Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pok Kai 2

Due to severe global credit crunch and overeat-outing, JPA couldnt sustain my lavish lifestyle.

I ended up have to get soft loan from friends.

So now, I am eating roti for dinner... sympathizer please bank in a few hundred for me lo.

Well, do you remember there is once I blogged on how I earn 120quid by participating on a holy cardiovascular new substance P effect research aka selling blood?


And guess what? I am in the research again!

But this time the protocol changes a LITTLE bit.

It is now more...


harder to earn their money.

Part of the research is to get the subject's arm aka MY ARM, into 20 minutes of ischaemia...

which was quite porky.

now i know what is the true meaning and feeling of reactive hyperaemia.

But, thats the life of a bad financial management JPA student.

and 120 pounds worth of blood sold.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Man tries to pay overdue bill with spider drawing

A man who attempted to settle an overdue bill with a picture of a spider, leading to a surreal email exchange with his utility firm, has become an internet sensation.

David Thorne's alleged conversation with an account clerk in which she refused to accept the childish painting as payment but agreed to email it back to him has been forwarded around the world.

In their exchange, which Mr Thorne insists is genuine, the clerk shows good humour in dealing with the customer's ever more absurd attempts to get out of paying his bill.

His first response to her request for payment set the tone for what followed: "I do not have any money so am sending you this drawing I did of a spider instead. I value the drawing at $233.95 so trust that this settles the matter."

The employee, named as Jane Gilles, rejected the drawing but agreed to return it in an email attachment. But Mr Thorne was not satisfied. "Are you sure this drawing of a spider is the one I sent you?" he wrote. "This spider only has seven legs and I do not feel I would have made such an elementary mistake when I drew it."

But after withdrawing his allegation and conceding he may have sent a seven-legged spider, he added an extra leg to the picture and again offered it as payment. "I trust this will bring the matter to a conclusion."

Mr Thorne, a self-confessed serial prankster, posted the conversation on his website and it has since spread around the internet. The spider – a crude black and white graphic with a smiley face - has become so popular that it has been auctioned on eBay, attracting a joke winning bid of several thousand pounds.

The design director from Adelaide, Australia, insists that all the exchanges on on his site actually took place.

"The dialogue in the email transcripts are verbatim. Again, they would not be amusing to me otherwise," he said. "I did amend a spelling mistake after posting the spider page but that has been the only change."

He added: "Jane from the spider drawing transcript emailed me yesterday to say that she had been laughing the whole time and had enjoyed the correspondence."

Friday, November 28, 2008


KLM i meant the dutch airlinela. Not swearing la.

Now they have this deal, 431quid, return flight Edinburgh-Kuala Lumpur. I am looking at the price for flying out on 7 Feb 2009 and return on 5 March 2009. Come back for All England in Birmingham.

Should I?

The problem is that due to my stupidity, I leaked out to my mom that I am going to skive 2 weeks of Senseless (Senses) lectures for that.

And she clearly will have paranoid delusions that I am slowly turning into a useless junkie.

She doesnt even know I.....havent been to lecture for a few years. Ha ha.

By the way, the excitement that Brother Tony brought to us regarding the Air Asia X (The more or less similar excitement that we got for Tarzan X in Form 3): was shortlived.

Not really got a lot of seats also. Perhaps only once a year they have one ticket la. Ha Ha. Buy lottery better la.

By the way, winter has been really really cold.

I hate winter.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Manchester Utd Revisited.

Been there like 3 years ago.

As you might know, I am not really the Man Yoo fan that I used to be.

Maybe coz my look-a-like Brother David left ManYoo for Real Madrid.

Anyway, here it is: I lazy to blog. Just put up pictures la.

Christmas Market in Manchester was awesome. Seriously. So much better than the one in Edinburgh. Go try the Paella of Little Spain, 3.50 quid berbaloi to the max.

And my main objective to be in Manchester, is for the liverpool games, which marked the end of my Malaysian Games career. Seriously.

Tired of spending money like this. Ha ha.

Study better la.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Day I Swear The Most

Driving alone, past an unknown tunnel, and then lost my way in the RingRoad with no U-turn.

Just with a lot of speedcameras.

And missed the knock-out game.


Officially retired.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I was sitting on my living room, watching the small tv, channel 5 US.

Got one advertisment damn sick.

If you wanna speak to WILD girls, text 25883

If you wanna have fun chat with DIVORCED women, text 25884

If you wanna chat and get to know OLDER women, text 25885

If you wanna befriend LONELY womenm text 25886



Sunday, November 16, 2008


U know this disease of footballitis that I had, gone through remissions and relapses, over the years.

