOSED INDEFINITELY due to the lack of funding. Mind you, Penang has just been recognised as the UNESCO heritage, and this kind of thing is unacceptable, at least to me. The federal government promised to deliver millions to Penang before the election. Come on.

The tarakness of Second Bridge is ok. I m not going to make a big fuss over it.

No PGCC is ok. No problem.

No Penang Hill Cable Car? COME ON.

Sour grape is the only word i can describe the BN.

Even before the Ahmad Ismail famous claim that Chinese were squatters that do not deserved the same rights, we the Penang Chinese were constantly challenged by this so-called the left-out, marginalised Malays.

Come on man. Look straight at our eyes! And tell me! When, How, Where and What are you marginalised? Not enough Mara assistance for you to start your business? Not enough bumiputera land for u to make development? Not enough bumiputera contracts for you to sell off to Ali Baba?

And of all ppl to complain, Khairy Jamaluddin came to Penang and spearheaded the campaign to protest against Koh. What the heck man! KJ was not even born here, was not even schooled here (and of all places, not even Malaysia) and what he got to do with Penang Malays?

Accept it Penang Malays. You are much better off compared to the bumiputeras in Sabah and Sarawak. Oops, let us dont go so far, just look at Kedah. When Kedah was under BN even, are they better off than you? Kedah Negara Maju by 2010 is the wawasan, my foot la. Bankrap state. Lack of resources is just an excuse. It all boils down to the leaders ability, committment and political willingness to put the state before self.

Buck up BN.

- amat piss off.


Updates! UMNO BUKIT BENDERA division chief: Ahmad Ismail refused to apologize and at the same time, blah blah blah

long story cut short, he asked the gerakan penang to go eat shit and die.

Trust me, if BN wins in Penang next election, no more chinese chief minister.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

101 East

Quite a good programme actually.

I would prefer 101 east than Hardtalk.

Our Malaysian ones leh....?


Long way to go.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant

Wanna try Mongolian? (I mean the food)

I went to this place, Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant last Sunday.

Cut short story shorter, they have this Pre-Theatre dinner deal which includes starter or appetiser and 2 main courses.

So what so special about this restaurant?

Well, they serve all kinds of meat, edible meat of course.

Crocodile, venison, kangaroo, zebra, springbok (?), rabbit?, chicken, beef, pork, fish, seafood, etc etc etc

Come on la... mongolia got kangaroo meh?

The concept of the way your main course is served is quite interesting.

First, you take your carbo:

Got rice, or noodles

Then u add spices to your bowl...got so many types of different spices

And then u add sauce...

And then the meat....

Then you pass the bowl of raw meat + spices + sauce to the chef

And then done! They will deliver it to u.

I was the first to do it.

I was wondering, wahlaueh, so many types of spices, which one to put?!!?

So i put all a bit a bit la...

Sauce also a bit a bit.

Meat i take kangaroo meat and quite berbukit bukau already (of coz got other ppl in my group who took more, dont want to mention names...hoho, memalukan negara nia hahah)

and then, i realised:

Fucking hell! They have got recipe up on the wall. If for example you wanna do Kublai Special Sweet Sour style, then u add the ingredients as per on the wall.

Arrghhh. Mine one is the super multispices and multisauce. All a bit a bit.

Come out quite kantoi.

Anyway, i strongly suggest that place for an experience.

Mongolian play rugby? Will they shoot the opponent with arrows?

Since when the teracotta army and mongolia got relationship?