Friday, October 31, 2008

You Know What I did Last Weekend? jeng jeng jeng

It all started with me, too bored of Borders and life in general.

And then I came across people who have the same thought as well: ie struggling to understand the complexity of boredomixity of life.

People like Izham something (cant remember his fullname), always comment on my facebook notes, posting up pictures and etc, clearly portrayed that he too have the above mentioned affect.

People like Fairuz, who only have classes from Tues to Thurs, with Wed half day class, generally have nothing much to do with their spare time.

So, together, we came together, and with some other foreign recruits (foreign as in they do not fall into the same paradigm; they have things to do..haha) we agreed to make a trip to Dublin Games, and share our views on the world and life: read football.

------------------------------doing pscyhiatry has changed my way of describing brain function and mood.------------------


Anyway, I left Borders last weekend on Thurs night, have to skip the Friday lectures (RELUCTANTLY), because the Friday morning flight to Dublin is cheaper.

Flew to Dublin, took a bus to RCSI, went in their computer lab and facebook, malaysiakini for half day before made my way to my accom in dublin, the classic, ever-lasting - number 10 south circ road, dublin.

Same house, different hosts. This was the very house i stayed when I first visited Dublin 3 years ago. Haha. Toilet seen to undergo a tremendous improvement.

Friday night, I took a bus to dublin airport, to greet the arrival of 3 teamates, all from different flights (thats the interesting part) Hanboon from Leeds Bradford, Khai from Glasgow Prestwick and Izham flew from Newcastle.

Fast forward Saturday won 3rd place, Sunday walked around Dublin, taking some of my first pictures in Dublin despite numerous past visits (6 times!!)

Sunday night, took the bus to airport, using my day ticket, and slept there till 4.30pm, changing sleeping venue from time to time due to the illegality nature of it (i slept in Mac D couch, kena halau at 2am, then go to starbucks couch, halau at 3am, then i back to Mac D till 4.30am)

Flight 6.30am to Edinburgh, reached 7.40am. No delay. I love ryanair this time.

Ran out of airport: took a shuttle to city centre: reach 8.25am

Skied back to my house: threw my backpack, and take a few underwears and my borders' room key, and took 8.45am bus to Galashiels.

10.15am, reached Galashiels and change a bus to Borders General Hosp.

Reached 10.40am, ran back to accommodation.

Bathed for the first time since Thursday (ewwwwwwwwwwwww, fuck la..i dont bring towel to dublin one)

Ward round at 11am, just on time. Thinking back, just 5 hrs ago, I was in Dublin. Ha ha ha.

I am, the Pengembara Ang

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One of the greatest day in my life.

What more can I say.

What a wonderful team. (dont care what others said)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008



I think I have a lot of symptoms lo.

The more I read, the more I felt I have mental illness.


I am Handsome!

ps: Now I am in Borders, somewhere in southern scot, quite a remote place, got mountain got sheeps. No phone signal. But the computers in the library can use facebook, hotmail, msn and etc!!! (such a bonus as compared to the peripheral placement in Dunfermline last time)

Agak best.

Go eat dinner in dewan makan at 6.30pm. Then library until 9pm. Then go back to the accom.

Guess what?

I felt like I am in Banting. Ha Ha.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Obs Gynae Pasta.


Went to Budapest - Vienna - Salzburg - Bratislava and backed!!

Reach Edin at 11.30pm, Sunday after an ardous 2 hrs journey to Luton Airport.

And then, Monday, today, 7am already up to go Borders!!! CheeBye!

Now back home to pack some stuffs.

And most importantly settling my Dublin Games stuffs. Need to ask for accom. Didnt realised actually the number of members I have got left in Dublin berkurangan gila babi.



But then the good news is


Sunday, October 12, 2008


Apa jadah?

What the Heck?

To me, it is a small issue la. But then, nonetheless, it is an issue that highlighted the value of datukship in Malaysia Today.

I am not contemplating what is the whole point of awarding datukship? Is it not to acknowledge the contributions of one towards the society and nation?

What our bollywood khan did to be confered datukship? Because of the scene in Melaka Formosa Resort that he shot in one of his movies? Is this a joke from ali rustam?

I m not sure, but if he donated like 10million ringgit to some Indian charity or raised money for some noble cause, maybe that is why.

But, still,a datukship?

Next datuks in line:

Datuk Chow Yun Fatt, Datuk Jackie Chan?

Melaka really thinks that they give a fcuking damn shit about their datukship?

Pls give la to some retired headmasters or retired soldiers.

or even the retired postmen, who did their job for us, relentlessly over the years.

Not bollywood shahrukh khan.

Come on malaysia. Jangan buat lawak boleh tak?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pengembara Ang

Finished exam on Friday afternoon.

Saturday 800am took a train to Manchester- 12pds, as per below blog entry.

Monday 11am back to Edinburgh- 12pds

Wednesday 815am took a train to Glasgow - 5 pds.

Walk from Buchanan to Glasgow Central - 4 mitochondria

Glasgow Central - Birmingham New Street Station - 4 pounds,'s deal.

Birmingham New Street Station to Williamt's crib - within the same building.

Today - Birmingham to Notts - 7.80pds.

Tmr - Notts to Manchester - 11.20pds.

Manchester - Liverpool - 6 pds

Liverpool - Budapest and the rest of the week: Dont know..

London - Edinburgh- Easybus 7 pds to luton then Easyjet 50pds. Have to, due to going to ponteng the next friday.

Next Friday- Dublin Games. MUST WIN. AT LEAST a MEDAL.

I am, the Pengembara Ang.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Ate so much dimsum that all my six pack abdomen became six har kaw.

So cheap. I suspect all the dimsum restaurants in Manchester belong to the same owner who is the major money laundering syndicate bos in Asia.

Cannot be I ate one full table of dimsum and only need to pay 6 pounds?

I am considering to file this case to Ripley's Believed It or Not?

Seriously considering doing electives in Manchester. Ha Ha Ha.

Ohya, below are some pictures, stolen from other bloggers who were there with me as well. Nowadays, I think I belonged to the non-camera blogger category already, I dont have the cable for n73 to transfer pictures.

Self-Portrait at the highest level. Eric has got long hand seriously.


The DimSum heaven.

Saturday, October 04, 2008