I was first contracted the disease in Free School, during Form Four.

The funny thing is that I never enjoyed playing football for the first 16 years of my life, funny isnt it? How things suddenly change.

For some obscure reasons, after went through a brief latency period, the disease shot up to quite a chronic stage. I would put it that I was at Stage 3 over 5 stages of the development of the terminal disease.

Form 5 and 2 years in Banting, I was at Stage 4.

First year Medicine, definitely still at Stage 4, probably a bit of Stage 5. But it fluctuated between the two. I spent average a week 5 pounds for bus fare, travelling between Nicolson St-Prince St- Heriot Watt on both weekends and another 5 pounds for pitch hire for footie.

And went to all Malaysian Games, that year. None missed. Except one; Dublin Games, which I missed the flight, 60 pds gone.

Second year, I recovered a bit from the footballitis, had a brief remission with another mild type of disease- badmintonitis.

I missed Notts Game that year.

But the second semester of 2nd year, Stage 4 came again, and that was when I drove for the longest car journey ever, travelled across 3 countries - Scotland, England and Wales for Cardiff Games.

3rd year was a bit slow down in football, probably still at Stage 3 and 4.

This year, the doctor told me, I am completely cured. I started off the year with badminton every week, and started to take interest in Badminton, trying to get a Tunship like Datuk Lee.

But then, after Dublin Games, my condition deteriorated tremendously.

I am now, at Stage 6 - New stage; Terminal Disease Footballitis, soughting Palliative input.

Banting 2003-2005

Warwick Games, Scotland Team 2006

Liverpool Games, Edinburgh Team 2007

Nottingham Games, Edinburgh Team 2007

We dont have a team pic for this. Scottish Cup 2007

Edinburgh Super Cup 2007, Team Cina

Manchester Piala Perantau 2007, Scotland Team

Sheffield Games 2007, Team Macam Macam

Warwick Games 2007, Scotland Team

Dublin Games 2008, Team X

Saturday, November 15, 2008


different lo....


UPSR many thousand years ago.

Still can remember any shit thing about that?

I can still remember how I struggled to form sentence from the few words given for English paper.

think back now, I felt like I am so retard at that time.

(actually now you give me the UPSR paper also I might fail..hehe)

Nowadays, Standard Six "pupils" get handphones for their "academic brilliance". Ha Ha Ha.

Sorry if I offended anyone with this post, but it just pissed me off at the time.


Handphone for standard six kid.

Time changes.

So different.

Read this, about the handphone as a reward thing, at the final line. Nothing big, just funny to me.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kehidupan Pelajar Perubatan di Borders yang Terlampau Senang

It has been 3 weeks.

One more week, and I am done with my Short Term Detention Order of 28 days in Huntlyburn House, as a medical student.

Very relaxing.

I highly recommend doing psychiatry in Borders, particularly with the West Team.

My weekly timetable:

11am - Ward Round
12.30pm - Lunch
1.30pm - Journal Club meeting
4.00pm - SHO Tutorial.

10am - West Team meeting.
12.30pm - Lunch.
Thereafter; Free and Easy

11.00am - See some patients with your consultant. Sometimes none.
12.30am - Lunch.
4pm- SHO Tutorial.

9am - Ward Round
12.30pm- Lunch.
Thereafter; Discharged. Go back Edinburgh.

Friday: Lecture day (Go at your own risk, usually I go Princes St)

What more can I ask, after 6 weeks of Obs and Gynae grilling and the babi Exam?

Its much like a holiday stay in Cameron Highlands.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Why need to do portfolio? Why?

It takes US some 220 year to get the first black President.
They said this put an end to the racial politics in US. Is it so?
Quoting a famous line from a friend: Its against the constitution to have a non-bumiputera as the PM of Msia.
Someday, I wonder will I be living long enough to see, one day, one extraordinary leader of say, Iban origin named Rentap, leading a multiracial coalition called Barisan Rasional and he becomes the Prime Minister?
I will tok my bak tiau if the day comes. pardon my hokkien.
Malaysia cant even have a Chinese as an acting General Manager in the Selangor state-owned PKNS.
Worried that the interest of the bumiputera might be jeopardised, they said.
Yet, PKNS is not MARA.
Closer to home, Penang Free School cant even have a non-Malay Principal. The same with KMB. The same with any public university.
When will, "these people", the decision makers, understand the meaning of meritocracy and capability?
If we are unable to separate race from politics, fair enough. It takes time.
But blardy hell make sure we can separate politics from management, economics, education and the future of our youngs.
As correctly pointed out in one of the letters in malaysiakini yesterday, can the self-declared Hang Tuah, stand up and tell me what a non-bumi ceo cannot do that a bumi ceo can do?
All organisations, PKNS, PFS, KMB, FAM. ABC, DEF, GHI, ETC ETC ETC are guided by a set of mission objectives, constitituion, AGMs, Board of Directors, external audits, internal audits, history, traditions, etc and etc.
Do we have to make it so clear that only a Malay can head the Football Federation of Malaysia?
What do we have in mind that only a Malay can bring good to the PKNS?
I am not asking why a Chinese cannot be the Imam of surau, or why MARA should not head by an Indian?
Policy maker, pls Get the head around it.
I felt sad for all of us, including the Malays, for this is not a good development for our NATIONAL INTEGRATION.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Up for 28 days of Free Homestay Holiday in Borders Mental Hosp?

Sees a GP with the following symptoms:

1. Doctor, I felt very depressed. The world seems to be against me. My mood is low.

2. I used to enjoy watching TV. Now I dont anymore. I just want to lie down and do nothing.

3. I wake up 2 hours before my usual time these days.

It has been 2 weeks since I last felt OK.

Then, GP will refer you to some psychiatrist specialist.

Repeat step 1,2 and 3.

and add you are the only son in a broken family with both parents died already. No friends. No job.

Agree upon any plan they set out for you. For example: Appointment next week.

Just dont turn up.

If they call you, dont answer.

If they come to your house, dont open just yet.

Try to hide all the cereals and food, put on dirty clothes, and pour some rubbish around the living room.

When they come in, say you heard voices to kill the neighbours dog.

Result: They admit you into Mental Hospital under Short Term Detention Order. Insist on having a single room. If not given, say u here voices you think roomate is a huge burger, that you would like to eat.

Now, you are in the ward.

You are not under whatever rules and regulation, as long as you plan your 28 days recovery well.

Medication, take it. If they give u diazepam, bonus!

Morning: Wake up.

Eat breakfast.

Then bring some DvDs with u. Watch them.

Wait for some Chinese ethnic medical student to come to talk to you. Invite him to play table tennis with you.

Lunch time, eat again.

Then, play pool, or monopoly or even go out to town for a walk.

Tell the nurses if you want to go to the town to get something. And just let them know when is ur expected time of return. Bring a phone with you, to put their mind at rest.

Get a car, park in down the carpark in the hospital. Then you can go to hiking or fishing or something.

If you are bored, do it in a group. Probably get a few of your mates not more than 4 if possible. But share out symptoms accordingly. It would be quite unreal to have 4 or 5 ppl of the same symptoms at the same time.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Movie Review: Kuntum of Shoelace 007


If u havent watched, and not keen for me to be spoiler, pls go to the next blog or read la.

As you know, whatablog!! doesnt frequently review movies, But i tell u, this Bond really disappoint me to the max.


1. The major flaw is that: our mr bond didnt sleep with the bond girl.

My goodness!!! Hallo, i was brought up watching bond sleeping with every single bond girl wei.
That was why i joined the Malaysia Unit Tindakan Khas and trained so hard in paintball.

But the whatablog knows why.

From my vast experience in human psychology and the social interaction between subjects, Bond is having some degree of delusions of guilt.

If you tracked back in Bond's record, almost all girls that he slept with will die. The most recently one, the consulate girl in LaPaz. So, he felt as if he is like HIV positive, with the curse of lifetime consistent condom dysfunctional.

And to support this postulation, if u looked carefully when they were in the car at the train station, bond kissed the girl with sudden super passion coz he knew, he cant sleep with her, or she will die, romantic indeed. He should try to sleep with the M16 headmistress auntie and see how.

2. Bond didnt look as handsome as last time, and of course long way to go before match the author of the blog. This was attributed to the fact and frequency of him coming into the scene with bloodstained shirt, cut and scars, bleeding face and sleepy, tired mood.

If you look at casino royale, we are looking at mr bond who out of no reason walking out from the sea with wet boxers, and wearing tuxedo with a few millions to play poker. The lack of these complimentary factors all contribute to this very mediocre looking bond.

3. No breakthrough gadgets. Other than the sony ericson phone that even Mr Razak Baginda can use, Bond lost that kind of cutting edge. Now i think Media Prima can also try to do Encik Bun, 006.

The overally logical nature of the story also can be frequently questioned.

And got other points in which i malas to tell. All in all, the movie lack of twist like Batman, and lack of non stop action like Taken.

Rating: 4/10.